Sunday, December 12, 2010

Visit # 2 Saturday December 11, 2010

After our first visit to the orphanage to see Sergiy we came home and crashed!
We slept good!
I thought we were going to be back on track with our days and nights!
You know that is wrong right?
We decided after our first visit that we needed to pick up some sort of games to take with us.
We went to a toy store to find some.
This was the smallest toy store I've ever seen!
The isles were very cramped and of course as we talked everyone looked at us crazy to see who was talking so funny!
We looked for games we recognized like Sorry but they didn't have it. They did have Monopoly but it was outrageously expensive like $50!
So, we decided we should try to find a game that we could play that didn't require much instruction so we could just enjoy playing together without worries of translating and explaining lots.

We got two little games that worked out great!
We got a memory game with all kinds of cars, trucks, boats etc. and a travel Connect 4.

We showed him the games and he was so eager to play them.
He wanted to play Memory first.
He had  never seen this game!
Bryan was explaining to him to pop them out first so we can line them up to play..

Here he is smiling - he's so handsome!

The first day we were able to play in the room with just him for our entire visit (kid wise).
This time we had one groupa as they call them here (group) that was in the play room already when we got there and then shortly after that his groupa came in and between the two the room was full!

We sat down and played one round of Memory and he was really good at it!
Austin beat us all though!
(That's Yana in the picture - our translator)

We tried to play another round but all the other kids had come in and were reaching in and turning over pieces to try to play.  They just wanted attention but it was so sad that they basically let him play one time with his new game and then it was fair game.. they took over!
I tried to tell the kids to wait just a minute let us finish this round and then we'd all play together but they just kept messing with it and then decided, we'll finish it for you by shuffiling the pieces around.
This made me so sad.
I asked Sergiy if he wanted to continue to play with us, let them join in now or did he just want to go play another game and leave this one for them?
He said he was done.

So, we went on to play Connect 4 on the other side of the room.
No sooner that we got there and started setting it up we were surrounded!
I loved having the other kids there and interacting but I just longed for our family to have time together.
Just us.. just for a little bit.
Again, they let us play one round after my repeatedly asking please let us play one time and then they took over.  We were eventually squished behind the bench with people all over us!
Again, he was done.
This picture is as we just set it up before the crowds...

He still likes coloring the best!

Here's a pic of him coloring with his Papa!

I have several more pictures from this visit but it is taking FOREVER to upload them to the blog!
I have worked on this post for almost 2 hours, I think.

We colored for a bit and then had to break the news that we were having to leave again.
Can't wait for the day we can go get him and never ever have to leave him there again!!!!

Oh and on our first visit Lexi had a pretty rock she had found that she gave to him..
About 1/2 way through our visit he pulled it out of his mouth and was like uhhh is this not candy?
I had to tell him, no, it's not gum but I'll bring you some tomorrow!
So, we brought gum for him and he was thrilled.
We had to tell Yana about the rock to explain to her my comment of tell him it's not a rock today, at which point he dug into his shirt pocket and pulled it out!
He kept it!!
It was special to him!
Heart melting again...
Love him SOOOOO Much!!!

He asked today when we get to go home.
I told him in January and he asked what date??
I had to tell him we don't know yet but we want him home as bad as he wants to go home!
Just a few more weeks....


  1. Awe he is so sweet. I can see why you'd love this little man.

  2. He is so adorable and patient. It shows great restraint on his part to allow the other kids to jump in. Of course, he has never known anything else. Will you guys get a chance to take him on an outing away from the orphanage before he leaves there for good? Just curious. Thanks so much for the updates. You have been in my prayers daily.

  3. He is so precious! We are very fortunate! God has blessed us immensely!!

    We hope to be able to take him for a day visit but it is not likely.. however we will have him a few days before we leave, mostly traveling back across the country to the airport but we will make the best of it and try to spend as much time on the town as possible to let him see what all he's missed of his home country before we leave. :)

    Thank you for the comments and the prayers!

    Much appreciated!