Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Visit #11 with Adrian December 22, 2010

One more sleep till we go to court and they declare Adrian ours!
We are all so excited!!

Today was a rollercoaster day for us though.
Adrian is DONE being in the orphanage.
We are all tired and emotional and this is just wearing on us.

We had to go to have some papers done regarding Katya and found out that Anastasia is in Italy now for a host program and will be gone till late January.
We had some gifts for her and wanted to send her a letter but were informed we'd not be able to do so until we are back to get  her in 6 months. 
Different orphanage.. different ways of doing things.
This broke my heart. 
I cried and cried and cried.
I am drained.
I was trying to dry my eyes and not look like I had been crying before seeing Adrian but that didn't work out so well.  Carolina came out to see us at the car and asked why I was crying.
I didn't know what to say.
I couldn't say anything.
My heart was breaking.
I was physically and emotionally exhausted.

Adrian was frustrated today as well.
He is ready to be home.
We are ready to be also.
When he came in today, he was wearing probably a size 5 or 6 turtleneck and cotton pants.
Note, he is more like a size 10/12.
The little shirt was teepeeing in the back and was above his belly in the front and was more like a 3/4 sleeve than a long sleeve.
I was so saddened by this.

We finally got into the playroom and he started playing with his car when he was called for lunch by another child.
He refused to go to lunch.
I didn't know what was going on other than several kids were saying things and he was in the corner hiding.
I asked what is wrong and was told he is refusing to go to lunch.
You HAVE to eat!
So I told him that and he pouted and said no he didn't want to go.
We had to tell him, we'll still be here, waiting for you while you eat!
He still didn't want to go but to play with his car.
So, I had to go and take the car away and say, if you don't eat, you don't play.
He finally went to eat and apparenlty there was some shoving going on in the line and he came back with his backside covered in soup.
Really?? You can't change out of your clothes even if there is soup poured all over them??
We kept asking and finally he went to change..
this time he came back in still too small clothes with holes across the shoulders.
Ahhhh, this just breaks my heart you guys!

I only have a few pictures as today was a rough day and I just wasn't up for it today.
This is a sweet girl who has aged out of the system as far as being adoptable..
no telling how long till she is out on her own..
She came and colored with Lexi..

Here's Lexi and Ayden playing in some of the toy things they have. 

This is the second outfit he came back in... 

Ha ha - he was so proud of this pic!

So, I just found out that we will be able to write Anastasia after all.
My fears are calmed with all of the worries of what would happen because of the results with Katya.
This poor girl deserves a family that she WANTS and that she NEEDS.
She deserves to be HAPPY!
We weren't that for her and that is ok.
Please pray for her as we don't know the repurcussions that she may face as a result of this decision.
Pray that HER family will come for her SOON!

Pray for Anastasia as she is in Italy for protection and fun.
Pray that she will return safely and be excited to know we are coming for her.
Pray that God provides all the financial aspects for her adoption.
Pray we will have fresh ideas to raise the money.
Pray for our family, friends, church family and community support.
Pray for us as we have court tomorrow at 11:30 am here..
Middle of the night for you all.

Pray for peace, pray for rest, pray for comfort and for good attitudes.
Pray for us to have a great day tomorrow as we celebrate with Adrian in the city.
Pray for him as he has to go back and spend another 11 days in the orphanage until we can legally take him into our custody.
Pray for his emotions as well as his safety as I'm sure there are others that aren't so happy for him.

Please just pray for us all.
We are missing our family, missing our friends, missing HOME.
We still have a long road ahead of us and we have to take it one day at a time.
Please pray for JOY for us during this time away from everyone.



  1. Okay, that picture after he changed broke my heart. Then I saw that silly sweet face of his and I was proud of that face as well. I CAN'T wait for him to be home!

  2. Oh, that pic broke my heart as well! and as she or he said above, he was just so proud and doesn't even know any better about his clothes. To tell you the truth, those kids are a humbling experience for me! Especially the story about him wanting a cell phone, not a real one, just a toy! Our American children are so spoiled and sometimes we don't even think about it. They want real phones at age 5 these days! Anyhow, the whole thing with Anastasia being in Italy, I'd be worried too. However, God tells us not to worry. I'm praying everyday! I'm praying for Katya as well and all the children in the whole world for that matter.

  3. That picture with his changed clothes just about did me in and I was bad yesterday. My heart just breaks for these kids. Praying much!! Hugs

  4. You should have seen what he was in to begin with.. I couldn't even bear to take a picture of him. I was so sad for him and just couldn't even bring myself to show anyone. Those clothes he changed as far as their clothes go. You can't see the hole that was from collar to shoulder either. I want to figure out what to do to help this orphanage. We have so many good clothes that we all could probably clean out our closets of even our least favorite items and they could clothe these kids and make their day! I just wish they could have clothes that fit them.

  5. Alecia,
    Often the other children will bully the child who is being adopted. Jealousy. But it can be very difficult. Watch carefully and if he doesn't want to go with the other kids, consider not making him go. Keep reassuring him that you love him and that soon he will be leaving. It won't matter what the other kids are saying. I will be praying for him!

  6. Hi Bryan and Alicia - can we talk by phone briefly? We have a couple questions for you. Thanks. Phone number is below. Thank you!

    095 900 6229