Monday, January 3, 2011

Jan 3, 2011 We started packing..

Today was another stay at home day.
We didn't even get out of our Jammies!
Well, Bryan did - he had to take out trash and I think he went to the store.
Our days are running together here!

We laid around, played games and just relaxed most of the day.
I also caught up on laundry..
hence the laundry in every picture.
No dryers means you get creative with hanging clothes to dry!

Here is a great pick of Bryan with Lexi Lou and Austin the Boston this morning after they finished their puzzle

I realized at the end of the day I only had one picture!
So, I had Bryan grab the camera and take a few of us playing cards.
Adrian joined shortly after this picture.
He was pouting b/c I told him no on candy.
He did play with us later and we had fun then it was bed time. 

Here's the big boys getting ready for bed. 

Lexi Lou making her bed too :)

Looky there!!
We're PACKING!! 
Too bad it's only for a train ride to another city in a few days.
It will be to head home SOON!
We are hoping and praying for 10 days or less!
Please continue to pray for a miraculous drop in the airfare for us to be able to purchase when that happens and for them to be good for us to get home!

I also realized I hadn't taken any pictures around the apartment here so here ya go..
This is the shelves in the hall between the two rooms.
They have been full of clothes.
Those clothes are now packed!

This is the 2nd bedroom.
The boys rotate in and out of here.

Ha this is our room!
We have everything out in here to pack so it is a mess.
See Bryan hiding behind his leg playing the game??
Goof! He hates cameras! 

Lou again - now her bed is all ready to get in :)
This is in the living room.  It is a fold out couch. 

Here is the other side of the living room.
Another fold out couch.
Two chairs and the little tv stand. 

Our kitchen.
It is very close quarters! 

Where the magic happens..
I make different kinds of butter noodles here!
What kind would you like?
We have spaghetti noodles, curly noodles, spiral noodles, wheel noodles, wavy skinny lasagna type noodles (those are the favorite)
Don't ask me why.. they all taste the same!

The coat rack in the entry way.

The other end of the entry way..
door on the right is the bathroom 

The bathroom.
We have to CLIMB into this shower too.
OH and the water is yellow.
I just take showers b/c I can't get over the color to take a bath! LOL
You can't tell if Ayden has peed in it or what?!
I say that b/c he was taking a shower last night and the water kind of sits in the bottom of the tub and he peed.
He thought it was hilarious..
I did until I realized.. uhhh you can't tell which is pee pee water and which isn't..
The first bath he took he got in and said Uhhh Dad, this is pee pee water!

Well, that's our apartment here.

Our plan for tomorrow - ha ha ha I said plan..
our hope for tomorrow as we can't really plan anything..
is to go do the papers at the orphanage and work on getting his new birth certificate.
I don't know what else but that is what I believe to be on the agenda for tomorrow.

That's all for now!

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  1. Praying right now that the airfares will come down and that you're home quickly. Hugs