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Jan 5, 2011 BUSY day of papers and then on to the train!

We had a BUSY BUSY day for sure!
Ayden was helping bring Mommy her coat and hat this morning :)

Oleg picked us up and we headed off to pick up Yana to start our long day of paperwork.
Yana took a little longer coming out today so...
Ayden and Oleg thought it was funny to honk at her..
We all did really! LOL 

I don't know that I can even remember all the places we had to go to but this was a beautiful tree that we saw outside one of the offices.
It is so pretty when it snows here.
Anywhere for that matter but I love these trees.

We had a very intense day full of running from this office to that and from this town to that one pleading with people to get the papers done.
It is their big holiday season here -they run on the old calendar so they are 2 wks behind us.
Just like everyone tends to lay back at the end of our year they do here during this time.
I don't blame them but man alive, can we please get our one paper from you so we can move on?!
The other day at when getting the birth certificate.. we were told 15 min..
3 hours later.......
So, we began our day trying to complete the ID number process and were not successful.
They told us we had to apply at that office and it then had to be sent to the first office we tried to do it at and then to the main city that is 8 hours away and back again through all those channels.
A 3 business day venture.
Not a big deal except for we aren't supposed to be able to do anything else until we have the id number.
It is like our social security number - it will remain the same but his name has to be changed.
We were in line after filling out the form and waiting and waiting. 
We got there when the doors opened and waited for them to call us in, filled out the form and waited to be called in again.  During this time a couple of ladies tried to come up and say they were in front of us in line. Uhhh no, we were the first ones here and we're not giving up our spot!
We had an appointment to get his passport done at 10 am back across the city and they were taking their time.  This appointment was not going to happen!
We begged them to please process the number faster or tell us who to talk to or how to get it done.
All to no avail.
We missed our passport appointment.

The kids had been in the car for hours at this point and were DONE!
We decided that Adrian and I would continue on in our journey to get as much done as we could and let Bryan and the other kids go back to the apartment to eat and pack.

We went to the bank to finalize some papers there and were refused service.
They said we didn't have what they needed and it had to be done at a certain branch.
Nothing is centralized or computerized here.
Everything is paper records which makes it very difficult to get things done quickly.

After being rejected there we got a call that they would go ahead and let Adrian take his passport picture so we could start the process!
Yay!! Another miracle!!!
Adrian was so excited about this!
He kept saying Passport!!!
All night last night it was "Passport Tomorrow!!"

He had to sit on a ream of paper to be tall enough to be eye level with the camera.
He was cracking up laughing!

Now that we had all our papers done that needed us here, we needed to go check on train tickets for tonight.
We were hoping to leave to come back to the main city for the remainder of our stay.
There is much more there and we hadn't had a chance to enjoy it before.
The only problem is, we needed 6 beds.
They come 4 to a compartment.
It was 2 days before Christmas.
We were hoping for the best but expecting the worst.
If you don't buy a full compartment, which consists of 4 beds, then you will be sharing with strangers.
Not the greatest plan for us.
For example they have one in this car and in a different car another two beds in different compartments.
No way we were going to spread us all over a train with all that luggage and no one familiar or even anyone that speaks our language around!

While we were waiting on Yana to talk to the lady and see what we could work out we took some pictures by the tree..

We said a prayer that God would work in our favor and help us get on the train all together.
We went in to the ticket booth and they had ONE compartment!
4 beds and one other bed in another compartment.
We didn't have to buy a ticket for Ayden but we needed to for the rest.
They allowed us to buy the remaining tickets and just all share the 4 beds in one compartment so we could be together.
Thank you JESUS!
Annnnnd, they were WAY cheaper than ever before which was a miracle in itself considering it was holiday travel time!
I love how God shows us little favors to remind us he cares.
We got the train tickets and now had AIDS doctor's office to get his blood tests results.
Of course, this was supposed to be ready days before and it wasn't when we got there.
Yana went in to just grab it and go and it took forever!
Adrian, Oleg and I were sitting in the car playing around and then finally boredom hit.
We decided to get out and have a snowball fight!
Adrian and I had our first Mommy and Me time!
It was fun!!

The snow was so fresh though and powdery that it was just like a flour fight! LOL
We had so much fun!
We went in to look for Yana and to warm up after a bit of playing in the snow and a strange dog coming after us..
By this time Adrian and I were starving!
We hit up the McD's drive thru.
Only, they don't call it that here.
They don't have the "th" sound and so the Thru would actually come out as something not so appetizing LOL
Sasha told me but I can't remember for sure but something like butt maybe??
Anyway, it is called Mc Drive here.
We got our food and snuck in a McFlurry for dessert.
Shhhhhhh none of the other kids or Bryan know about that! hee hee
We hit up a trash can on the way back to pick them up to dispose of the evidence.
Yana had one for the first time too and she was in love! LOL

We swung by the apartment and picked up Bryan and the kids.
Man, so much less room with 6 people in the back than just 2!

We headed to the orphanage to finish up paperwork there and say our goodbyes but the kids were all gone to the circus.  That made me sad.
We were hoping to see them again before we left.
All of the caretakers there were loving on Adrian and congratulating him.
It made me happy to see this because he had a hard enough time with the other kids he didn't need to be on the caretaker's bad side.

Several of the ladies were asking about Erik - Adrian's best friend from the orphanage that was adopted by our friends this summer and we were showing pictures of him.
They wanted to tell him hi!
Erik, Ms. Valentina wanted me to take this picture for you.
She was smiling and waving and talking to the camera so here she is for you!

Oleg had to go get a representative from the inspector's office to be present for the Orhpanage papers and when we got done at the orphanage and had to go to the bank to process some things.
He was to take us to the bank and go back to take the rep back to her office only, we forgot her!
He hustled off to get her and return her to her office and we stayed to finish up at the bank.
Thankfully the 2nd bank was willing to help us and we got those papers done to sign off his account.
The ladies really thought Bryan was a hottie! ha ha
He was blushing when Yana told him they said I was beautiful and he was handsome! LOL
Here's a pic for you to enjoy of his blushing face!
He just wanted outta there! HA 

We had to wait a while for Oleg to get back since we had forgotten the inspector's rep and so we went into the building next door that is another main building for birth certificates and all that including weddings.
This one is MUCH different than the first.
Here it is.. 
A mural on a wall with 7 rocks on the floor.

We were finally done with all our running around and now back to make sure we had everything packed, eat some dinner and get ready to get on the train at 9:30pm.

The kids and I were playing with the sheets and blankets as we folded them up.
Fun stuff! 

Here we are all ready to go!
Look at our big helpers! 
Tough boys! 
Sister helping little brother safely secure his cuddle toys in his bag. 

At the train station finally!
What a day!
Oleg with Adrian, Yana and Austin.

We unfortunately didn't have time for a proper goodbye!
I actually cried about that later on the train.
They have been so good to us and helped us with so much!

Just after taking that pic we had to high tail it across the train tracks to the other side to find out train car.
We got on the train and Oleg hurried us to our compartment.
Only problem is there is someone in it!!!
This is not the right car!!
How are we going to get to the right one?
What do we do??
Oleg ran to check.
Bryan realized we were missing 2 bags..ahhhh we must have left them at the door to the train as we were hustling to get the kids all on!
Bryan ran to get them and there was an attendant coming to help him.
That would NOT have been good!
We still don't have anywhere to go though!
Yana is rushing in to help us and she is told she has to get off the train!
She yells back to us they will tell you I have to go!
The train is taking off and we are standing in the corridor with NO WHERE TO GO!
Talk about a stressful moment!
They came down and had the lady move to her proper compartment next to ours and we huddled in and dropped like flies!
What an adventure!
We got the beds made, kids in them and lights off!

Oh and this little boy was out side our room as we were getting ready for bed singing "We Wish You a Merry Christmas!" 
I opened the door and sang back to him.
He let me take his picture and then a few minutes later came back.
Only he wasn't speaking English this time.

He said something and then ran off.
A few minutes later he returned and handed us chocolates.
Guess he liked us after all!
He was a cutie.
He came in and said Sorry, then thank you as he handed out candies.

Here's Austin and Lexi on a top bunk that they shared. 

Here's Ayden being a pouty pants and refusing to look at the camera.
Hey, it was late who could blame him?
Ayden and I shared this bed. 

Our crazy, long, busy day finally came to an end!

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  1. WOW is all I can say. Soon, soon you'll be on a jet plane rather than a train. Can't wait until you touch ground and are home. Hugs