Sunday, January 9, 2011

Jan 9, 2011 Shopping fun...

We had a much more adventurous day today!!

Mmmmm Hot Chocolate!!!

Time for school.. 
He is doing so well with his reading program and his sight words.
I think he has about 30 of them down pat!
We are up to 50 words that we are studying now!
So proud of him!
We went out for a walk today and it was cold and rainy!
Thankfully we can go underground to avoid the rain for at least a portion of the walk.
We were on a bit of a mission to find a statue that a friend showed us a picture of...
Little did we know it was right outside our door~ LOL
This was in front of the big moonument though ..
A manger scene! 

There it is!
I think this is the Arch Angel Michael...
Very pretty! 

After our little walk around town we got back home and Sasha was here to pick me up.
We were almost out of food!
NOT a good thing with 6 people!
Or one for that matter! LOL

We went to a market and I was like the crazy tourist taking pictures of everything!
ha ha
He kept saying you are so funny!
I was amazed at some of this stuff and he was like, what is wrong with you?
You don't eat this stuff??
uhh NO!

Ok this was cool!
This was a CARP tank!
You pick out which one you want and they scoop it up and give it to you!
I have never seent that before, Crab ok yes, Carp.. NO!
He was like do you want one?
I said no it is just interesting to me.
He said I thought you find it so interesting you might want one.
No thank you!
No fish for me!

We headed past this area and were looking at all the cheese and sausages.
I was trying to find the same sausage we had been buying and wasn't having any luck.
Sasha came over and asked me do you see one you like?
I pointed at one and said that looks like the closest to what we've been buying...
He said you like horse?
You have GOT to be kidding me!!!!
He laughed and said, no, I'm serious~
Sasha! Horses are for RIDING NOT eating!
He says.. right for riding, then what do you do when they can't ride anymore?
I made a gun with my hands and said pow!
He says yes, and then eat them! Biting and biting down!
So, NO sausages for us!

Check this out. 
Drink much?
Remember we are at a GROCERY store~
They have complete liquor store access on the isle just like you find bread, chips, cereal at our stores.
I didn't get a picture of it b/c it was before I got the ok to take pictures.
I got in trouble before you remember! LOL

OH and I have NEVER tried this either..
Guesses anyone? 

See the ears.. 
**singing** Little bunny foo foo went hoppin through the forest!
Skinned and packaged for your convienence!
Only $10 USD!

Hungry anyone?? 
What is that you ask?
Why, a fine delicacy I'm sure..

Next to it was Cow liver..
That wasn't soooo strange so no picture..

Ok, I've told you about the scoop your own veggies and fruits, they also have dumplings too.
Here's a row of bins.. 
Oh I think that above is crab?

Here's more veggies and fruit.
I think this is a neat concept.. 
You only get what you need.
HOWEVER, I saw a lady come over, pick some round thing up smell it and put it back in the bin.
uhhh no gloves, no nothing!
I thought she was gonna LICK it!

Ok so yesterday I asked you all to guess what kind of noodle we had for dinner and you failed!
Ugh, disappointing!
Only ONE person guessed!
Ok, here are your choices...

#1 is spirals

#2 is bow tie 

#3 is Penne  

#4 is the skinny lasagna noodles 

#5 is the macaroni type noodle

#6 is the curly cue noodles

Like my names for them??
Hee hee!
Ok so what did we have with our dinner?

The Horner's had butter noodles for dinner,
What kind of noodle was it?

IF you can sing me that song when I get home and it be how I sing it YOU ROCK and you will get a Russian Chocolate bar :)

If you are the first one to comment on this blog with the correct butter noodle type for tonight's dinner, you too can win a Russian Chocolate bar.

This is my favorite..
Top is the smaller regular milk chocolate
The bottom one is the JUMBO chocolate with almonds.
Both are DELICIOSO! 

Here's a couple of other Russian chocolate bars we bought to try.
Denise, is this the girl one you were talking about?
I liked the blue one better but...
Milka still won! 

We also had some Ukranian food tonight.
We had these dumplings that were filled with cherries and then we topped them with sour cream.
They were not a big hit here.
But hey, we tried them.
Adrian LOVED them.
Thankfully, so we have someone to eat them!
ha ha ha

We have some other dumplings we are going to try tomorrow and I'll be sure to take pics.
I forgot to take them of the cherry stuff.
We have more so later I will.

We put together I think 3 puzzles tonight as a family and that was fun.
Here's Bryan with the kids after finishing one.. 

Wrestle time!

Adrian asking Papi (Daddy mixed with Papa)
"You wanna PIZZA ME?" 

Oooh Dog pile again!!!! 

We had a great time today and are looking forward to venturing out tomorrow to hopefully see some of the magnificent churches around here.
We are right in the heart of the capital city and have lots around us to see.
We'll post pics as always.
I hear it is snowing back home!
We will be there before we know it!
This will all be a memory soon.
We are going to enjoy the last few days we have here until we are back again in the Summer for Anastasia!
Can't wait!

Night Y'all!

Chrysinda Myers was our winner!
She posted the correct noodle at the earliest time!
Here's our picture to prove it. :)
The time is still Oklahoma time but we had them for dinner so add 8 hours :)


  1. I think you had spiral noodles with butter!!!! The pics of the pasta look all to familiar. You may not want pasta for awhile when you get home :). The pic of the chocolate bar with the girl on it is the right one. We really liked it. I don't remember trying Milka. Sorry I missed you earlier. Talk to you soon!!!

  2. I was guessing Bow ties.. but sing? Sorry, I don't think the world is quite prepared for that! :D

    I've really been enjoying your blog- thank you for posting so frequently and including your family's joys as well as challenges.

  3. It was fun reading your blog today and seeing so many different pictures of the stores. I can't even begin to guess what kind of noodles so I'll leave it to the others. Hugs

  4. I"m guessing the lasagna type. But honestly, the "Pizza me" has me giggling :)

  5. There were several comments on my FB account too due to people not being able to post on here for one reason or another. There were SEVERAL of you who got the right answer and it was BOW TIE :) Haven't had those since we first got here so you know we had to have them again. I am so thankful for time stamps on comments, you all were very close in times! Chrysinda Myers, you are the lucky winner by posting the correct answer at 3:37pm Do you want Milka, the girl or the blue one?