Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day one back to work/school and tragedy strikes.. but we TRUST in our GOD!

Well, yesterday was not at all what we anticipated for our first routine day back.

Bryan and I got up early and spent time with our Father.
Bryan got ready for work as I started working around the house.
We sat down together to pray over him and his first day back at work.
For all of the customers and for the right calls to be made to the right people to be able to get things back in motion so we can get back on track with our income.
We've been w/o a paycheck for 6 weeks.
I kissed him and off he went to work after giving lovings to all the kids.

After all the kids were dressed, fed and started on something, Austin and I came in to start his school.
We got through a few lessons and I hear "DADDDYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!"

Uhhh, what??
Daddy is at work!

"You have got to be kidding me!"
I thought it and blurted it out as soon as I saw him come through the bedroom door.
"Guess what honey?
I was let go."

I immediately wrapped my arms around him and said it's gonna be alright!
We're gonna be fine!
God will take care of us!
I firmly believe that.
WE firmly believe that.

Now, yes that was a HUGE KICK IN THE FACE to come back from 7 weeks of APPROVED leave for an international adoption to only be let go of our only source of income.

Talk about a shock to the system.
We immediately started making phone calls and filing paperwork to see what we can do next.

I know many of you are wondering, what about FMLA?
He wasn't there long enough for that to kick in so the employer can hire/fire whenever and for whatever reasons in Oklahoma as it is an "at will" employment state.

Why was he let go?
Well, they told him it was b/c they could no longer afford to pay him.
They needed to "reduce overhead"
That being said, he was the ONLY one let go.

We have filed for unemployment, but as you probably know that is not very much and definately not enough to sustain a family of 6.

I am a stay at home, homeschool mom of 4 children and of course that makes it VERY difficult for me to pursue a career.

Please pray for our family that God would work a miracle and show HIS PERFECT plan in all of this.

No, we don't understand WHY this happened!
No, we don't have another job in place.
Yes, we are searching and yes we are praying and yes we are pursuing all available options for Bryan and our family.

WE PLEAD for your PRAYERS for our situation.

Not only does this harm our family currently but this has the potential to ruin our adoption plans with Anastasia.
We KNOW God has called us to adopt Anastasia.

Problem is...
You have to have a job of course.
You must be employed for at least 6 months at your place of employment and even then they will question you as to why the time has been so short.
Bryan just took this job in March of last year as a pay increase and a better overalll opportunity for our family and now 11 months later and 6 weeks w/o pay he is without a job.

We are supposed to leave to get Anastasia in 5 months.

We need a miracle!
WE WILL CONTINUE and do EVERYTHING we can and FOLLOW GOD no matter where that is or what that is.

Again, I will ask that you refrain from any negative comments either on here or on FB whether personally stated to us or casually mentioned and directed at us.
God knows the intentions of the heart and negative is not what we need right now.

We NEED the love and support of our family and friends at this time and we simply ask that you PRAY for us and ask God for a miracle on our behalf.


Several of you have asked what Bryan does for a living and to answer that the best I can, he is in sales.
He has worked in sales/customer service for 14 years.
We live in Moore, Oklahoma.
He has worked the last several years for office supply companies seeling everything for the office from the ground up including office supplies and furniture.
He also has background in Screen Printing and Embroidery business as well as some banking experience.

What are we looking for?
Something "secure"
Something that will provide for our growing family.
Full time employment
Local would be nice.
Immediate would be best!

Again, thank you all for following our journey and we are excited to see what God has for us next!

We believe that He has an amazing plan that He is weaving together and our job right now is to TRUST and OBEY.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

WE'RE HOME!! The long awaited post...



It has been a busy few days!

We got home on Wednesay night about 8:45pm CST and were greeted by  many friends and family.
It was so nice to be in  America, in Oklahoma among many we love.

We were greeted with signs, shouts and DR. PEPPER!!!!!!!!!!


I have sat down to post a couple of times but it is so busy around here with all the excitement, missed family Christmas's and catching up on things like laundry that I didn't have much time... and when I did..my brain was fried! 

Jet. Lag. is. horrible!

It isn't as bad as when we went as far as not being able to wake up, it is that we wake up super early like 5:30 to 6:30 am ( yeah that's super early for us!) and then we are ready to crash and just shut down about 5:30pm when it hits.

We are having a great time being in our own house with our own things and our own spaces!
It is amazing what all we take for granted!

We walked into our house and were holding back tears as we walked around and looked at all these things we have.  We are so blessed.

YOU are so blessed!

I truly understand why we are looked at as "rich Americans"...

We are!

Ok, so I hate missing posts so I'm going to take you back to the Ukraine and catch you up till now.

Here we go.....




The mind has left at this point..
Still in Ukraine..

It's even affecting the little ones.... 

Oh looky there, dinner!
No one guessed this one right I don't think.

PS, If you won a chocolate bar you might want to call me and arrange a time to come eat it with me! LOL

No one won the day before so this was the next day... 

I told you we were losing it.... 

Oh now, he's a grumpy butt... 

Back at the mall for one last walk through before we head HOME!!!
This picture is of the entry to the bathroom..
See the lady at the desk?
You have to pay 2 gryvna to use the bathroom.

Remember the beautiful 10k coat?

Here it is... 
Love it but NO WAY I'd pay that much!!

See, he was just tired... 

Dinner with Sasha next to last night at Friday's.
He can wiggle his ears.
Lexi is trying to make them wiggle too. lol 



Bryan as a claymation designed by Austin.
His face was a bit lumpy.. like two lumps...
like boobs.
I cracked up!

See, it was hilarious!!

Ayden's little tent he made 

Lou Lou's creation 

Austin made me and daddy.. I'm on the left side of the picture..

All of us crammed in the tiny elevator at our apartment.. 

Look!  There's the Nanny!
The one in the grey coat with the black hat.
Nanny 911!!!
Not really but hey.. it was fun! 

We wanna go home!!! 

We are in the taxi on the way to the airport! 

We made some friends on our trip that were fellow adoption families.

This is Adam and Marie Bishop - she's holding Ayden and taking a ride on the luggage cart b/c they had a skateboarding incident the night before and she hurt her leg pretty bad.. on the last night!! Ahhhh!!! 

Lexi wanted to ride too.

I think this is one of the new security scanner things.
It just swooped around us and that was it.

Now, they did pat down 2 of our kids but nothing invasive. 

Still at the airport in Ukraine now going through the border control I think..
We were "Foreigners".

Ticket in hand.. ready to board that plane! 


Ayden (and the other kids) were upset b/c there were no movie screens on the seats this time.. 

You have to look closely to see this..
We were having to wait to leave so they could de ice the plane with this sprayer thingy.
Although it looked icier after it was sprayed... 

Breakfast on the plane..

Lunch on the plane.. sandwich 

Germany from the sky it was SO PRETTY! 

Another sweet family here adopting this lil angel named Alice. 

This is the BIGGEST ELEVATOR I've ever seen!
It had to be atleast 18 feet I think!
They wouldn't let us take the kids on the escelator and sent us to the elevator.

We had some new friends come and play in Germany at the Frankfurt airport..they were so cute. 

Adrian watched the planes come in and out and was so excited!

And now, he's worn out! 

Looks just like his Daddy... 

Adrian's room all decorated by his friend Erik and his family! 

Adrian loved the posters so much that he took the ones from the airport and had Austin help him hang them up all over his room!

We had family Christmas at Bryan's parent's house on Friday afternoon.

Here's Adrian in the playroom.

Time for presents! 

He's so excited!
Finally something just for him that no one else is going to take or destroy.

All the kids got Thunder Basketball hoodies from Nana Sherry and Pop Pop Gerald.

Love this picture!
Nana Sherry and Adrian 

Nana Sherry's smoke alarm is VERY sensitive..
It went off if you opened the door to the oven.. no smoke..
So, here's Bryan fanning it! 

Lexi missed her baked beans...

Me and my boy. 

We had to go visit Pop Pop Gerald at his work site and he took all the kids for a ride on the big green tractor. 

Lexi girl picked "flowers" for Nana and I. 

Our friends the Redmans came over and played with the kids so Bryan and I could go to dinner with my parents and we are so thankful for that adult time!

Erik gave Adrian a bike and Adrian was so excited about it! 

There's our trip home and first couple of days in pictures.

We are all adjusting well and enjoying our home.

We did go to church this morning and really, really, REALLY enjoyed being back!

We loved seeing all our sunday school kids we've had over the last 3 years and they were all so excited!

Adrian enjoyed service and was trying to sing along with the songs.

We were actually called up to speak about our adoption a bit and were honored to be able to share just a tid bit of what God has done in our lives through this adoption process. 

I would go into more detail on all the evetns of our days but my brain is now done.

We also had Christmas at my parents house yesterday but I was so out of it that I left my battery charing at home for the camera so my brother took pics and I'll see about getting them from him to share with you all.

Please be in prayer for our family as you think of us as we have lots ahead of us still.

Pray for Adrian to be willing and eager and able to learn English so we can communicate better.

Pray for his heart to soften and open up fully to our family.

Pray for him to learn to trust us and know we are here to love him and to keep him safe but with that also comes discipline to guide him in the right direction.
Pray that he will understand that everything we do to teach him and or correct him is done in love for him.

Pray for Bryan as he goes back to work in the morning after being gone for 7 weeks.

Pray for his physical as well as mental stregnth as he will be adjusting big time to going back to work.

Pray for me as I'm here with all the kids on my own during the day as we work to figure out how to schedule homeschooling with another child as well as figure out proper curriculum for him.

Pray for all the kids to get along well and share with eachother.

Pray for Anastasia.. she should be coming back from Italy sometime this week and finding out about us!

Pray for us as we start this entire process over again to go back and get our Daughter in 5 months!

Pray for favor as we look for locations for our events as well as favor in all of our fundraising efforts.

We need to raise another $25,000 and we still have $10,000 in outstanding debt from completing Adrian's adoption.  This part is very hard for us as we were debt free.  We are trusting God to provide to eliminate that loan as quickly as possible.

Pray that God would work on behalf of Anastasia to provide the funds needed and clear the way to do the paperwork process.

Pray that God will begin to stir the hearts of those that can help save Anastasia.

Pray for all the orphans of this world!

Thank you all so much!!