Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Visit # 4 with ADRIAN! Annnnnnnd we found out who our Daughter is!! Monday December 13, 2010

Wooooo Hoooooooooooooo!!!!

I am so excited!!

We had a wonderful day today!

I was so excited about today that I could not sleep much last night!
I was up till 2 am then I finally went to sleep!
We saw a picture of Anastasia.
She is absolutely beautiful!
She looks like a Horner that's for sure!
She is 9 years old.
She has an older sister that is like 25 or so but from a different father.
Her mother passed away and she has been in the orphanage sicne she was 4 years old.

We petitioned for a second SDA appointment the other day and now are waiting for an appointment.
Please PRAY that they will get everything done for us to be able to get our appointment Wednesday (in two days) so we can meet her and begin the bonding process and paperwork of course!
Otherwise it could be a week and a half before we meet her!
The kids are all excited!

Here she is!!!

Lexi and Oleg built a snowman!
Here is their snowman they built!

Cute huh?

We have shown the kids the picture and told them this is their new sister and they were thrilled!  They said it looks like Lexi and Gracie!
Gracie is our neice!

We are so excited to finally have a face to put with our dreams and soon a person to put with the face.

Today we had to do lots of stops for paperwork for Adrian and Anastasia.
One of the stops took about 20 min or so and we decided to go with Oleg through the market.
Adrian had asked us for a particular comic coloring book and we had not been able to find it anywhere, but we found it here.
This market was like a swap meet or flea market as we call them back home.

Most of the kids that are out are tugged around on these little sleds! So cute!

We finally got to the orphanage and saw our boy.
He had asked for a cell phone yesterday when I asked him if he wanted us to bring anything special for our next visit.
I thought he meant a real one and had to tell him no, but he just wanted a toy one!
Here he is with his Daddy giving him the phone.
It is a blackberry so it looks just like ours! 
They had so much fun playing like they were talking on the phone.

We had been told that we needed to know his name that we wanted on his new birth certificate as well as all the court docs and passport during this visit!

I thought - wow really?
4 visits and he has to decide TODAY if he wants a new name??
So, nervously, we asked.
And before I could even get the whole sentence out he was saying yes, he wants a new name!
I told him we had a name picked out for him and he was all smiles.
We told him it was Adrian Allen Horner.
He loved it!
He said it and smiled and nodded and smiled some more!
He liked it!

We went off to color and behind us this was happening...
Here is a picture of Ayden and our friend and driver Oleg.
Adrian thought this was hilarious!
He will probably hate me for this later but it was so funny and cute that I have to share...
He saw him and he laughed so hard he blew snot out of his nose and he couldn't stop laughing for a while!
He just wiped and wiped and went on laughing.
Love when he gets so happy and excited!

Most of these kids have never seen or experienced anything like this.

Here we are doing his favorite thing.. Coloring!
He said he had a favorite cartoon that he wanted a coloring book of and we had not been able to find it until we went to the market and we found 3 for less than a buck so we got them.
He was excited and gave me one to color with him.
We have an ongoing joke about him stealing my paper b/c we were sharing a book before and he would pull it over to his side to color and his arm would be on my page so I'd say HEYYYYYYY~ you took my page! He would crack up and move it back.
So this time I said are you going to steal my page again?
He said, no, you brought 3 so I'll let you have your own! lol

After we colored a while he asked if he could take a picture on the camera...
74 pictures later... LOL
Here's a few for you :)
He was laughing SO HARD at this one!
His silly brother!
This is the wallpaper in the playroom..
He then went around every inch of the room and took a picture!

And his silly sister!
Silly pic of my big boys!
He took a picture of me and his brothers too - Ayden wouldn't look at it
Silly Daddy!
Look at those guns!
You got your tickets?
He decided to take a picture of himself like we did together before and he thought it was so funny when he saw that it was just his eyes and nose!
Silly pic of Momma!
Oh and glamour shot of sister!
Notice the winking!

Here he is with Oleg, our driver.
He wanted a pic of his coloring set.
Then we opened it and took more, light on, light off, with Austin holding it without LOL
We had a great time at the orphanage today.
He had never taken a picture before is what they told us so he was enthralled!
We had so much fun looking at all the pictures when we got home.

Oh and we brought some of the South to the East...
Homemade Noodles and Chicken, Mashed Taters and sweet peas!
They love it!

Here's my first plate!
The red is a flower on the plate! LOL

Mashed taters then noodles on top then peas with salt and pepper and chicken on the side!


  1. I'm so excited for you that you finally met your daughter. What a little sweetheart. It looks like the bonding process for your son is going well. Great to see the pics.

  2. We haven't met her yet - will on Friday is the plan! :) We are having a great time with Adrian! :)

  3. OMG he just wanted a toy cell phone, girl that tells me something about our spoiled american kids! that is so sweet and humbling! keep the updates coming i've been showing the pics to my girls and we are enjoying your journey as well!