Wednesday, December 8, 2010

SDA Appt for Sergiy today!!

Look at my sweet babies asleep.. well we tried to get Lexi to pretend but she wouldn't.

This was this aftn after our SDA appointment.  (state department of adoptions)

I'll tell you more about that in a minute.

We are having a very hard time adjusting to the time difference.

We are 8 hours ahead of Oklahoma time.

We decided to go to bed about 8pm last night. 

Everyone fell asleep for a few hours but were all wide awake at 2am.

 So, we decided to get up and have dinner.  Ha
Spagetti at 2 am and movies!  We cuddled up on the bed in the living room and popped in a couple of movies.  We finally decided to head back to bed to get a bit of sleep before our SDA appt at 11am.  We went to bed about 7am or so and had to get everyone up at 9 am to be ready to leave with Sasha to get to the SDA appt on time.

We've been drinking a lot of hot tea.
Bryan especially!
They don't have ice here.
I just had to take a picture of this..
One lump or two?
 How cool is that right??

Ha ha, I'm easily amused!

So, Sasha got here about 10:15am and we headed out.

Here is a picture of him and Lexi on the way to the car.

They are buds!

Oh and yes, he's on the phone A LOT!  Helping lots of families save these kiddos!

We love Sasha!!
 Ok, so now is where I have to appologize, it was cold, we were all bundled up and dressed up and on our way and I passed off the camera to be stowed in our backpack to get to the appt.

What I didn't know is that we wouldn't be able to get it out in time to take any pictures.

So, sorry, you just get my story. :)

So, it was super cold but someone very nice had donated a wonderful full length coat for me to use and everyone else had theirs.  It wasn't cold at all with all those layers on!

Bryan and I dressed up for this appointment. 
I wish I had taken a picture but it's probably the same thing we'll wear for court and we'll have pics for sure then!!

Anyway, I had my high heel boots on and umm let me tell you the roads are not like our roads. 


Cold wet cobblestone and high heel boots with 3 kids vying for my attention and assistance made for a difficult venture to say the least! 

I had my eyes on the ground watching my every step! 

Bryan and Austin came to my aide by helping hold my hand and help me across.

The SDA office is nothing elaborate.
I don't even remember a sign..of course, I was focused on the next step.
(ironic don't you think for this process..just focus on that next step) hmmm

We go into the building and there is a small entry way with a sectional couch. 
There was a couple that made room for us to sit.  So kind!
Everyone was in awe of the kids!
We were told later that they were all asking where did you get the kids??
Ha they didn't realize they were ours and they came with us!

It was super hot in there too!
We waited about 20 min or so and Sasha waved us upstairs.
We followed him quickly to the offices upstairs through one office into another and to our seats.

We had a very young lady that reviewed our case.
We had to show passports for everyone first and then were asked to tell about our family.
Who we were, why we wanted to adopt, how old were our kids, what do we know about Sergiy.
Bryan did most of the talking and Sasha was translating back and forth.

The lady really was fond of our kids and our family in general.
She thanked us for caring for Sergiy and said that it is nice to see a family that will come and get an older child.. especially one older than their own children.
She said it is not the norm for adoptions.
She said we are really serving his needs and she appreciated us caring for him and wanting him to be in our family.
She showed us a couple of pictures and gave us the info she had on him.
The first picture she showed us was of him in some sort of uniform with long blonde/brown hair.
The second brought tears to my eyes and made me just want to scoop  him up right there!
It was a sad little picture of a scared little boy just looking into the camera, wondering what was next for him.

We are coming for you bubba! 
Very soon!

She continued on telling us that he was very kind, quiet and obedient to his caregivers.
He loves to help and he is very caring and helpful with the younger children.
This made my heart leap with joy b/c I wondered what he thought about having younger siblings.
She asked if our kids were excited and of course they were and they said yes and when we gonna get sissy?

Sasha asked her if they would go ahead with the referral for our sister and they said that we'd have to set another appointment since they are not blood related. 
So, we'll do that.

I'll be posting more info on her as soon as we have it.
Be praying.
God is at work!
I can't wait to share all the news with you all but for now... pray for favor.

The appointment went great and we left on cloud nine.
We went out to eat with Sasha for lunch after making copies of Sergiy's file and returning it to the worker.

We ate at Friday's.  It was pretty good.
Funny thing is... Chocolate milk..not the same here.. or in Germany! lol
We have been given hot chocolate and then today something like warm nesquik.
Ayden has not been to happy with that. LOL
Oh and they don't have Dr. Pepper here.
I'm having to deal with Coke.
I will want a DP the second I get home!
Note to those of you coming to the airport..
All the Horner's would LOVE a Dr. Pepper! :)

Oh and I wanted to show you more of our apartment and the way we are living here.
We REALLY take things for granted back home.

Just this last week I was baking and cooking and thought, man, I need some more pots and pans.
Do you all remember a few weeks ago when my stove broke?
I had no idea what to do!?

Well, this is what I have to cook on here..
This is my one pot...
and my one pan...
and the above pic shows what I cook on... two burners.
No stove.
This is our quaint little kitchen.
I actually love the design.
It is very small, but has everything you NEED to feed your family.
Oh and I had to show you the washer... I know I took a side shot of the washer but did you really see how small it is?? Look at this!!
WOW!!  I am so thankful for my washer and dryer back home!
I do love the architecture here!
Mary Malone was at our house the other day and told us our furniture was very Ukrainian.
I can totally see that now after being here!
These are little nooks in the wall with floral arrangements.

This is right as you come in the apartment in the wall of the hallway.
This is a cute little one in our room by the bed.
Oh and check this out!!!
This is our Dryer!
And if you know me well or even if you don't picture me walking into our bedroom and these pants are like this on the heater.. looking like someone is sitting there...
in the window... behind.. my.. bed.
HA HA HA I had to share this with you.
I jumped and about came unglued!
And, the best part is, those are my jeans and I put them there!!

So, there's our adventures for the day.

We'll be doing a bit of sight seeing tomorrow and going back to the SDA to get our official referral for Sergiy.  From there we'll come home and pack up to head out early Friday morning to go to the orphanage!
Can't wait!!!


  1. Things are moving along right in God's perfect timing. That kitchen is so cute. The that is REALLY small. Can't wait for the next update.

  2. Thank you for your comments!! I love hearing that people are reading and enjoying following our adventure!