Tuesday, December 7, 2010

We are here!!!!

We finally made it across the world to get our babies!!

We had 3 flights consisiting of 2 short ones and one REALLY long flight from Chicago to GERMANY~

I was so excited to be in Germany even though we never got to leave the airport.

We did cross the "border" to be "in country" to eat a snack so our passports are officially stamped for Germany! LOL

That was not the greatest experience!

We were the foriegners.. we didn't know how to speak to anyone.

We stopped at a little sandwich shop/cafe and ordered a couple of drinks to share along with 2 pretzels and a bagguette.. this cost us $35 USD!!  I was shocked!! 

The lady could speak and understand about 1/2 of what I said and it was so frustrating. 

I tried to return the food and say nevermind we can't afford it .. I had only taken $25 with me and scaled down to enough food to share and WHAT?!?! $35 for this!?

I was exhausted and the kids were hungry and Bryan was thirsty ... this just wore on my emotions.

The gentleman behind me in line was kind enough to pay for the remaining funds needed and I returned to our chairs to sit down and cry.

I am so glad I live where I understand and can speak the language with everyone.  That was so stressful!~
As excited as I was to enter Germany, I was even more ready to get on that plane to here!

So, there you have my breakdown for the day! LOL

Now, let's back up a bit and tell more about how we got here and where we are now...

Bryan and I were up LATE on Saturday Night packing and double checking that we had everything we would need for our trip.

We woke up Sunday morning and tried to pick up the house a little before we left out and make sure everyone had what they needed to help care for our dogs, fishy and house.

My dear friend Jenna came and picked us up for the airport. 
We took our last picture in America as a family of 5

Jenna was such a great help to entertain the kids and help carry luggage as we got into the airport and checked our bags for the flights.

Here we are just before we went through security at the airport

We got through security with no issues.

Everybody loved our outfits by the way!

We waited a bit and got on our first plane - first plane ride ever for our kids.

Of all planes to get, guess what we got...

I'll give you a hint...

this is a row of seats...

 Yep.. ONE SEAT.. and then these were the other row...

Here's me and sister ready to go!!
 Here we are in the Chicago airport - or Atlanta as I kept calling it. lol  We were relaxing and enjoying the space! LOL
 We even made new friends! 
This is Ruda and her mommy Olga.  She's preggers with #2! 
This little girl and Lexi looked alike and became instant friends. 
They were on their way to see family in Vienna.
 Now, this is more like it!  HA!  It was GINORMOUS!!! 
We rode on an airbus on the way to Germany! 
I couldn't even get the whole economy seating in one pic! LOL
 Look how excited he is!  This is AWESOME MOM!  I HAVE MY OWN TV!!!!
 And whoever said airline food wasn't good.. didn't have this!  This was DELICIOUS! 
 We had a great flight - it was so long though!  Ayden slept for a few hours and Lexi and Austin slept for about 1 or so.  Bryan and I got maybe 20 min in.  So... this is where we went as soon as possible! 
And we stayed there for 16 hours!  Other than getting up to grab a snack and go straight back to sleep!  Literally, I ate a granola bar and went right back to sleep!

This is Sasha - he's our facilitator- He has a whole team working with him to complete the adoptions.

He is a sweet guy and so funny! 

We actually ran from him at the airport b/c we didn't know it was him! LOL 

The kids love him.  He has 2 girls too and is going to bring his younger daughter to play with Lexi.

He has been so helpful and kind! 

Lexi got sick in his car.. whoops! All those plane rides and little sleep makes for an upset tummy.

Oh and he got a good laugh out of us - we went to sleep last night about 7pm. 
I was awakened by a loud LOUD sound...

I listened and about every 30 seconds or so it would rumble a bit and then BOOM BOOM!!

I woke Bryan up.. he can sleep through anything.. and he listened and said they must be taking out the trash.. it sounds like a dumpster.  I'm thinking that's a lot of trash!
Well, I climbed up into the window and looked out.. sure enough, there were lots of dumpsters.. then

rumble.. BOOM BOOM!
Ok, that IS NOT a dumpster! 

There is NO ONE out there!

Bryan decides it's not worth loosing any sleep for him so he rolls over and off to dream land..

I thought, well, I can go in the living room where the kids are and sleep if it isn't loud in there..

I come in here and it is EVEN LOUDER!

I look out the window to see if there are more dumpsters or what and nope..

I see the sky lighting up! 

No, it was not thunder and lightening.  It is only on one side of the building and is a bright flash!

Oh my goodness!! IT'S BOMBS!!!!!!!


I yelled to Bryan IT'S BOMBS!

He came running and looked and said there's no sirens... can't be.. maybe something ritual here??

Then what happens..

car alarms start going off!

I'm like, what's that??  Sirens??

Oh my goodness!! I'm calling Sasha!! What is going on!?!?

I call Sasha and tell him, they are blowing stuff up outside our window!  What is going on??

He giggles and says, well, it sounds like bombs because .. well, it is.


It is Bombs??

Yes, well, umm, kind of like your fireworks..

Or cannons...

We like to celebrate things here and that's how we have fun..

Seriously, you blow up bombs!?


Why?  What are you celebrating today?

It's a military day.

So, we are celebrating.

Nice.. when is it going to stop?

Oh within about the next half hour or so.

I laughed myself to sleep ..

Seriously, our first night here..



Well, I better get off here and enjoy some family time.

Love you all and will keep posting as often as I can!

Oh and we blew up our DVD player.. maybe we felt we needed to be a part of the celebrations..Thank God I brought Scentsy to cover up the smell!



  1. oh, no! i'm guessing the converter didnt work with the dvd player!? eak!

  2. It's so much fun reading what's going on with you guys. I can't wait to hear more.

  3. LOL! Wow. That is quite a beginning. You guys look GREAT. And I know that, sleepiness aside, you are SO EXCITED!