Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Jan 11, 2011 - sorry it's late!

Well, it may be late, but it is also short.
You didn't miss much yesterday.

I was going to do the blog last night but we have had this light issue..
The lights in the living room have stopped turning off.
We have to go and turn off the breaker to them to get them off.
The last few nights I have just stayed in here in thel iving room with the lights on and typed out the blog, but we figured they needed some sleep.
We had an appointment set for 9:30 am to go do the Medical Exam for Adrian so sleep was good.
I got in our bed and it was so nice and warm.
I stayed there.
I fell asleep watching a movie with my honey.

The internet is only in the living room so that's why you didn't get it yesterday.

Ayden and Austin wanted their "haircut up" and they wanted mohawks.
So, they got them.

Adrian thought that sounded fun so he asked me to do his too!

Sorry for the BAD lighting... 
About 2 seconds after this picture he went to look at it in the bathroom and he came back with it down.
I guess you have to get used to it!? 

Since there was no one who got the correct noodle yesterday we decided to not have butter noodles today.
We had DUMPLINGS instead!

 They were DELICIOUS!
These were potato and onion filled dumplings covered in sour cream.

That's really all I have for you!
We jsut hung out at the apartment, did puzzles, played DS, cooked, ate and chilled.
Same old pictures you've seen so none of those.
Hope you all had a fabulous day!


  1. Is the day fast approaching where you are on a jet plane heading home? Hugs

  2. We hope so! We thought it was going to be Saturday but looking like Tues now.. we'll see!