Friday, December 17, 2010

Train rides, tooth fairy and more..

I did not have much access to the internet yesterday so here is the update for yesterday.
This picture is of Austin and I on the first train on our way to our SDA appointment
We went back and got the official referral for Katya (Katherine)
I know I keep changing the spelling because I wasn't sure until today it is spelled with a K.
We got our papers and went home to grab our luggage and pop out a loose tooth! LOL

Then we were off to eat and wait for the train.
We had some really good pizza that was also very inexpensive - great combo!
We were able to visit with another American family that was there adopting and also getting their referral for a second child. 
It was great to hear another person speaking our language and with a southern accent at that!
LOL They were from Alabama!
We wished them well and we headed to our train.
This time around we were able to get 2nd class tickets which are MUCH cheaper and better suited for our family.  We had 4 beds in one compartment and so Ayden and I shared and then Lexi and Austin were up top and Bryan on the other bottom bunk.

The kids went almost straight to sleep while Bryan and I watched a movie. 

Look at my boys being sweet... 

Here's our "Chi" (Hot tea) we got in 2nd class..
never even offered in the "VIP"

And yes, the tooth fairy visits even on a train across the world!
She got hryvna - sp?
She was still a bit of a zombie here!
She thought it was so cool that the tooth fairy still came even on the train!


  1. YAY Lexi!!!!! How much money does the tooth fairy give over there?

  2. Woohoo, look at that sweet Katya. In our small town, there is a young lady with the same name and from the Ukraine has well. Her and her delightful hubby just had their first baby. They are such a precious couple. I'm glad the tooth fairy comes there too.

  3. That's Lexi :)
    It is like $1.25 USD