Thursday, December 30, 2010

A sad return to the orphanage and reading lesson #1 :)

Today took a very unexpected turn!
We were eating breakfast in our jammies after playing cards and the phone rang.
It was Yana telling us we had 20 minutes to get ready to leave to return Adrian to the orphange!
I was so confused and heartbroken and wondering what on earth was going on.
We hurried about and got everyone dressed and she explained to Adrian that he had to go back to the orphanage today and spend the night and we could come back and get him tomorrow.
He was dressed in his clothes in 10 seconds flat and ready to go.
I talked to Yana and told her to please make sure he is ok and understands we don't want this and we are coming back for him we are not leaving him!
She talked with him and I could hear him asking questions and then he brought me the phone again.
I was promised he was ok and he understood. 
He was asking when we get to go home to America?
How many days?
She told him to the best of her knowledge and assured him we are still going home to America!
A few minutes later he came back into our room and was in his orphanage clothes.
I lost it!
He was handing us his clothes we had bought him, brought us his pants, shirt and hat and was telling us to keep it.  We were telling him no, it's yours!  You're coming back! Put them on your shelf.
These clothes are YOUR clothes!
Adrian's clothes!
You ARE coming back home!

Bryan folded them up and put them away as I tried to gather myself.
I was doing my best to calm down and keep it together and was not doing well at all.
Here is my baby that we've finally got and they are telling us to bring him back and he is changing back into those too small pants, those huge boots and those wholey tiny underwear.
What is happening!?!
The phone rang again and it was Yana telling us our ride was downstairs and the quicker we get down there the better, he is waiting.

We had to hurry and get down there so I got dressed as quickly as possible, no make up, threw on my shoes and hustled to get my coat on and get out the door.
Bryan mentioned that maybe this was God's plan to help us spend more time with the kids at the orphanage and love on them some more.
I hoped so.

I need to fill you in a bit on some information I've found out since being here.
The orphanage that Adrian was in is not just an orphanage.
It is an "internat".
From my understanding and the little bit of research I've done, that is what they call mental institutions here.
I was devestated.
I began to recall several comments that had been made about kids being "transferred" to this orphanage and about it being the orphanage where "sick or mentally retarded" children go.
I brushed it off b/c I didn't see any sick or mentally retarded kids.
Then I remembered court.
The judge asking - you do know he is sick right?
You know he is mentally retarded right?

He is NOT mentally retarded!
NONE of the kids we met were mentally retarded!
I am really glad I didn't know this before as I am a worry wart and it would have driven me nuts.
I am also happy to know now that Anastasia is in the "best" orphanage (if you can even consider one orphange a better place than another) that there is in this region.

I have known this for a few days and it has just been such a shock to me and hard for me to comprehend that I haven't said anything on here about it.
These kids are delayed educationally and emotionally.. but I can tell you why!!
They have NO ONE to love them!
NO ONE to care for them the way they need that they would get in a FAMILY!
They are NOT mentally retarded!
If your child is behind in reading or math... are they mentally retarded?
They are also delayed physically.
What else do you expect without proper nutrition?
These orphanages do what they can with what they have but it is not ideal.

My heart is broken over this injustice.

When we went back to the orphanage they had these Beautiful and amazing pictures that the kids in this "internat" have done.
Hmmmm doesn't look like the work of a "mental retard" to me!

Ok there is my rant for now.

We went in and were directed to the assistant director's office.
We were greeted so nicely and she loved on all the kids.
They had presents for our kids - little paper backpacks that were full of candy that I'm sure were donated to the orphanage and they had a few extra.
The kids loved it.

Notice that those are the only pictures I have from the orphanage today...
Just after taking the above pictures, I was handed the phone and we were told we needed to leave immediately.
No explaination given at that time, just we need to leave him here and go.
No staying to visit.
I bawled again!
You are making me leave him here and not even get to spend any time here today?
What is going on???
They were all so bothered by my crying that they asked why is she crying?
Oleg told them b/c she is Mama!
That is her son!
She doesn't want to leave him!
She finally got him!
So they felt bad for us and said, ok, we will call you when everything is ok and you can come back and get him!  He doesn't have to spend the night. Ok? Don't cry! It's ok!
Ok, fine.. that is better than waiting till tomorrow!
I'll take it but I'm still devestated and confused!
Adrian walked us out to the car and we said our see you laters and gave lovins.
We assured him he'd get to come home tonight and we'd be on our way home to America soon!
He was so brave.
He didn't want to stay.
He was sad we were leaving but he trusted us that we were coming back for him!
Can you imagine being in his shoes??

When we first got to the orphanage the first thing I noticed was there were several cars and a big blue bus.
There have never been that many cars there.
MAYBE one car here and there.
Never more than one at a time.

As we were leaving we were told that the blue tags on the cars meant they were police cars.
Something was going on where they were wanting every orphan accounted for.
They didn't want us there so there wouldn't be any problems or questions.

We were all still hungry as our breakfast was halted and it had been a while with the long drive to the orphange and back so we went to McD's for lunch.
They gave the kids balloons today and we had fun playing with them on everyone's hair and trying to balance them on our noses. :)

Thankful for our other kids that helped make a hard day fun.
Austin actually gave me his cuddle toy to hold with hugs from Adrian as we were leaving b/c I was so upset.
Sweet boy!
I love them all so much! 
Thank you Lord for allowing me to be their Mommy!

Look at those skills! 

Awe, check it out!!!!
Mommy has skills too! 

Lou Lou got it too! 

Ha ha!

Look Mom!
I made a mohawk!

It's working on my hair too Mommy!

We got home and thankfully were all very tired and emotionally drained so we rested!
Which of course helped pass the time without our bubba!

This picture is of the stairs to our apartment.
We are in an apartment building that is under construction but it is saving us money so it's worth it!
The picture is to show you the broom.
Remember I was telling you about the first visit to the orphanage to see Adrian and the kids had these tiny brooms and were sweeping the slush out of our way?
This is what they were... 

About 4pm we got a message that Adrian was on his way home!!
We hadn't been up for long so that was good!
We anxiously awaited his arrival!
I was sitting here in the room with Bryan and had a flutter in my tummy and I just knew he had to be here!
I hollered at the kids to look out the window in the living room to see if he was here.
They yelled HE IS MOMMA! HE'S HERE!!!
My heart lept with joy! 
I jumped up to the window sill in our room, flung open the window to try to see and couldn't see the car.
I just knew he was here though!
I went and looked out the living room window and was about to put on my shoes to run down and greet him and the buzzer for the door rang!
I knew it!
He's here!!!!

I ran to the door with all the kids right beside me and we flung open the door and hugged him so tight!
So glad you are home baby!  We missed you!
I love you!!!

He was so excited!
He was carrying a bag full of things.
We went in his room and tumped out the bag..
I noticed at this point he was wearing different clothes.
Smaller clothes.
Lighter clothes.
I told him to change to get on Adrian's clothes and he was so happy!
We took off the orphanage clothes and went to look at the things in the bag.
Oleg asked him what it was and he said they gave them to him.
They were his old orphanage clothes and they said he could have them.
It was all so tiny, some full of holes and just worn out.
He did have some colors and a note pad that he was happy about.

We took this picture and put away his coloring things and packed away the orphanage clothes.
This made him happy.
They can use it more than he can and it will fit someone else better.
We plan to return them when we go back to finish paperwork.
They had him trade out the nice coat he had for an old one.
He did come back with the big boots still on.
It was so hard to see him in those clothes again.

He was starving when he got home so we sat down for a snack and I got to work on dinner.
Lemon Pepper Chicken, corn and can you guess....

Butter Noodles!
Wheels tonight :)
ha ha

We then played around some more and decided to work on some more sight words.
He is doing so well!
We wanted to try a reading lesson to see how he'd do and he blew my socks off!

We have a great book that we've used to teach Lexi how to read and are now using it for her and Adrian.
I love it!
It is called Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons

He did so well!
He wants to learn and that makes me happy!
Here we are working on his first lesson where he writes the sounds we learned today..
M and S...

So Proud!
The picture made his head look funny - I don't know why but whatever. LOL 

Look at those letters~
He's doing great!
We practiced his name too :)  

All in all it was a good day.
Rough but good.
God is in control and we are trusting him every step of the way even when it looks bleak and is not what we want.  We ultimately want to follow him.

Please continue to pray for all of the orphans of this world.
Please continue to pray for our financial burden of paying for this adoption as well as beginning to fundraise for Anastasia's adoption.
I KNOW it can be done!
We've seen it done!
Just yesterday two little boys recieved donations over $11,000 towards their adoptions.
Every little bit helps!
Please help be a piece of the puzzle to bring Adrian and Anastasia home!
We NEED your help.

You can still make 100% tax deducatable donations to our adoption fund that will go directly towards the costs to save Adrian and Anastasia TODAY or TOMORROW and have them count towards THIS YEARS TAXES! 

You can do so by clicking on the picture in the upper left hand side of this blog that says "Help bring Sergiy home" or you can visit and donate there. Mark your donation as Adrian or the Horner Family Adoption. 

Thank you!

Please continue to share our story and pray for our family and all the other families working to save the orphans.

You never know who you might know that could help save these kids.
One day on FB made a world of difference in two boy's adoption fund yesterday.
WHO can YOU share this with?


  1. WOW I can't imagine what you must have been feeling as Adrian's mom. Do you have a date yet when you guys are coming home. Praying for you all.

  2. I am so sorry u all had to go thru that today! :( I enjoy reading ur blog, but boy does it make me cry. lol Praying for u guys!!! Yes, when do u guys get to come home?

  3. Usually internats are considered more of a boarding school than just a plain orphanage. Some kids live there and attend school there, some kids go to their families on weekends, some kids only attend school there each day. But maybe this particular one is different? In any case, what a rough day! Praying you can all get home soon!

  4. We don't know yet --- there are a few holidays over the next 2 weeks that could delay us. We are hoping and praying for sometime between the 10th and 17th of Jan.

  5. Once you have done an adoption and you see first hand the injustice these kids face day in and day out, it is easy to see why these dear ones are so precious to our Heavenly Father. It is true, each orphanage is different some nicer than others. An internot is an orphanage for older children ages 5 -16 with a school all attend. A mental institution, however, is for handicapped children. There are vairous levels of these institutions, they contain children through adults and are also known as invalid homes. In some of these facilities children are kept in beds 24/7. They are gut wrenching places. That is not to say that where Adrain is is not a difficult place, I know that it is. I can also imagine how difficult it must be to hear them speak so negatively of these kids who are perfectly capable. The word "retarded" holds such negative conatations any ways. We have four mentally handicapped kids, who are beautiful creations from the Lord, and are also capable of doing more than most people give them credit for. Ukraine is so steeped in commust thoughts that say in order to have value you must perform at a certain level. Things are slowly changing there, but ultimately it will be the Believers of Ukraine who will be able to bring about the most change. We continue to lift your family in prayer, I know these are very hard days. Praying the Lord makes what is left of your time there a sweet time with your family and that you are a light to all those who are watching.

  6. I know the language barrier must be a struggle. If you go to this website you can type in your phrase in English and will export it to his language if he's able to read and write a good communication tool.