Tuesday, January 18, 2011

2 more sleeps... Jan 17, 2011

Well we are at the tail end of our journey in the Ukraine.

We never thought we could long to be in a place so bad and yet after 6 weeks long to be home so bad!!

Today we played around taking pictures with the camera that you can't see b/c of our internet connection lol!

We also walked around the underground mall again today.

I still love that dress!

I also found an absolutely beautiful coat!

It is white (stupid idea for me of course) and it has these elegant ruffles that flow over the shoulders and down to the button line.

It looks like a coat a "star" would wear ... lol

Anyway, it is another one of those things I drool over every time we go to this mall and of course pass it up.

Well, this time I decided to stop and ask "how much"?

The response about floored me!
He said..

Sixty Thousand Dollars!



Do you mean Gryvna?

Oh yes, Sixty thousand Gryvna!

I couldn't even process a number that high for a coat!!!

So, let's figure it out together..

60 thousand gryvna

1 USD = 7.95 gryvna

60,000 gryvna divided by 7.95 gryvna = $7547.17 USD!!!

Now, let's add in the 20% tax..

Another $1509.43

Total cost for a beautiful coat guaranteed to be ruined the first time a real person wears it..



Car / Coat...

Car/ Coat.....

Car/ Coat........


People actually buy this stuff???

Well, considering we have a van that is on it's very last leg  I think if we come across an extra $9,000 we'll be buying a vehicle!

Orrr.... maybe a coat.



  1. LOL - You made me laugh out loud this morning. The coat sounds beautiful but yes, I think a car would be a better option or better yet, your new daughter who will cost more than that to get her here. We are waiting anxiously your return to the US! We MISSED you guys!

  2. WOW, they really buy that stuff there. I can't believe anyone would pay that much for a coat. Such a contrast isn't there between things and orphanages. It just blows my mind!! Hugs