Sunday, December 12, 2010

Visit #3 with Sergiy Sunday December 12, 2010

Well, I am finally caught up with blog posts!
I figured out what to do about the pictures...
I really wanted to be able to post them but it was taking so long!
I am not the most patient of people.. go figure I end up on this journey of
Anyway, I decided to start the upload and leave it going while Bryan and I made some homemade noodles for our dinner tomorrow! 
That's right!  Bringing some South to the East baby!
I'll post pics of that tomorrow! :)
Make you jealous!

I am easily amused so I'm hoping you'll enjoy this first pic as well..

 Only, it doesn't taste the same.
It is more sour than ours and not as orange.
I'm sure that is healthier but I love me some orange pop!

This afternoon's was one of the best starts to our visit I can imagine!
We had an odd night of sleep and some crankiness on the way so I was worried how our visit would go.
We were all up and wide awake during the middle of the night .. so much so I cooked a full on meal at 1am.
Then we watched most of a movie and finally went to sleep about 3am.
We got up and ate about noon and headed off to the orphanage about 1:30pm.
It had snowed quite a bit over night and so we had to go earlier than planned to ensure we had plenty of time to get there safely.

Anyway, we got there and waited and waited for him and then there he was!!!
He walked ever so briskly with a huge smile on his face to get to us.
Bryan met him at the end of the hallway and he walked leaning into Bryan.
He wanted a hug!!!
He still didn't hug back but he leaned in!!
He then came right to me and leaned in for a hug from me and squeezed me with his torso and head laid on me!  I loved it!!!
The kids all said hi too and then we asked the caretaker if it was possible if we could have a little bit of alone time with him today to be able to work on his English workbooks and just spend time with our family.
She was not very keen on that idea.
She said it was not possible. 
Maybe tomorrow while the younger kids are napping during school time.
I was disappointed because I had felt so bad for him that he had to share his new things and us with everyone all the time.
Now, don't get me wrong.. I love being around all the other kids and getting to know them but, we just met our son 2 days ago! 
We want to spend time with him too!
Even just a little alone time then go to the group.
Anyway, they said no and looked at us like we were crazy for even asking.
So, off we went to the play room.
This was a great thing too...
Lexi grabbed his hand and he held on and led us all up the stairs.
I tried to capture it in pictures but Austin ran up behind them right as I snapped it.
But you can see he is right there and she has her arm out.
There they go.. hand in hand!

As soon as we get to the playroom everyday there is this sweet girl named Carolina.

 She wants a family so bad! 
She actually asked us to adopt her on the very first visit!
I told her we'd pray for a family for her and she then came back up yesterday and asked that if we can't adopt her to please find her a family!
She said she is 14 and she is adoptable.
I don't know if this is the case or not but if you or someone you know wants to give her a home or wants more info to see if you can - let me know and we'll find out!
She is precious! 
I get hugs everyday and she is so helpful!

Here are some of the other kids in the groups that are in there while we are playing.
I just love this little girl in the blue!
Her name is Jane.
She is 7.
I don't know if she is adoptable .. we are asking tomorrow when the orphanage director is in.
She and Lexi get along and play so well together!
It's like they are long lost friends!
 Isn't she beautiful!!

This is Vanya - like John in English.
He is so sweet and loves to play with us.
He has some sort of foot problem where his feet are backwards but you can't tell by the way he runs about!
He smiles all the time but not when you take his picture!
 This little guy is also named Vanya - John.
He is 14 and is new to the orphanage.
He has been here 3 weeks.
He is such a smart boy and just longs for attention.
He has learned some English since being here and he was asking Yana to help him with some more english words so he could talk to me more.
I told him that the hand signal he was doing meant "I love you" in sign language and he responded,
 I love you too! 
 He really liked Ayden too.
We were all playing a game while Sergiy and Bryan were hanging out coloring.

These kids are so fascinated with the camera that they can take a picture and then see it immediately!
He wanted to take a picture of Ayden and I - goofball has decided it's funny to close his eyes in pictures now.

 Everyone wants you to take their picture!
Silly boy!

This little guy is so cute!
He has been at Bryan's side as much as possible!
He loves to color and will keep asking Bryan if he likes it by doing thumbs up.
Bryan said he even calls him Papa.
These kids all need a family!

I was having some one on one time with Sergiy coloring and talking about all sorts of things like what his favorite color is, favorite food.  He was asking me things like where do we live?  What state, what city? Do we have hydro parks?  When do we get to go home? 
I'm sure you want to know some of those answers so here you go..
His favorite color is red.
He can say RED in English! He said that on day one with us!
His favorite food is Macaroni!
He loves dumplings and wants to know if I will make  him some when we get home.
He is very excited to come home!
We still had to tell him we don't know the date yet but in January we will go home.
Yana told him after the new year you will go home.
He said that is February!
I had to reassure him we will be HOME by February!
Can't wait till we know that date and can make a countdown calendar with him.
Oh and I was telling him that my shirt was an OU shirt, that OU is known for football.
His face was so sad and he asked, what about if you don't like to play football?
He thought I played football!
I said no way! 
We watch it and I like to cook and eat for the games!
Boy was he relieved!
I would be too!

Later we were going over his English books he asked for and these boys came up to Yana to ask her to ask us where the games were that we promised we'd bring back today?
We were just about to leave but how can you break these kids' hearts anymore?
So, we stayed a little longer and Bryan played Memory with some of the kids.

Lexi was off watching cartoons with her friends :)

Sergiy and I were finishing up our lesson and I decided now was the time to give him one of the letters from his best friend Erik.
Erik was adopted by some of our friends a few months ago.
They were here to get him 6 months ago and we were just starting the process!
His eyes just lit up when I showed it to him and told him it was from Erik for him!

He opened his letter and read it, smiling the whole time!

 The letter was telling him that Erik really liked his new family and us and that Sergiy had to come to Oklahoma so they could go fishing and spend time together.

After he read it he was studying the envelope and noticed it had a 1 circled on the front bottom of the letter and asked, what is that stick for?
I told him that means that it is letter number one...
there is another one for him on a later date so he has something to look forward to.
He was so happy!

As we were packing up to leave, I asked if he'd like to take a picture with me and he said yes!
Here we are!
He thought it was so funny that the girl was in the background!

Lexi wanted a picture too so we did that too.
The room is not lit much so the flash is super bright!
He was squinting in this one but still precious~ 

 Again, now with Daddy, it's so bright! LOL
 As we left again today he leaned in for hugs and I told him again today, I love you as I do everyday.
One day closer to hearing it back!

As we got outside there was this puppy that we had to stop and see.
That's all for tonight.
I can't wait for tomorrow!

Please be in prayer as we should find out more about a daughter tomorrow.
Pray for favor, God's will and a smooth road!

Will update as soon as I can with more info!

Also, if you would like to help bring Sergiy and our new daughter home, we still need your help!
We have several funds you can donate to on the right side of the blog,
You can also make a tax deductable donation on the Left side of the blog by clicking Sergiy's picture.

What better gift can you give this Christmas season than the gift of a family?


  1. He looks so happy. It's so good to hear how things are going. Can't wait to hear about your daughter.

  2. Alecia,
    Thank you so much for the picture of our Sergey! Receiving it meant more to us than words can express. Thank you for your prayers throughout our adoption process and know that we are praying for you as well. It's been fun reading your blog updates. Keep up the good work and know that we can hardly wait until you all return home in January! If you desire, you can send us a note at
    God Bless,
    Lisa Peepers

  3. LOVE reading your updates! I cannot wait to see you guys again and all together. Cannot wait to see what God does while you are all there. Hugs and Love,