Friday, December 17, 2010

Visit #6 with Adrian and #1 with Katya December 17, 2010

Here is another long awaited post...
We met Katya today.
Katherine in english.
Here she is with Lexi and I shortly after we met.

Katya is very nervous and afraid to leave the orphanage for some reason.
We don't know all the details but she has turned away 2 previous families.
One was an older couple and the other they had translator problems so they never bonded.

We spent quite a while with her today trying to get to know her and play.
She didn't really want to play just yet.
She was so nervous.
We talked about favorite things and the only favorite she told us was that her favorite color was pink.
She said she likes basketball and cheerleading.
She likes little kids.
She wanted to know what we did for a living and was happy to hear I stay home and teach the kids.
That was about it.

As you may remember from my post about Adrian that they have to say "yes" or "no" to your family during the first meeting.
She was not prepared to do so.
I can only imagine though, we have not had any contact with her. 
She had no idea we were coming and here we are and everyone wants to know do you want this to be your family?

They talked with her for quite a while telling her what her options were and telling her how nice we were and what things she had to look forward to by being a part of our family and coming to America.

Her birth mother abandoned her and I think she really thinks she's coming back for her.
She has also been hosted a few times before and has become very attached to that family and calls them her brothers and sisters.
She did like us all but was just afraid to say yes.
After talking some more and getting to know eachother through some questions she went over to the inspector and whispered in her ear that she wanted us to be her family.

They asked her to tell us and she was so nervous and had a hard time saying it but when she did we jumped up and hugged her and the tears flowed.

We are all so happy but at the same time cautious because of her changing her mind before.
We have prayed for and are trusting God that HE will make whatever is supposed to happen happen and it will all be ok no matter what.

We were then able to get Adrian and have lunch together.
I don't think we ever get a picture without at least one silly face!

While we were first meeting eachother and taking pictures, she and I were putting bunny ears on Lexi and so here she was doing it again, I caught it just before it went up! lol
 The other side of the table.. handsome boys!
 She really liked Ayden!
They were tickling eachother and cracking everybody up!
 She too likes to take pictures~ LOTS!
Here's one of her shots!
 Here is our first picture as a family- note the bunny ears! LOL
Back to the orphanage for a bit and look at Adrian!!
 He finally makes a funny face!
He was cracking up about this but Katya was not happy he did that!

She told me she likes her hair being played with so before we left I braided her hair.
She loved it!

 I told her if she leaves it in overnight and takes it out tomorrow it might be a little bit curly and we got a BIG smile from that! :)

Here's the last picture before we left for the day.

They kept telling her it is good to be adopted!
And look at her...(me) you have her eyes!
And her nose!
And her smile!
She just smiled and smiled.
We'll see how it all works out!

We asked if she was still happy with her choice of "yes" after spending some time with us and she said she was.  She invited us to her program on Sunday that she is to sing and dance in.
Can't wait! That will be so neat!
Both the kids have programs b/c it is Saint Nicolaus day and a big holiday for the kids.
Basically a day that St Nicolaus brings them a gift if they've been good all year.
Much like our Santa Claus.

Excited to see what tomorrow brings!


  1. I absolutely LOVE reading your posts. I wait for them each day. We are covering you guys in prayer and we cannot wait to see you in person.

    Hugs and Love,

    The Andrews' clan

  2. She is so pretty. I too love reading your posts. I can't wait until you update each day.

  3. yay I love the family photo. I'm praying for Katya.