Monday, December 20, 2010

Visit #9 with Adrian - We have our COURT DATE!! December 20, 2010

We had a wonderful day today!

Our day started out with an email telling us to check our dates on our approvals from UCSIS (immigration) and our fingerprints.
They don't expire till the end of the year and our approval expires in April of 2012!!

This is HUGE news!!
We don't have to redo fingerprints and WAIT for the appointment!
We don't have to reapply for and wait for our 171 approval!!
We have it all and it is good for any time next year!

Our angel is to be ready at the end of June 2011.
One year from the time we committed to adopting Adrian!
How cool!
So, we'll be able to save money on those things and that is always great news!

Then we found out on the way to the orphanage that we have our court date!!!!
It is ....

Yes! Like in 3 days!!!!!

Thank you JESUS!!!

We were able to tell Adrian when we got there that we finally had our date and know when we get to finally leave the orphanage to be together forever!

That date is January 3, 2011!!

We CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

I asked him if he wanted to make a countdown calendar and he said "DAH! DAH!" and then NOW!

So off we went to work on the calendar!
He was so happy!

When I was explaining to him that on Thursday we'd have court he asked what will we do there?
I told him that we would all go to court and they would ask us questions like, do you want him to be your Papa?  Do you want her to be your Mama? Do you want them to be your family?
Everyone he was saying DAH!! DAH!!! while smiling EAR TO EAR!
Then I said, they will ask us do you want to be is Mama? Do you want to be his Papa?  Do you want him to be your son?
And we will say YES!!!
And they will say.. YOU ARE A FAMILY!!!!!!!

He was so excited!!!
I wish I had it on recording!! 
He said, then will we go out to celebrate on Thursday after court?
We said, OF COURSE!!
He LOVED the restraunt the other day and can't wait to go back!
So we'll go there to eat and celebrate our family!

Yana and Oleg had to go into the inspector's office to complete some papers for Katya's file and instead of us leaving as we just got there, we stayed and got to practice communicating on our own!
I told him before Yana left, ok, we have a chance to hang out together and learn to talk without a translator, so you'll have to point and try to use words we can understand and we'll get to figure out how to talk!
We did pretty good I must say!

We worked on our calendar for him to countdown the days.
After I made the calendar for him, we tried to take a picture of it but it was too light you couldn't see it.
I sat down to retrace it all to make it darker and as I was working on it I heard Adrian call for me..
I looked up and there he was coming towards me with a smile on his face and he leaned in and gently kissed my cheek!
I have tears rolling down my cheek as I write this!
I will NEVER forget that moment!
He loves me.
It. was. amazing.

What could make it more perfect?


Bryan walked in the room just then and I heard him say
He motioned for him to come here and he got up on his tippy toes and kissed his Daddy on the cheek!

ahhhhh..... Crying again!!!

Bryan looked at me with such joy in his eyes and I was beaming!
He said.. He kissed me!
I said, I know! He kissed me too!
Bryan said.. He said PAPA and motioned me to come here and he kissed me!!!
I told him he just did the same to me!
Isn't it great!
We were both so happy and just elated that he did that!
No pressure, no urging from us.. just him.. pure love for his parents.


We all do!!!!

He really liked the calendar - he went over and over the days with me.
He'd say it in Russian and I'd countdown in English with him.
It was great!
He kept asking can he mark off another one.
We had to say, tomorrow, and then another the next day and again the next day and before you know it we will be at ZERO and we will be on our way HOME!

Here are some pictures from today...

Remember her?
This is sweet Carolina.
She is 14 - her birthday is on Jan 3 and all she wants for Christmas this year is a family.
Their Christmas is on Jan 6.
Can YOU help this dream come true?
 Carolina and I are friends!
She meets me everyday and gives me great big hugs!
She is going to make someone a GREAT daughter!
She'll be an amazing mother one day!
I just know it!
This is her as we were walking upto the orphanage!
She came to meet us!
Look at that artwork!!!!
Please pray for a family for her!
Please pray for ALL of these kids!
Think about just what YOU CAN do for these kids.
We all can do SOMETHING.
Look into these eyes and see the longing they have ...
not for toys,
not for games,
not for clothes,
but for the LOVE of a FAMILY!
 They come from everywhere to ask, will you please take my picture?
Maybe someone will want me?
 These kids are here through NO CHOICE of their own.

We were mainly by ourselves today so I only have a few pics to share of other kids but please, please, please, won't you pray for them?
Won't you advocate for them?
Won't YOU pray if YOU are to adopt them?
We found our son and our daughter through a picture!
You KNOW when you look into the eyes of YOUR CHILD!
God can make a way where there seems to be no way!
Please, won't you open your heart to his call?

Here is Lexi posing it up being a lil momma with the stroller :)

Here's Adrian with his car :)
 Ha ha ha! 
He's really got the silly face stuff down!
Here's our countdown calendar!

T-Minus 14 days!!!

I didn't realize what he was working on when I took this but he was tracing the calendar I made.
He made a duplicate :)
 Here's another child who is lost and alone here.
Look at the smile to just have the opportunity that someone might see his picture and come for him too.
 This is a great shot so I had to post the upclose...
Also, notice Carolina hugging me in the back?
She is so precious and longs to be accepted and loved.
I can't bring her home, but I can love her while I'm here.
 This was a humbling shot for me...
 Why, you ask?
What is it?
It is the carpet in the play room.
Ok, Alecia, what the heck is that supposed to mean??
It means that these kids have nothing!
They don't have a room to call their own, an outfit that is just theirs, a toy that belongs to them.
Most have never even touched a camera or a phone.
Adrian took this picture.
He was so enthralled with the camera that even a picture of the floor was good enough for him.
It was something he did.
It was something he knew.
It is special to him.
That's right, a carpet on a floor means something to this child.
My 13 year old son takes pictures of every inch of the playroom because it is a place that he finds joy with his family.

Here's Carolina and I again.
She's always loving on me.
I just have a burden for her!

Silly boy picture for his Bubba :)

Yana and Oleg are back!
Adrian tells her silly face!
 Mama's turn!

Ok I just had to show you this...
Look at Adrian and Daddy coloring...
So much alike!

Here's the last picture for today, our son.
An orphan.
Lost and Alone...
but then..
We heard the call..
We said those life changing words...
We followed God through every nook, cranny and curve...
sometimes completely blindly
but look at our reward!

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  1. How exciting to finally have a date and to also know when you'll be going back for your precious daughter. It's going to be fun following you on this path. It's such a delight to see the smile on his face. Oh if only we we're younger. Hugs