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Jan 12, 2011 Medical, Bell tower and reactions....

Jan 12, 2011

Again, sorry for the delay.

The internet was off last night and was turned back on this morning.

We had a busy day!

Our day started out with Adrian and I going to do his Medical exam.

He was such a trooper!

He had to get a shot and he took it like a man! Lol

He had a smile on his face and never even flinched… well except for when they sprayed the cold stuff on there!

After the medical exam we came home to eat and then head out to see some of the sights.

We went to St. Sophia’s and it was so neat.

It is hard to understand why they say it is one of the #1 tourist attractions and yet NO ONE speaks English!


So, we are telling them we want to see it all and what tickets we needed … we tried to go up the bell tower first and were directed another way..

We followed the path they pointed to and it led us to a bakery.. again.. rejected..

Guess that wasn’t what our tickets were for…

FINALLY, we find a cathedral where we apparently CAN use our tickets we bought!


Only thing is.. NO pictures allowed.


I just paid to come in here and see this and I can’t take pictures..

That stinks!

Oh well, we had a good time anyway AND I got the answer to my question on if that was real gold..

We were upclose to another one of those golden altars (I don’t know what to properly call them and so you get what I think of them as) and it was carved wood with a golden paint.


We walked around some more and finally went back to the bell tower and attempted to ask where the entry was since we were rejected at the one we tried and we told them we wanted tickets.. no one understood what we were saying…

We are however getting pretty good at charades!

We figured out we in fact did not purchase all the tickets available or even more than one.. so, we had to buy bell tower tickets.

Thankfully it was very cheap like $3 for all 6 of us to go in.

It is just what it sounds like.. a bell tower.

It is VERY tall and VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY COLD up at the top!

I have lots of pictures for you but this internet is not working right and won’t let me upload them.

There was ice all over the floor the higher you got.

If you looked over the side of the icy cold railing, you would feel your tummy jump a little.

It was very neat to see the bells and even more so to climb that high and be able to look out over the city.

It was amazing.

We all really enjoyed it.

We got done at the tower and were planning to go back home to nap but as we got back down the stairs of that ever so tall building, we weren’t so cold.. so we walked some more.

We walked down the street that leads to the SDA (state department of adoptions) building and looked at all the souvenir shops along that street.

It was really neat to see them all lined up there.. it is called “The Hill” and it is FULL of little shops along both sides of the road that are there for tourists.

We found some cute little Ukraine bracelets for like a dollar so we got the kids some of those.

We walked back home and rested a bit and ate dinner.

As I was typing the blog I was sitting at the desk next to the pull out bed that Adrian and Austin are sharing and could hear someone panting.

I was thinking someone was huffing as in starting to throw a fit but as I looked everyone was peaceful.. I kept hearing this huffing and I looked over and Adrian gasped and said “MOMMY!”

I went over to him in the dark and tried to see him and ask if he was ok.. he shook his head no.

I turned on the lights and hurried back across the room to him and noticed his eyes were glossy and he was a bit yellow.. I asked what is wrong and does something hurt. He grabbed his head and then he started spinning his head around to tell me he was dizzy.

I hopped online to see what if any side effects were to the Hep B Vaccine to find out that while RARE they are the EXACT symptoms he is feeling.

I got him up to sit in a chair to be able to take of any pressure from laying down and called Sasha to tell him we think he is having an allergic reaction to the Vaccine what do we do.

In hindsight, I don’t really know why I called b/c I know what to do for an allergic reaction but I suppose b/c it was to something I hadn’t seen before I thought it best to call.

Anyway, he talks to him and tells us to wait while he calls the doctor.

The doctor says no way that he can have an allergic reaction.. really?? I’m watching it happen and see that it happens… Yes, it is rare, but hello, I’m the one who is allergic to all kinds of things and know what happens when you are allergic to something like this.


So, they tell us they think he need to throw up, he must have eaten something bad or has caught a cold or flu.

Nope, asked him that.. he doesn’t feel sick to his tummy, his heart is racing, his breathing is labored, his skin is yellow, he is dizzy and his head and arm hurt…

Thank GOD that he answered our prayers as Bryan and I prayed over him together as we waited.

I had hopped back on the computer to pop on Facebook and email to let our prayer warriors know we needed prayers as this could be severe and guess what.. INTERNET IS OFF….. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?

I tried to use our Ukraine cell phone to text my mom to pray and the text would not go through. All I could do was lean on God and trust that he would answer the lonely prayers of two caring parents.

I am one of those that reaches out for prayer all the time.

I believe in the power of prayer and love to see when God answers prayers.

I suppose God thought it time for me to believe that he cares enough about me to answer my prayers. I don’t HAVE to have everyone praying all the time although that is a good thing, he hears little ole me and my hubby as we cry out to him on behalf of our son.

After praying, we gave him some allergy meds, some Motrin and a rescue inhaler that thankfully we had b/c of all of our families health needs and he immediately started doing better.

He came in and cuddled with me in the bed for a while and watched some Batman so we could keep an eye on him.

I don’t think that will ever get old.. having your sick child cuddle up on you no matter how big they are!

I enjoyed that time even though it was worrisome.

He was fine and went to sleep and rested well.

Thank you Lord!

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