Friday, January 14, 2011

Another day down....Jan 14, 2011

Another day down...
We are counting down the days till we come home!
Although, we don't REALLY know for sure when that will be...

We are HOPING and PLANNING on Wednesday but it will be very late if it is. 
We are still waiting on the passport to get to us.
It was supposed to be on the train today to Zaporhyzia and to our facilitator there.
She then will put it on the train to us in Kiev tomorrow night and it will get to us here on Sunday Morning.
That is the "plan" anyway.
If you have followed this journey long you know that "plans" change!

We are learning flexibility...
More importantly how to fully rely on God and TRUST that he is taking care of it all in his time.

This is not the easiest thing to do in case you didn't already know...
But God never said the road would be easy.
He just said.. FOLLOW ME.

So here we are!

Today was a lazy day at home.
We all actually slept in this morning which NEVER happens in our family.
We had a late breakfast and played some games.
We had a late lunch and then the kids took a nap while Bryan and I played Uno.

When they all woke up we played UNO as a family and Adrian won!

The kids and I then came in the living room and cuddled on the pull out sofa and watched Toy Story 3.
Adrian was repeating all the words he knew and was so proud!
It was really cute!
After the movie it was dinner time..
You got it.. LATE dinner!

I made some BBQ Chicken and ... BUTTER NOODLES~

Yep, you get to guess again..what kind of noodle was it??

Ready... Set... GO!!!!!

Winner gets a Chocolate Bar from Ukraine!!!

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  1. Those days are getting ever closer to getting home. Won't it be wonderful to finally be on that jet plane. We love the game UNO too. Hugs