Saturday, December 18, 2010

Visit #7 with Adrian and so much more...

This was too cute not to share!
Look at Ayden and Daddy sleeping the same!

After the sleeping beauties awoke, we got ready to head to the orphanages to seek Katya and Adrian.
It has snowed a lot here as well as rained and sleeted, so this walkway was like an ice rink except very bumpy!
We had fun skating to the doorway!
 This will be our last walk to these orphanage doors for about 6 months.
Yes, you read that right.
We had our last visit with Katya today.
We had a good time and talked everything through and we all agreed we were not the right family for her.
This was not as hard as we thought it would be because we trusted God and asked him to help us today.
We asked him to make it clear what we were to do.
We never had that ..this is my daughter moment with her...
She never had the.. This is my Mama and Papa moment with us..
She was being forced into saying yes.
I cried yesterday more so for her that I wanted to save her and know that she'd never have to endure any of the hardships she had before now that she'd be with us rather than tears of joy that she wanted to be with us.
We asked her if she was happy with her choice and our family and she said I don't know.
She just shrugged her shoulders everytime we'd ask are you sure you want to be with us?
We can't give you all the things they promised you that "Rich Americans" can do like your own room, a car when you are 16 and everything that you want.
We put family first and we sacrifice a lot of material things so that we can do more as a family.
We also had to talk with her about how she was not nice to Adrian.
We found out she was saying some pretty mean things to him yesterday.
We told her that is not acceptable in our family and that if you are a part of a family, you have to be kind to and get along with your siblings and not try to hurt them or tell them you are better than them in any way.
She was so releived when we told her, we won't be mad if you don't want to come home with us.
If that means you stay here and wait for another family that you will know when they walk in the room -
"That's my Mama and Papa!" That is what we want for you!
We don't want you to come with us and regret it or be sad because we aren't what you want.
We told her we thought it was best for her to stay and wait for the perfect family and we'd pray for her and share her info and picture with our friends and just maybe someone we know or someone they pass it on to might want to come and adopt her and be the perfect family for her!
She was THRILLED with that!
She was so happy and relieved and so were we that she was ok now.
We also explained to her that this is the way we found started the process with Adrian!
We saw his picture and then later when the Redman's came to adopt they posted his info and we saw his picture and knew, that is our son!
And here we are!
She said to make sure I show you her picture so here's some we took today.
We did paint the girls nails when we first got there before talking, here's a picture of her's and Lexi's fingernails..

 We had a mini photo shoot! LOL
There's the bunny ears again!
 This is Katya and Yana

Here she is with Bryan and Ayden 

And this my friends is my friend, beautiful Katya...
Please don't just pass this picture by...
Could she be yours?
Do you know someone that would be perfect for her?
Please pray for Katya and for her future family!

Now, of course, we were asking God over the last couple of days, what is going on?

Why would you send us to the SDA appointment just to have us be let down that we can't get Anastasia yet?
Why then would you have us get a referral for this little girl in the same orphanage?
Why would it not work out?
We got our answer today!

Remember this angel?
This is our daughter Anastasia!
We knew it from the second we laid eyes on her!
We saw her today!
She saw us and we saw her and it was dreamlike!
We saw her coming down the hallway as we were leaving and she now has short hair like Lexi and it was so neat to see her in person!
Bryan and I saw her coming down the hallway and looked at eachother and said, that's her!
She looked at us all and smiled and then locked eyes with me and my heart and hers connected right there!
Her face lit up! 
Her eyes were so big and her smile so wide!
She kept her eyes locked on mine and I on hers and we smiled and smiled as she walked almost sideways down the hall to maintain eye contact!
She went into an entry way on the right side of the hallway and immediately poked her head back out and smiled back at me again.
We locked eyes and hearts again as she walked back by us to another room on the left of the hallway.
We KNEW that was our daughter and it was like she KNEW we were her family!
I just wanted to swing her up into my arms and hug her so bad!!
Yes, we are doing this all over again and we can't wait!

We left the orphanage on cloud 9!
We headed to Adrian's orphanage and when we got there we were coming in the doors of the entry while he was headed thru them to go eat lunch.
He looked up saw us behind the other people and his face lit up, smile from ear to ear, eyes wide open and he said Drast voy chir! Drast voy chir!!
(a formal hello that they say here)
He was so excited!
We each burst thru the people between us to get hugs and say hello.
He leaned in to gave his daddy big hugs and told us, I have to go eat now!
Will you wait for me?
We told him of course! Go eat!
He darted off down the hall to eat and seconds later was back - he wanted to know where would we wait?
We said right here!
He leaned into me for a hug this time and off he went.

This is him with his groupa as they were headed to lunch.
Erik, this picture is for YOU!

We brought the nail polish over to this orphanage as we knew it was Saturday and we'd be with the majority of the kids today.
This is Valentina, the assistant director of the orphanage.
She gets so excited when we come in with the kids.
She came to give Lexi hugs and sister asked her if she could paint her nails.
She said oh yes you can!
So she did and then Ayden grabbed a bottle and helped!
It wasn't long before the crowds came around! 
 We set up shop right there in the entry way and had a great time pampering these girls!
They all loved the attention so much and we enjoyed painting all the nails!
We had pink and purple that changed colors and to top it off a clear coat with silver stars in it!

Check this out!!!!
Our boy did his first SILLY PICTURE!
See the tongue out??
He was like ehh Mama... look!
I cracked up and snapped the picture quick!

He had fun doing that and so he said eh eh?? and had his hands to his head like this...
 He is just perfect for our family!
It is great to see him come out of his shell more and more each day!
We did tell him that we were not adopting Katya today too and he was happy about that.
I told him that it doesn't change things with us that we are still adopting him NO MATTER WHAT!
He smiled big!
We reminded him of Anastasia and told him we saw her today and we will come back for her.
He was very happy about that too!
It's like he even knows, that's my sister!
I forgot to mention that when we saw her and we walked out of the orphanage, I asked the kids did they see her and Lexi said, that girl that walked by in the mermaid shirt? Yes I saw her and Austin said, that's our sister! I know it!
I told him yes, that was Anastasia!
He was like, I know, I knew it when I saw her that was my sister!
LOVE it!!

Adrian had gone out to the car with Daddy and Austin to get the bag with the coloring books in it and they got distracted...
 It was sunny out today and a beautiful day for a snowball fight!
They came in to get the rest of us and we all got bundled up to head out for some family fun!
Yana and I were chatting and taking longer than he'd like and he came back in and said,
"are you coming or what?"
So we hurried and went outside and the battle began!
The laughter and smiles were unending!
 I know this is blurry, it was caught on the run, but I like it!
So happy!
 There were parts where cars had driven that were like sheets of ice and the kids were running and then sliding on their shoes across the ice... well for the most part..
Some, well, most of them ended up like this at some point!

 Yep, that's Bryan!
I wish I would have caught that on video!
Adrian thought so too!

Here are some of the kids from the orphanage that came out to play with us.

 This is a cute little puppy that was also out playing in the snow..
 More kids playing on the playground.
 This was FUNNY too!
Oleg caught Yana by surprise!
 Then he decided to go for a ride himself..
Yana was trying to push him around
 Here's Adrian on his butt again! LOL
He spent a while there... ha ha ha
He'd run and try then fall and come to see the picture and then say one more try!
We had a great time out there today!
We had to leave shortly after this picture because our other kids had forgotten their gloves at our apartment and were so cold without their hats and gloves.
Their little faces and hands were so red and we didn't want anyone to get sick so we told him we would have to go but we'd be back tomorrow for sure with gloves and we can do it all over again!
He was devastated. 
I watched his heart break right there.
He went from all smiles to head down, chin to chest, eyes welling up with tears.
I grabbed him and held him close and he melted into my arms.
He stayed there in my embrace for several minutes.
We promised him we were coming back and we loved him and we can't wait to see him everyday.
Bryan told him to remember that it won't be long and we can be together forever!
He'll get to come home with us and never have to stay there alone again.
He was still so sad.
I kept telling him I love you, I love you, I love you!

I tried several times to lift his face to mine and he wouldn't budge so I bent over and stuck my head down below his and tugged at his zipper that was hiding his smile and said, I know there's a smile in there somewhere and sure enough, there it was!
I asked him if he'd walk me to the car and we locked arms and he led me to the car.
We got over to the car and he was back to smiling again and asked his Daddy for some gum :)
Daddy gave him a handful and told him, now don't eat it all at once!
Adrian laughed b/c that is what he tends to do!

We said our goodbyes and planned our visit for tomorrow then he said he had lost the present he asked us to get for his caregiver!
So off we all went searching for a pink bag in the snow.
He had checked his pocket and it wasn't there.
We searched and searched then, Oh, it is in my other pocket! LOL
So we said our see you laters again and he walked me back to the car arm in arm.
We rolled down the window and waved to him as he waved to us from the walkway.
That is what it is supposed to look like when it is the right child.
Joy when coming and sorrow when leaving.
We have the right boy and will soon have the right girl!
Thank you God for showing us time and time again how awesome you are and how your plans and ways are higher than ours.
Some thought we weren't following God's will and we were seeking our own wants/needs, but we were following God and he led us straight to our son and our daughter!

Today was one of the BEST DAYS EVER!

We also had to go grocery shopping tonight and this store was like our Walmart, but BIGGER!
 It was a madhouse in there!

This bunny was walking around and we finally caught up with it and he posed for a picture.
See that guy on the left... he was NOT happy I took a picture!  
He stuck his hand in front of the camera and yelled something in russian.
I dunno.. good I don't speak it and he figured that out and went on...
so here's our picture!
Notice it is a Duracell bunny, not the Energizer bunny...  

 We stopped on the way home to get some dinner so we wouldn't have to wait to unload and then cook as we hadn't eaten since breakfast.
We thought let's just run through a drive thru...
Only it is 15 min from the store we were at to the nearest McD's!
Oh well, we did it anyway.
Oh and it was cheaper here than back home!
We got 3 happy meals and 2 adult meals for $15 and some change!
It is so hard for me to listen to when they say a price of something b/c our dollar is worth 7.95 of theirs.
And so we divide whatever they tell us by 8 to figure out our costs.
This meal was like 123 of their money.
Can you imagine a $123 bill at McD's??
Here's the kids being silly with their boxes on their heads!

We had a great day and it was neat to see God's plan unfold.

I pray each of you will trust and follow God down whatever road he is asking you to take.
No matter what anyone else says or thinks.
and it will all work out!

hmmm just was titling this thing and put visit number 7.. perfect number and perfect results today!


  1. In a way it's sad and yet God has absolutely everything in control. She will get her forever family, the one God has picked for her. She will know and so will they. It's so exciting to see how your little man is bonding with you guys. I love it.

  2. She was so happy with the fact that we were not going to be mad at her for saying our family was not right for her. We understood and want what is best for her and for us. She was thrilled we were still loving her and praying for her and willing to help her find her forever family that is just perfect for her. we all left happy today.

  3. I am so happy to hear that you are going back for Anastasia! in the mean time i will pray for Katya. her family will come along and God's plan will unfold for her as well.

  4. Adrian looks happier and happier each picture I see.

  5. I am enjoying your story... My heart is happy for you! Can't wait to read more!!!