Monday, January 10, 2011

Jan 10, 2011 St Michael's Church tour and LOTSA pictures!

So, I guess the "secret" is out now.
We are in Kiev, Ukraine.
I was told not to say anything about our location for safety and all but after thinking back and seeing others that have/are adopting from here not worried about it we'll quit saying "here".

Kiev is considered one of the most beautiful European capitol cities.
We decided to venture out and see a bit of that beauty today.

As we started our journey up the hill from our apartment we heard the sounds of crashing ice!
It was falling from this building..

What you can't see in that picture is the guys on top of the building pushing it off!

They even had these guys on scene...
Their insurance company~
ha ha - they motioned for us to go around the falling ice.

Remember me telling you about the police?
How they stand in the street with the wands to wave you down?
This is what they look like :) 
He was looking around behind him after I took this picture to see what I was taking a picture of!
uhhh time to cross the street! LOL 

And here it is..
St Michael's Church / Cathedral 

As we walked up to the front there were these paintings on either side.
What I didn't capture in these pictures were the widows ( I can only assume )
that were out front begging for money. 

Now, I have to say that as beautiful as this was, I had to ask myself, why?
Why are there so many orphans and widows that need so much?

James 1:27
Pure and undefiled religion is this, to care for the orphan and widow in their distress...

I'm not saying anything bad about the Ukraine nor do I want you to.
I am simply saying I sure hope I am doing what God has commanded me to do.

The other side

The ceiling as you walk in..

More neat things on the wall

The other wall and the entry to a gift shop of sorts 

Another ceiling picture as you exit this building to go to the main part.. 

The main part for lack of a better term! 
Very tall tower that is the top of the part we just came out of.
The opening there that is between the 2 crosses on the 2nd level is where the church bells are.
There are tons of them and we got to hear them play a bit.. 

Another entry.. 

Just to the left as you enter the main area..
It is a nativity scene.
After being there a bit a lady that we believe worked there came and ushered us over to it.
We had no idea what she was saying but we assume she was wanting us to take a picture there as we were taking them all over.
We got over there and just to the right of the manger was a pile of cash.
I guess they give offerings there.. 

This place was unbelievable! 
That is GOLD~I don't know if it is real but it was everywhere!

They had these candel lighting areas all over the church and  look at the walls.
They are all covered in paintings. 

One of the ceilings.. 

At the front there was a memorial of sorts and this was there..
an Angel made of flowers

More of the inside... 

We decided to have our own little prayer service as a family.
We prayed to God and each child and parent had their own candle to light and prayer time.
Here's Bryan as we were explaining to the kids what we were going to do. 

We started with the youngest.
Ayden lit his and Daddy put it in for him.
The prayers were so sweet... 

Sweet Lexi girl praying... 

Here's Daddy helping sister get hers in. 

Austin lighting his after saying his prayer.. 

Adrian having his prayer time 

Adrian lighting his candle. 

Mommy's turn.
I had tears in my eyes at this point.. 

Daddy's turn to pray and put his candle in.
I'm reminded of the song
"Lead me"
Look at Lexi and Ayden looking up to him...
Something to always remember!
Our kids are watching us and learning from us.

Bryan put in his candle and we all gathered together to say a prayer together for one last candle..
For Anastasia.
We all held the candle, prayed over Anastasia, that God would help us in providing for her to come home, for the time line to be quick for her to come home and for God to keep her safe until we can come to get her.

Here is our candle for Anastasia!
We're coming for you baby!
We love you! 

Ok, I don't know what these pictures are about but woah!?!
Saw these as we were leaving the prayer area and was wierded out by them... 

We got back outside and walked around the campus some more and look at this license plate..

It was parked on the campus. 

I don't know if these were for sale or just examples or going on something but they were outside and looked neat so we took a picture.

Notice on the crosses up there that they all have that second line across the bottom...
That is an orthodox cross.
Forgive me if I say this wrong but I'm going to explain it to the best of my knowledge as it has been explained to me. 
The second line is slanted.. reminding you of the two sinners on either side of Jesus as he hung on the cross.
One chose to go "UP" by accepting God's love and forgiveness and the other chose to go "DOWN" by rejecting Christ.
We all have the same choice.
While it is odd for me to see the cross with the extra thing on it at the same time it is neat that it reminds you of the choice you have to make every time you look at it.

Here is a statue that we saw as we walked around the back side of the church.

Here is a gazebo that also has a statue in the middle of it but I didn't get a pic of it sorry.

This is a picture across the street of St. Sophia's church.
It is more of a musuem now rather than a working church.
We didn't go in it today.. 

Another cool statue out front of St. Michael's 

More statues.. 

A closer view of St. Sophia's 
The bulidings to the side of the tall one above 

As we got up to the entrance there is this grave..
Not sure who it is but that was odd for us to see that walking up to a church.. 

We walked back underground to get home and looked at a bunch of the stores..
A lady gave the kids these Ukrainian flags. 

I have seen this dress in this store window time after time and thought it was absolutely gorgeous.
I decided to go and ask how much today.. 
You will never believe how much!
4,191 gryvna..
A USD is worth 7.95 gryvna..
That dress (which they had SEVERAL of just out on a rack) was $527 USD PLUS 20% Sales tax.
I will never complain about our sales tax again!
So, this lovely dress can be yours for only... $632!!!!!

The only dress I've ever seen that is that expensive is wedding dresses.

Ok, back to reality..
Check out the Mc D's uniforms here. 
They even have Mc Donald's pants!
I am easily amused so I had to take a pic.
Oh and those are our McFlurry's!
They put chocolate, caramel or strawberry sauce on top of your McFlurry here.
Pretty cool.
You can only get Kit Kat though.

We came home and had dinner..
Pork chops, corn and you guessed it .. Butter Noodles..
Who's gonna win it today?
FIRST one to post the correct noodle will win their very own Russian Chocolate bar :)

Need to know the choices?
Look at yesterday's post and see the different ones.
Good luck!

We had some "pizza me" time after dinner.
Adrian was telling me "let's go"
So, I did...

Look at his face! ha ha
He's smiling and laughing and growling at me all at the same time.
He loves to wrestle!

Fun times!


  1. I am going to go with my answer from last night and say spiral noodles!!!

  2. I love the pics from today. The churches there are amazing! Tell the kids "Hi". We hope to see you in a little over a week!!

  3. wheels! I wondered if you were in the Ukraine. I had friends that were missionaries there when I was a kid, some of the things you talked about I remembered from their stories. Can't wait for you to come home and introduce Adrian :)

  4. I have to agree, WHY!!! Amazing pictures though. Hugs

  5. I'll throw my 2 cents in and say penne pasta. Looking forward to seeing you all back home soon!

  6. I'm gonna say curly cue - they just look like too much fun!

  7. Shamra you got it! :)

    Pretty sure that was teh ONLY one not guessed yet but hey, you win :) LOL