Thursday, January 13, 2011

Jan 13, 2011 NYE and Leave date!!!!!! *maybe*

Sorry for no pictures again.
The internet is still horrible.

Today was a fun, busy and emotional rollercoaster of a day.

We stared out our day with Adrian and I headed to the US Embassy to do some papers to get his VISA.
We got there about 30 min early for our appointment of which I was supposed to have all the papers already filled out and emailed back..
Well, I was unable to do so completely and so they got only 2 of the forms.
I was already nervous about this and then we get there...
Sasha hands me three packets of papers in clear view sheet protectors and is explaining to me that this one is for the Embassy, this one is extra copies and if they need anything else, it will be in this one.
Uhhh ok, why are you telling me this?
Aren't you going with me?

We hustle our way across the busy street and over to the croud.
There are a LOT of people here!
LINES AND LINES AND LINES of people freezing, waiting in the cold.
Sasha says follow me..
We hurry past the crouds.. through the lines, around the other lines and to the steps of the building.
He shakes the guys hand and says Horner Adoption, the man marks us off his list and motions for us to go in.
We get inside and they have us empty out our pockets to go through security.
I was pretty stoked we got in that quickly!
I was NOT looking forward to the cold wait for 30 min!

I laughed as I emptied my pockets b/c I had several things with me..
Gloves, money, chap stick, lip gloss and..
an orange.
Yep, we brought oranges..
Hey! We didn't know how long it was going to take.
We might need a snack!
Adrian started giggling and pulled his orange and his little toy out of his pocket with some change he had.
The guards are all cracking up laughing at us and our oranges!
They told us they'd have to keep them there along with my chapstick and lipgloss and we'd have to get it afterwards.
Sasha says good luck follow the signs that say ADOPTION...
Uhhh what!?! You're really not coming!
Thankfully everyone spoke English and could guide us to the proper doors and such.
We got inside after tugging on the heaviest door ever and finally opening it!
We were directed down the hall and around the corner to get to the adoptions area.
We got there and they were asking for the medical envelope.
I don't have a medical envelope.
I am handing them everything that might be what they need..
Remember I have NO clue.. it's all in Russian!
They are thankfully in a great mood and are chuckling that I am so lost and just told us to bring it back to the next appointment.
I had to fill out the remaining forms and thankfully they had examples for me to follow and from there we had to go pay for the VISA.
We were done!
Now just come back tomorrow with the passports for me, Bryan and Adrian, the reciept, the medical envelope and we are good to go!
We go back out the way we came in and see the building we started in and see where we are to pick up our personal belongings.
I go to the window and he says do you have a claim check?
A red tag?
They didn't give you anything to claim your stuff?
They told me to come back and pick it up here that's all.
I'm sure they'll remember us.. we had the oranges..
Ohhhhh you're the lady with the oranges.. laughter once again filled the building.
I don't know what is so funny about oranges but ok!
We got our stuff and headed back to the outside area to meet Sasha to find out who was taking us back to the apartment b/c Sasha was to stay and wait on another family.
We go back through the crowd.. many of whom I'm sure were there when we went in the first time..
back across the narrow yet busy street and over to where the car is parked.
No Sasha.
Uh oh.
Ok, let's go back and re check outside for him.
We are walking back and he hops out of another car!
Another facilitator friend I'm sure and he takes us back to the car to get my camera and tells us he has a cab coming for us to take us home.
Only problem is, Bryan and the other kids were going to go for a walk and try to find Wi-Fi.
I asked Sasha to call Bryan to see where he was b/c we had no way to get back into the apartment and didn't know where they were.
He called and called and called..
No answer.
So, we were just about  home and I saw the McD's!
We'll get out here!
Saved us a walk!
We got inside and guess who we saw?!
We found them!

We all went for a walk around the underground mall again and then back to the apartment for nap.
I know it sounds so strange for us all to be napping so much but we are enjoying it! LOL
Bryan and I don't always go to sleep but the kids need it.
Yes, even Adrian.
He is one of the ones who need it most.
You see at the orphanage they had mandatory nap time varying from 2 hours during the school year to 4 hours in the summer.
So, as you might conclude, he is used to having that resting time and he needs it.

So after nap Sasha came to get Austin and I to go to the store, we needed more groceries as we had only planned on food through today.
I like to try to take each of the kids out with me on errands so they can enjoy some time with me and Bryan does the same.
It was Austin's turn and he needed it!
He has been such a great big helper and is doing so well considering his role transition from big brother to big and little brother.
He has mixed emotions over that but he is very happy to have Adrian he just wishes he was still the BIGGEST brother!
He's such a sweet and fun loving boy.
I just love how compassionate he is.
We went to the store with our list in hand and had a good time.
We came home and made some dinner.
No butter noodles today!
We had dumplings again.
Maybe we should play the what kind of dumpling was it game??
When Austin and I were on our way home it was dark and the city was FULL of lights!
We had heard the sounds of a band setting up and doing sound tests earlier in the day and we asked Sasha what type of concert it was.
He said it is the New Year Concert!
Oh yeah!!!
They celebrate NYE 2 times!
They do it once on Dec 31 and again on Jan 12 which is based on the Old calendar.
We live right by Independance Square so we can walk over and see the big happenings very easily.

We decided after dinner to bundle up and go check it out!
We had a great time seeing all the people and lights and the music.
It was really a sight to see!
I took lots of pictures and even a video but can't load it yet.
We were walking back home and decided to celebrate the new year with a McFlurry!
Yep, it is freezing outside and we're buying ice cream.
Everybody does it here!
When in Rome....

So we had McFlurries with Kit Kat and then they put Caramel and Chocolate sauce in there too!

They gave the kids balloons and we took our McFlurries to go!
We got home and ate them up and got ready to settle down for the evening.

Adrian had shown me his lip right after dinner and it looked like he was getting fever blisters!
I can only assume it is a side effect from the allergic reaction last night.
It did not look good at all!
Thankfully the internet was working well enough for me to throw out the question to my FB fam of what
 to do for them b/c we've never had them!
We've tried a couple of things and we'll see how it is tomorrow.
We did the tea bag on the lip thing and then we did the salty toothpaste mixture.
Poor guy!
That one hurt!
He toughed it out though and finally fell asleep with it on.
Wonder how much of it will actually be there when  he wakes up??

Oh and we found out today that we will not be able to come home on Saturday as we were hoping
(we hadn't told you yet b/c we were still unsure! Aren't you glad I didn't say we're coming home Saturday only to dissappoint you??!)
We were told it would now be Tuesday b/c the passport was not ready today and won't be ready until tomorrow. It has to come from Zaporhyzia to Kiev on the train... that is an overnight train and so it won't be here till Saturday morning.
The Embassy is of course closed on weekends.
Oh well, God, this is your plan, we're on for the ride and we'll take whatever you have us do.
Then another call comes later...
Uhhh Monday is MLK Day and the Embassy is closed....
So, we can't get the VISA till Tues and then you can fly out on Wednesday.
I am telling you this now so that you too can be on this wonderful roller coaster ride called the HORNER FAMILY ADOPTION... LOL
And in hopes that I have now said we SHOULD be home LATE Wednesday night that maybe, just maybe it will actually happen!!
We will not know for sure until we have the passport in hand!
Just pray for us please.
We are all ready to be home.
Bryan was to return to work on Monday and we are just done here.
We miss home.
Please pray for favor and for the time to be enjoyable for all of us as we are here another 6 days...

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  1. Chuckling over the orange thing. Too funny.

    Just think your next trip you'll be experts at this. Hugs