Monday, January 3, 2011

Jan 2, 2011 - Sharing, puzzles, movies.

Sorry for the delay on this post - I was exhausted last night and didn't care to even look for the camera and the dowloader thingy so.. here's yesterday's post.

(with a little bit from the day before that lol)
I mentioned this on facebook for those of you that are my friends on there..
Adrian brought me and Bryan each a note that he said says
Mama, I love you and Papa, I love you in Russian.

Bryan and Adrian went to the store in the morning to get somethings to get us by the next few days..
See what he brought back Mommy?
He has started calling me Mommy now :)  
This boy knows a way to make Mommy happy!
Pringles and chocolate!
Now if only we had a DP!

We all went for a walk later to see if we could find anything new to do.
We saw this going on in the square.
Horse rides and balloon artists!
 Kinda reminded me of home..
Carriage rides in Bricktown..
We didn't ride it was cold and busy and of course we have no idea how much it costs!

There were several people set up with little carts that were making balloon animals. 

We walked down the street to the mall where there is a book store that has puzzles and small games.
Alexis had her 200 gryvna (sp?)
She wanted to buy something special.
We found some puzzles that we had looked at the other day that were pretty inexpensive.
She picked out a couple and then told her brothers she wanted to share and for each of them to pick one out.  We were so proud of her for showing the love of Jesus by sharing with her brothers.
Each child picked out their own puzzle and thanked Lexi.
Sister got 2 because she could and it was her money.
It was great to see them all being so kind to eachother.

We found a short cut today that gets us to the main street faster and back home faster.
It includes passing the playground at our apartments.
It has been way too cold to play outside for long but we are about to be leaving this city so we decided to let the kids slide one time.
Yes, it was that cold.
One time!

 Adrian didn't want to slide, he was ready to go inside and work on the puzzles!

Here is everyone working on their puzzles.

Ayden got a farmer one.
He was cracking us up.
He was not really doing much putting together but he was saying oooh we're almost done with us puzzle!

Austin working on his Toy Story puzzle
Here's Lou Lou working on her Princess and the Frog puzzle.
She's a pro!
She is much like her mommy in her love of puzzles and how quickly she can figure out what goes where.
She has been good at them since she was tiny!
She amazes me! 

Adrian with his Hot Wheels puzzle.

Austin is done with his now. 

And in comes super hero Captain Underpants!!!
Boy! You got panties on yo head!  

Lou Lou with hers all done

Oh.. look who's here!
Jr Captain Underpants! 

Adrian all done with his too!

We had a pretty good day.
We enjoyed having something new to do.
Thank you Lexi!

We also stayed up late and watched Jurassic Park.
They all did really good actually!
I hadn't seen it in so long I forgot most of it.
I had all 4 kids cuddled around me the whole time.
Austin about broke my hand squeezing during some of the parts.
Lexi and Ayden would say this is so scary!!
I kept reminding them it was only a movie and not happening for real.
They were ok then.
Bryan, of course, had to scare at least one kid during the movie.
At the end of the movie he got Adrian.
Adrian was not too happy about it~ lol
We have been scaring eachother since he got home and I had already gotten him pretty good while he was in the kitchen earlier and it took a minute for him to start laughing about it but it was funny.
He did finally laugh and then tried to get Daddy back.
Good times!


  1. I love reading these updates! I love you guys and can't wait til you get home so the boys and I can meet Adrian!

  2. I love the updates too. So fun to read what you guys have been doing. Sorry it's so cold there. Cold here too. I'm with Shamra, can't wait until you are all home. Only wish I could be there to meet your incredible family. Hugs

  3. Ayden is such a cutie! i miss him in sunday school, but i needed a break. Adrian looks like he is fitting in well, like he's always been there:)