Sunday, December 19, 2010

Visit # 8 with Adrian December 19, 2010 St. Nicolaus Day and testing...

Today was St. Nicolaus Day.
It is a national holiday for them that is basically the same story as Santa Claus but he gets a whole day just for him seperate from Christmas.
They tell the kids that if they have been good ALL year THEN St. Nicolaus will bring them something.
Adrian was very concerned that St. Nicolaus was going to bring him something.
He assured us he had been good all year!
Of course we brought him something!
This first picture is of him with his cuddle toy.
This is a doggy that we bought him and we all hugged it and loved on it before we gave it to him and told him that whenever he is sad or lonely and misses us he can just hug his doggy and get our hugs!
He loved it!
He said it was a boy dog and later decided to name it Motar.

We headed to the play room and gave him his St. Nicolaus gift..
 He asked for this on day one- a remote control car!
We found one that was Spiderman and it was perfect!
I have more pictures of him playing with it below...
We had to constantly charge it b/c we didn't realize they don't come charged here.
He would play for a few minutes, charge for a few, play some more, charge some more. lol
He asked us at the end of our visit to take it home and charge it then bring it back and do that everyday so it has a full charge and no one will break it while we are gone.

Yana also likes stuffed animals so we bought her a little cuddle toy too.
We usually call them huggy bears but these are dogs so that doesn't work well.
She looked like she was going to cry after we all hugged it including Adrian and gave it to her to hug when she thought of us and missed her American friends. 

Lexi brought her "make up" today again.
She set up shop in the playroom floor today.
The kids were having such a good time with her!
It's amazing to see our kids and these kids overcoming the language barrier. 

Today was a big day for Adrian.
We also had another letter with pictures from home from Erik 

He was excited to see this!
Here he is reading the letter.. 

Here I am telling him who everyone is in the picture.
It was good for me to see this picture too!  
I miss home! 

Some of the boys and Bryan were arm wrestling... 

This is right after he took the car off the charger to play for a bit.
We were making bridges for him to go through. 

This is a great picture!
He LOVES to be tickled!
Ayden caught him and tickled and wrestled away!

Here he is laying on his cuddle toy. 

After taking this he came over to cuddle with me on the couch for a bit.
We cuddled all together on the couch - all the boys and me that is.
Lexi was cuddling with Masha and Dasha (twins).

After the couch cleared to play a game of catch, Adrian said "Mama" then tickle me in russian.
I of course tickled him to pieces!
He would laugh so hard and yell "aye aye aye".
I'd stop and he'd say Mama.. then stick his tongue out and make the lillilililil sound.
(does that even make sense?? ha ha if it does, you are AWESOME!)
We were having a great time.

Today was also a bit of a trying and testing limits day.
We had our first real parenting venture with him today.
Several times today he was flipping over the back of the couch and feet flying into people's faces.
We would tell him no, don't do that, you are going to get hurt.
He would say "Nit".. No in Russian.
He also got under that table you saw above and got pretty wild and we told them to come out from there.
He stayed there and said "Nit".. No in Russian..
He also got out an umbrella and opened it then put it over Bryan's head and closed it several times after we asked him not to do so because it was going to get Daddy's eye.
Bryan had told him to come to him and he went the other way and said "Nit".

We had to let him know this was not acceptable.
This of course did not make him happy.

These kids are used to doing what they want and demanding things until someone explodes on them.
So, of course when we did finally say stop Adrian, sit down, this is not safe, do not do that, you will get hurt...
he got upset, hid is face behind the couch and cried.

I went and comforted him and assured him that we are not trying to be mean, we love him and don't want him to get hurt so we tell him not to do things that will hurt him or someone else.

After a bit of love from Mama, Papa came over to talk with him, love on him and told him the same thing.
He seemed to understand more and be ok now and we decided to color for a bit before we left.

We all have a lot of learning to do and growing to do during this adjustment time.
I think it was good that we had this today although it did make for a very stressful time of correction over a period of time.
He was happy and playing again and understood this didn't mean we didn't love him and were not going to play or be happy anymore, it just meant, we have to listen when we are told to do something and obey.

All in all it was a great day.
Please be praying for our family adjustments as we will soon not have a translator (when we go home) and we will have the language barrier in teaching.
He does know that we love him and are very proud of him and want what is best for him and sometimes that means no.


  1. He just looks so happy! I almost think he looks even happier in the pics from now as compaired to previous pics. He looks like he is getting comfortable with your family and with comfort comes the testing, but it will be okay. That's completely normal. I am so happy for your family and for your new son! Prayers are with you:)

  2. I totally agree with the comment above. He looks super happier with your family.

  3. He is precious! They both are actually. Blessings to all of you!

    With our Viktor, I found that explaining to him that he can't do 'that' because it would hurt him, hurt others, etc. and then explain that this is what good mommies and daddies do. Good mommies and daddies don't let children get hurt, they make sure children are safe, warm, fed, 'insert your situation here', etc. has really stopped any behavior issues.

    You will need to teach him how to act in a family. Viktor has learned very quickly.

    I picked this up from another family. It worked great for them and it has also worked great for us.

  4. I hadn't thought to say that's what good Mommies and Daddies do! We do say b/c we love you and don't want you to get hurt or hurt anyone else we tell you not to do such and such.

  5. Hi Horner Family! We met you the other day at the SDA. (We're the OSU/Austin folks :)Can you email us with your phone number asap? We urgently need to speak with you. Our email is Thanks, and blessings to you-- Jill and Michael