Friday, January 7, 2011

Boring day continued... Jan 7, 2011

Another boring day for us!
We didn't go anywhere today!
It is Christmas here so everything is closed.
We did laundry..
Check out the laundry dryer thingy they have here..
Yay for not having to wait for heater space!

Here's Lou starting on a puzzle.. 

The boys playing Monkey in the Middle in the hallway.
Only, the monkey isn't too happy..  
Oh they were being dogs at this point! LOL

Here's the new artwork in the kitchen..
I love the way they decorate and design things here! 

The new one in the living room..

We have a desk here with a cord that goes to a modem.
Internet is MUCH faster!
I don't have to spend HOURS working on a blog post!

Is this not some of the coolest furniture?
I love it!
It would work perfectly in our house!  

The cool armoir closet thingy in our room.
Sorry for the blinding flash.. 
 The kids were having fun in there today!
They put on a magic show for us.
Ha ha ha
The doors slide from side to side and they were hiding inside and taking turns opening the door and shaking their booty or hiding.
FUN times!

Pop Pop skyped us today!
Here's Austin talking to Pop Pop

Me and Lou after we finished our puzzle.. 

He looks pretty comfy! 
He cracks me up!
He wants to get dressed like immediately after getting up.
We like jammies around here!

That's about it.
We had BBQ chicken and butter noodles for lunch..
Pork Chops and butter noodles and corn for dinner.

We layed around and watched Jurassic Park again tonight.

Hopefully our posts will be more entertaining tomorrow!

Oh, I did make a page for Anastasia on FB.
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  1. They had those cool dryer things here too before they had dryers. I had a cool metal one that folded up like an umbrella & kind of looked like the spokes on the underside of an umbrella. Some weren't so cool, they looked like dowel rods fastened together & didn't fold up as small. You haven't lived till you have to dry your diapers on them or else hang them out & let them freeze dry. Carole Ray

  2. I love the dryer idea too. We don't own a dryer, only use clothesracks in the winter. I haven't dried any outside in the freezing cold for years however use to. That was fun. Hope you do something on this blog for your sweet girl too...I'm not on Facebook. Hugs

  3. WOW that is crazy - the freaky umbrella dryer! LOL There are lots of people that are still drying things outside and it didn't make sense to us - it is below freezing here and full of snow! How does that work?! We will DEFINATELY keep up the blog with her. We'll probably just continue on this one :)