Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Visit #5 with Adrian and on the train to our SDA appt for Anastasia!! Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

Today's visit was a short one.
We were not really happy about that however we were happy about the reason why!

I am writing this as we sit on the train on our way back to the city where the SDA is.
(State Department of Adoptions)

We got to the orphanage this morning and no sooner had we got Adrian from class and in our room to play did we get the news that we got our appointment date!!


Answered prayer for sure!!

So, we were all very excited, jumping up and down, smiling, hugging and tearing up and Adrian is like, what is going on?
We told him that we were excited because we got the appointment for tomorrow to move forward with his new sister's adoption and he was happy too!
Big smiles!

We decided to play the Memory game.
While we were playing we talked about his name change and asked if he'd like us to call him Sergiy now and Adrian when we get home or Adrian now and he said Adrian now!
He really likes his new name!
We went back to playing and then came little brothers and sister that wanted to join in.
Then we realized through all the kids playing with it we have lost several cards so we were flipping them over to find what matches we had and he was done.
He'd rather color.

We were in a school room in another building today so we didn't have our coloring tools with us today.  He wanted to keep them with him and he leaves it all in a special box in the corner of the playroom.

So, we played cards!
Slapjack to be exact!
This was fun!

He is already a prankster and fits right in! LOL
I sat down and was showing him how to play it and he caught on pretty quickly.
His little brothers and sister wanted to play too so we let them join in.
Funny thing is that then I began to flintch everytime there was a face card and gave him the nod and smile to do so too and he did!
He kept doing it and the other kids would slap away and we'd crack up laughing!
Another joke between us!
I love it!

This fun time didn't last long at all and I was told we needed to leave so we could purchase our train tickets as they were selling out and it's not easy to get 5 together.
We had to be on this train tonight to make our appointment tomorrow..
So, we had to break the news that we'd only be able to stay for a little while.
He was heartbroken.
You could see his face go from all smiles to straight and somber.
His eyes welled up with tears and my heart broke!
I told him I'm so sorry, I wish we could stay longer but we have to go.
I made sure he understood we'd be back on Friday!

He immediately started packing up the playing cards and getting ready to go.
I told him, no, let's play one more time!
So we did and we enjoyed our time together even if it was only a few minutes today.
When we were done with the game he wanted to keep the cards so he could teach his friends how to play.
He's always thinking of others.
So sweet!
We are so blessed with him!

Yesterday he even asked us if we could bring cookies, candies and drinks for his classmates.
He wanted to have something to share with them from his parents / his new family.
He has become very fond of gum too!
(just like his Daddy)

We brought him a pack to share with his friends as he asked too and he went crazy with it!
He kept putting more and more in his mouth!
He looked like a chipmunk!
I was teasing him about how much he had in his mouth by blowing out my cheeks and he was rolling in laughter!
I told his Daddy to get the camera so we could have a picture of this!
Adrian told Ayden that he needed 2 more for the picture!

He shoved them in between giggles and tried to show the camera his gum but couldn't stop laughing!
He cracks me up!

We had to go then and it was so hard!
We had told him ahead of time on Monday that it would probably be this way for Wednesday and Thursday but that doesn't make it any easier on any of us.

He also asked to talk to his best friend Erik today so we'll hopefully be able to work that out on Friday.
I sure love this little guy!
We all do so much!

After we left the orphanage we headed to the train station to get our tickets and they were sold out of any compartments where we could all be together.
It would be one kid here with 3 other people then another there with 3 other and so on..

Here's some pics of the train station...

 This was the pretty ceiling.. .it was like ceramic flowers or something.
 And the amazingly large chandelier

So, we had to take a later train - 9:30pm and we had to get the "VIP" compartments.
I don't know what is so special about them but it works.
We have 2 of them, both have 2 beds in each so Ayden and I are sharing a bed and everyone else has their own.
It is 11:35pm here and we just got them all laid down and quiet... they're in the zone! LOL

Here are the pics from the station as we were waiting on the train....
Lexi and Adyen playing hopscotch..
 Lexi and her buddy Oleg :)
 Here's me and Yana our translator.. and of course the photo jacker.. Austin!

This little guy was right next to us in the train station..
They are all over the place here..

Herrrrrrrrre's the train!!!!

Here's the inside..
It is very small - nothing like the omniplex example! LOL

They were so excited!

I also got another picture of a picture of Anastasia!
She looks even more like Lexi and ME here!!!
Love it!

God is so good!

He knew all along we'd be here now for them!

He CHOSE us for THEM!

HE brought us from the West and our children from the East!
Remember that scripture I told you about a while back??

Please continue to share our story with others too!
Maybe, just maybe you can help save a life of another child with no hope!


  1. Awe he sounds so sweet and caring. Can't wait to hear more about your daughter. Question...do you get to bring them home this visit or do you have to come home and then go back again?

  2. He is!! We can't wait to meet her too! Yes, we bring them both home together in a few weeks. Should be middle of January. :) :) :) Can't wait!!!

  3. I bet Ayden's favorite part is the train rides. =] We