Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Visit #10 with Adrian - Rollercoaster day December 21, 2010

Our post today will start out with a story from last night...
Conventional Refridgerator..
Not working..

Back up refridgerator..
Works great!
Balcony of our Apartment in below freezing weather!

ha ha!  Good thing it's not summer here!

Today was a big day at the orphanage.
It was a Christmas concert day.
Adrian was not in the concert for some reason but he did want us to come and watch it with him.
Only thing is, we never found out from anyone what time it was!
We thankfully arrived before it was over and were able to enjoy a bit of it with him.
His eyes just lit up and he went from slouching to straight up all smiles when he saw we were finally there.

Enjoy some of the pics from today.. 
Christmas tree that the kids were singing and dancing around.

This is a group of the kids that were performing today.
The play part was done when we got there but lots of dancing going on! 

We found him!!
Isn't he handsome!?!
They apparently cut a bunch of the boy's hair last night or this morning.
It'll be great when we can give him an actual hair cut.
They didn't do too bad but it isn't a professional cut for sure.

One of the kids'that was dressed up and performing. 

Another little girl.
She was so pretty!
I think she is one of the "social orphans" that are in the orphanage.
From my understanding, this means the children still have family members, most of the time parents, that are still involved or CAN be involved in their lives. 
They simply can't afford to or choose not to take care of these kids.
This little girl had a lady that I believe to be her Mama that was there watching her and asked me to take her picture.

This sweet girl is so pretty!
She has her head shaved for some reason.. we don't know.
I know she felt and looked beautiful all dressed up today! 

Another sweet girl that wanted her picture taken :) 

This is Jane! 

I can't remember her name right now but she is so funny!
She has figured out we like silly pictures so she bugged her eyes out at me! LOL 

After a while of dancing around and having fun, they gave out presents to the kids that were in the program.
They then called up the other kids that were not in the program to give them some..
only they didn't have anymore!
Thankfully, they  had more in another area and sent someone to get them.
They had these kids come on stage for a few minutes to wait and played some music and had a few other kids come up and dance with them.
I did get some videos today but it seriously takes an hour or so to get one short one uploaded!
Maybe I'll come back in and add them later.

Look at the group of boys in the center..
Adrian and several other boys all had new shirts on today..
I'm guessing there was a gift of a pack of blue and grey turtle necks.
They all matched!
Stilll pants that are way too short for him.
I guess they figure if the boots meet where the pants end it is ok.

I can't wait for him to have his own clothes.
Ones that are only his!
All these kids share a community closet.
They don't have a single item that belongs to them.
It's whatever fits or as close to fits and that's what you wear.. for days on end.
Don't believe me..
go back and look at the pictures..
So sad!

 Some of the girls that were in the concert today.

This is our Adrian and the Peeper's Sergey.
We used to call them Sergiy #1 and Sergey #2 or
The Horner's Sergiy and the Peeper's Sergey!
Adrian was a goof and wouldn't look at the camera! 

Girls that were all dressed up in the Concert

Carolina SMILING! 

What an angel! 

Oh we had tickle time again today!
Adrian LOVES to be tickled.
Here's me and sister getting him! 

Oh and did I mention our kid LOVES candy!?!
And that the presents they gave the kids were HUGE bags FULL of CANDY!?! 
He even missed his lunch today and that made me so sad.
No one even cared that he didn't come to eat.
No second chances, you miss you don't eat.
He was eating all that candy anyway but this Mama wanted food in that belly!

Here's Lexi with two of her friends..
Both of these girls need a home!
Carolina and Alyona
Both girls are 14 and some of THE SWEETEST and most LOVING girls I've ever met!
Please pray for them and ask God to answer their only wish...
The one they ask for everyday..

Here's where I have to be a mad Mama for a minute.
I know my posts are jumping all around but this picture was taken just before we left and it was taken while I was trying to calm my boy down.
I don't know if you can see it but he was FURIOUS in this picture.
Kids in orphanages have to learn how to defend themselves...
more so than any other child I would think.
They are picked on, teased, bullied and more by anyone that wants to do so and there is no one to defend them or save them.

I had to break up a fight between Adrian and another boy today.
Adrian and I had been playing on the floor tickling and we had told him it was time for us to go.
Bryan and the other kids were up gathering things and getting ready to go.
I had finished tickling him and said, let's get up time to go.
I turned around and looked back at him to see a boy that had been vying for attention all day grabbing his feet and holding them up in the air so he could not get up.
This of course made him angry and he felt like he was being held back from his family.
He kept telling the boy to let go of him and trying to get loose..
I came over and told the boy to stop and Adrian got up and the boy and him were throwing fists as quick as they were on their feet!

I yelled NIT!  NO! STOP! and grabbed the boy's arms and seperated them.
Bryan came and got the other boy and told him to leave the room and I tried to calm Adrian down.
I can only imagine what was going through his mind.
This boy had been onery all day.
He kept coming over while I was painting nails with the girls and taking the polish,
picking on the girls, interrupting conversations, then he decided to keep taking my hat off.
I was frustrated with him but trying to ignore it thinking he just wants attention, but man oh man, he laid a hand on my boy and I was not happy!

The boy came back in the room and Bryan told Yana to tell him in Russian to leave!
He finally left the room for good and I  held Adrian to try to calm him down.
I hugged him and told him, it's ok!
We are here and it is not worth it to fight him.
It's over, forget it!
He was so upset.
He didn't want to look at anyone, he wanted to go and get that boy!
Please pray for all of these kids..they have it rough here.. rougher than we can ever imagine.
No one would have stopped that fight had we not been there.
No one was there to do so.
I pray that he was able to calm down and not get in a fight after we left but he just wanted to see us off and go back to get that boy back for all he had done.

 I was able to get him to lay into me and calm a bit.
I tried to just smile and assure him, it will be ok.
When we got out to the car, he was still very upset and just looking all around as if he expected this boy to come up at any moment to attack from behind.
We kept trying to tell him, just let it go and it will be ok.
We reminded him that in a few weeks he'll be gone from here and never have to come back again.
That helped him a bit.
We pulled out our calendar to mark off a day and whew.. you could tell by the X that he marked on that paper, he was ready to be gone!

Please pray for these kids who are here with out any real direction, no love, no encouragement, no defender.
They learn to do whatever it takes to protect yourself and show you are not afraid and will stand up for yourself.  This is the second fight we have seen - both taking place right next to us this week.

My heart breaks for these kids.
They don't know how to get along.
They don't know how to process their feelings and thoughts rationally.

Please pray for the orphans of this world!


  1. Awe my heart breaks for him and for the orphans in the world. This post just about did me in. Hugs

  2. I am glad you were there... Love Hugs and Prayers for you and your Family!!!