Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Jan 4, 2011 - Hurry up and wait.. Paperwork............

This is what I woke up to this morning..

We left to go to the birth certificate office about 11 am this morning.
It was a BEAUTIFUL place! 
This building is where the majority of weddings take place in this region.
I enjoyed the scenery while we waited.
This is a stairway that heads to the chapel where the ceremony takes place. 

A pretty little archway with hearts that is at the entryway to take pictures at.. 

We waited a bit and went into the office of the lady to sign the papers to get his new birth certificate.
After we were in there a few minutes Oleg poked his head in the door..
Uh oh!
He was watching the kids b/c it was a small office..
He says Ayden needs something and I can't understand him.
I walk out of the office and find Ayden there with a sad face..
What is wrong honey?
I pooped my pants.
Poor guy!
Upset tummy and we are not at home to clean him up!

Fortunately they needed another document from the courts showing that his birth father's rights were terminated which gave us time to go home and clean up Ayden while Yana went to get the paper.
Thank GOD they were open and willing to give it.
MOST offices were closed today due to another holiday!
Yana described it best.. A Miracle!
My God is good at those!

We got home and got Ayden all cleaned up -Thank you Honey for doing that!
I sprayed Scentsy and started the laundry! LOL

We got back to the office about 45 min later or so and began the LONG wait to get our one..little..paper.

We tried to make the best of our time there by looking around and taking pictures.
They had some really beautiful artwork and chandelliers.

Check out the butterfly people! 

And baby makes three... 

uhh not sure.... 

A wall in the reception area I assume... 

Man, this didn't come out very well but a cool sculpture.. 

Anyone who's been to my kitchen knows I think this is cool! 

LOVED the side of the staircase! 

The main chandelleir... 

How cool is this clock!?!?

I think I'll be doing one of these at home! 

Coat check room.. 

Same cool design on the floor that matches the sides of the staircase! 
These were like etched glass or something like that.

Where they do the ceremonies at the top of the stairs. 

View from the top of the stairs... 

The stairs - pretty sides... 

The lights on the side walls... 

Look closely.. this picture was to show you one of the many fur coats we see here!
I have NEVER seen so much FUR! 

View from under the chandellier!

annnnnd FINALLY.....
Over 3 hours later...
We got it!
As of today on all records... he is officially
Adrian Allen Horner!
The wait is over!

Too bad our day wasn't over!
Long day of hurry up and wait.

So after this we were on our way to the tax office to get his new id number.
We got there and they had closed 2 hours prior.
Great news though!
They were still there!
So we waited and waited then Yana was able to go in.
She was in there several minutes so I assumed they were working on it and we'd be on our way soon.
One more thing off the list.
Yana came out in tears!
They REFUSED to do the paper.
Not because they were closed.
They were still there working but because they said we had to go to the town he is registered in and have them do it there.
That is almost an hour away - not a trip we can make today.
We will have to start early tomorrow to drive there and get that document then back to this city to apply for his passport at 10 am.  45 min drive both ways..gonna be a tight schedule!
After that we have to do official papers with the orphanage of which I assume we'll have to drive back out there and do b/c of the time frame we have in the morning we won't be able to stop.
We need lots of things to fall into place tomorrow or we will have to stay here for another week before they all open up again.  Their Christmas holiday is this Thurs and Fri and they are closed Mon too..
We need to be able to get all the paperwork done and sent off in time to be able to get train tickets and be on the train tomorrow night.
We will not be able to get his passport until the 11th at this point and if we don't get the papers tomorrow that will be delayed until the 14th or 15th.. when we were hoping to be home!
Please pray!
We want to be back home to a somewhat normal life again.
Please also pray for everyone as it will be another long day of car rides and meetings and paperwork and WAITING.
Pray for miracles!
Pray for God to be Glorified in it all!
Today was a prime example of HIS favor for us!
Both of those places were "closed" and they both had THE right person there to be able to process our papers.
God is good all the time and all the time God is good!!

If anyone gets anything from our story we want it to be that God is a God of love, mercy and grace and he loves and cares for and provides for his own!

Jesus loves the little children!
All the children of the world!
Ayden asked me to sing him this song on the way home tonight as he drifted off to sleep in my arms.
I am reminded that all of this stuff we do is for them and for HIM!
God has called each and everyone of us to care for HIS children and he promises to help us along the way.


  1. Praying! As I look at that building and all that is there and think of the cost...I wonder why some of that isn't put towards the orphanages...just wondering. Hugs