Saturday, January 8, 2011

Jan 8, 2011 Daddy n Me time, Milka festival and more...

We started out our morning with breakfast as usual for me and the little kids.
Bryan and Adrian headed over to Mc D's for some Daddy and Me time!
Here's my boys!

I just can't get over how much they look alike!
God, you are good!

Adrian enjoying his special breakfast with Papa. 

They got back and we decided to get ready and head out on the town for a bit.
It was COLD!!! 

Not too far from our apartment ther is a HUGE underground mall!
We decided to go in there to warm up a bit and walk around.
You can only sit in a one bedroom apartment with 6 people so long!!

Black shoes anyone?
Seriously, there are hardly any colors (as far as clothes go) here!
Everyone wears BLACK all the time!

Here is a view of the mall..
See the red chairs?
That is a manicure place.
This building is immaculate.
I am amazed at how much they put into fashion here...
and how little is put into the children's orphanages. 

Another view of the mall.. 

I won't get on another rant now but you all KNOW how I feel about caring for orphans.

Ok, here is a funny one for you...
"You think anybody wants to take a round house kick to the face when I'm in these bad boys?"
ha ha ha
SOME of you will get that.

Others will have flashbacks to the 80's when YOU wore these!!!!

They have an entire store dedicated to "American fitness"

We decided to go outside again and check it out.
We were on the other side of the mall now and figured we could wind our way back around.
We got outside and to our surprise, there was a festival of sorts going on!

Check out this beautiful building!!
I couldn't get it all in one shot from where I was.

Here's a HUGE Christmas Tree that has so many lights on it!!
It has HUGE MILKA signs all over it.
Milka is a DELICIOUS chocolate bar they have here..
Trust me, I've eaten like 10 of them since finding them...
A week ago.
Oh,did I mention they are like a foot long by 3 inches wide??
"You would too if it happened to you"

Check this out!!!
They had an ice rink set up right outside the mall!!
I don't know how those people were doing it!
Although they were probably warmer than us b/c they were skating around.
Our faces hurt, hands hurt, toes hurt.. we were so cold!
No skating for us but it was neat to see!

More skating...

The other side of the rink... 

Looky who we found!!

Had to pose for a picture of course!

What we realized seconds later was there were TONS of them out there and they were all there to take pictures for money. LOL
Oh well, a couple of bucks and the kids were happy.

Notice the extra two peeps on the right?
The Dad was next to us snapping the pic and then they darted off! HA HA HA

The MILKA Festival 

"LOOK MOMMMMMMMMMMMM!  A Cinderella Carraige!!!!!!"
Lexi shouted while tugging my arm to get me to look!
Yes, honey, I was taking the picture of it for you!

Ayden and Daddy found a pony!
I couldn't snap it quick enough to get Ayden petting it.. he was already on to checking out the next one.
Here's Lexi petting it the brown pony. 

Pictures of the festivities... 

Isn't this beautiful? 

This is a statue that Adrian got all excited about and wanted a picture.
Sorry we don't have info on these statues... 

A view from the stairs

Here's the angel (that's what I think it is) that is on top of that TALL building I showed you at the beginning.

As we walked back towards our apartment we saw these little buildings lined up on both sides.
Sort of like a market.. 

It was neat to see all of that.
We enjoyed getting out of the apartment for a bit but man oh man were we glad to be back where it was warm!

We came in and ate - can you guess what we had?
Hamburgers and butter noodles, pickes and onions.
BUT, WHAT KIND (shape) of butter noodles??
Winner gets a Milka when we get home!

We all had a nap and then the kids and I worked on a puzzle. 

We were having a great day all together and then it happened...

All the kids were playing on their DS and I was chatting with a friend from back home.
The same friend that adopted Adrian's best friend this summer.
We were chatting away and I thought, we should let the boys talk, they haven't in a while and we can let them skype!
She liked the idea and went to grab Erik.
I called Adrian over and the screen popped up.. there was Erik!
Adrian came over and wouldn't put his DS down.
I said, say hi to Erik - you can play your DS in a minute, let's talk to Erik.
He immediately pouted up.
Head dropped, lips pouted out, mumbling he said "priviet Erik."
Uhhh no, we aren't going to have a bad attitude b/c we can't play our game.
Erik, we'll call you back.
I ended the call and explained to Adrian that Erik missed him and he wants to say hi.
Talk with him for a minute and then we can play more DS.
We only have a few opportunities to talk with Erik b/c of the time difference.
He had turned his back to me and was pouting, I hugged him from behind and was telling him these things as we swayed from side to side.
He was smiling and giggling at this point so I assumed all was well.
He began to get upset again and he snapped.
I thought he was just wanting to wrestle but then it happened..
He stood in front of me, reached out and grabbed my hoodie, pulled it around the side of my neck and then with both hands wrapped around my neck he gripped on and squeezed grunting at me with anger in his eyes.
I immediately broke his grip and said
He stood there with rage in his eyes, his face red and his body firm as he panted.
He looked away from me and tried to look at anything but me as I directed his face back to mine.
Look at me Adrian, NO CHOKING!
I motioned choking and told him over and over NO then motioned it CHOKING.
He refused to look at me and would not repeat it.
I swatted his hand and told him, we do not choke!
He smirked at me and looked away.

What on earth is happening here God?
How did we go from happy go lucky kid to furious fighter?
Help me here God!

I kept centering his face on mine and saying Adrian, look at Mama, no choking, I want you to say it.
No Choking.
Again, he refused.
Mama loves you, we don't choke eachother.
We love eachother.

I called Bryan over and he repeated those things to Adrian and finally he said Yes Mama, no choking.
He was so upset still and I could tell he was just spinning in his mind..
I prayed God help me to know what to do here.

Thankfully, I came from abuse..
(never thought I'd say that before!)
I know a bit of what he is feeling and a bit of what to do to comfort him.
Thank you Lord for allowing me to go through the abuse I did so I can help my son.
(again, never thought those words would come out of my mouth)
Tears are streaming down my face as a I write this but it is the truth, God allowed me to go through those horrible things that I didn't understand.
Things that a child (or anyone) should never have to endure!
Things a mother should never do to her child or allow to be done, were done to me.
I was a pawn in this game of life as a child.
I was used as a sacrifice to satisfy the needs of a perverted man as well as a demented woman who didn't know what else to do.
I was her rag doll.
I may not have shared this with many of you but that gives you an idea of some of the things I went through.
Though I didn't understand it at the time, I know that had I not gone through those thigns, I could not be the mother to Adrian that he needs me to be.  I could not be there for Austin and Alexis who were also abused at the hands of others.
God allowed those things to show HIS purpose and HIS glory in it all.
No, God did not WANT me to be abused, he did however use the abuse to make me who I am today, a stronger, passionate defender of those who are or have been abused.
He has brought me THROUGH it all and helped me so I can in turn help others.

Now, back to today..

After he was finally broken about what had happened.
By broken I mean that he was no longer that tough guy who didn't care what we were saying but he was now this scared little boy with all the hauntings of his past and the fears of his future in front of him. He was standing here alone, in need of loving arms to hold him and assure him it is all going to be okay.

He stood there with his eyes full of tears but afraid to let them roll and I reached out my arms and patted my legs and he settled into my lap and melted into my arms.
I held him tight and rubbed his back.
I kissed his head and kept saying I love you Adrian, it's all going to be ok.
The tears were streaming down his face now as his body shuttered and he let it all go.
He was safe now, he is loved and he doesn't have to worry, we aren't going anywhere.
Nothing you can do will ever make us stop loving you!
He laid his head on my chest and I gingerly wiped his tears away and prayed for God's peace to just flood him and calm his every fear.
I had also shot off a single handed touch typed message to Denise saying please pray now and I just felt the love of God pour over my son and his breathing was no longer labored, his tears began to slow and his once red face was now turning to pink.
I began to thank the Lord right there for helping my baby.
Thanking him for helping me know how to handle this and for giving me the stregnth and the courage to help him.  Thanking him for every high and every low.
Thanking him for entrusting us with Adrian.

I held him a while longer and rubbed his head and asked him to pray with me.
He repeated after me a simple prayer asking God to please help us as we work through everything together.
Asking God to help us with our communication barrier.
Praying that God would help him to understand and listen to Mama and Papa.
To be kind to his siblings and to know that Mama and Papa love him and so do his brothers and sister.
To know that he is loved.
After about 30 minutes or so I had him head off to the shower in hopes it would help him calm down and feel better. 
He was back to his happy self within minutes telling me EAT.
We had dinner and then he was off to bed.
Although he is the only one awake right now as he is watching me type this! LOL

Please pray for our family as you think of us.
This is not an easy task that we have been called to do.
It is one we have been blessed and honored to be asked to do and we are humbled to be used by God.
We will have our struggles and triumphs as well.
We would also ask that you more importantly pray for the orphans of this world.
Pray for the unloved, unwanted, rejected and abused of this world.
Pray that God would do a mighty work in them and use them all to further his kingdom through their testimony.
PRAY about what God would have YOU to do for those in these situations.
We all can do something!
Praying, giving, mentoring.. something!
What is God telling YOU to do?
Will you do it?

For their sake?
Will you?

The reward is great...


  1. Sweetie - now you know why God delayed Anastasia's adoption. Adrian needs to adjust and settle into your love. It does not make it any easier to leave without your precious daughter, but it does make it easier to understand. Our prayers are with you - always!

  2. I totally agree with what Linda has said. Your little man is going to need much loving over the next several months (even years) to help him heal. I would suspect he had the same thing happen to him in his little life as he did to you with the chocking. My prayers are for you guys.

  3. Yes, we have said that many times, God knew we needed more time with Adrian first. Anastasia will be home soon!