Thursday, December 9, 2010

One more sleep.. or lack there of....


We are so excited!

I'll tell you a little about our day today.

It has rained all day and of course that makes for good sleeping...
So, we're wide awake now!
It's only 11:40pm but for all the kids and us to be awake, that's something.
We slept off and on all day though.
I think at this point the excitement has gotten to us!
This is finally happening!
We will have an actual person right in front of us that we can hug and love and share life with...
2 persons actually! 
For Sergiy it will be putting an actual person with a picture and for Ava (our name for her) it will be our first time to see her period.
I'm sure it'll be love at first sight!!

So, today was rainy and cloudy.. I miss the sun!
It gets dark here at about 4pm.
Like midnight dark here!

We haven't left the apartment much since we got here other than to go to appointments or buy groceries.
This can be a strain with 3 kids and 2 parents who are used to being on the go a lot.
We played cards, watched a movie, colored pictures for bubba and sissy and ate.
Finally, it was time to go "sight seeing" with Sasha and get our official referral for Sergiy.
Only, it's dusk now and still raining.. so, sightseeing thru the rain and dark windows had to do!
We were so happy to see Sasha and get out of this apartment!

 She said she wasn't ready in this pic but I couldn't see from the flashes so it had to do!

Here, I made up for it!
Isn't she pretty?
I love my baby girl!!
She snuck her bear bear in her coat to go with us.

 This picture is of St. Michaels Cathedral
I had to roll down the window and take as we were stopped at the light.

And now I will make up for not having the camera out yesterday for the SDA appointment.

Let's see just how good your imaginations were...

Cobblestone road
(note the river flowing through it!)

I didn't tell you about this building but it is beautiful! 
 I don't know what it is... sorry.  I can tell you it is accross the street from the SDA building...

which DOES have a sign....

 Here is the little sitting area with the couch I told you about.  This was BEFORE the other families filled up this hallway.  It was such a tight space but we had a blast here.  We met two other families from the US.  One from California and the other from Texas.  (It's ok, they don't like the Longhorns either)  The Texas couple had one of their kids with them, a 4 year old boy named Spencer.  This was great to talk to other people and let the kids play.

We are out of groceries other than just noodles and snacks for dinner so we decided to go to a place called the Potato House.  Yes, it's actually called that... in English!
Although you come in and everything is in Russian.
We had to get English menus.
It was pretty yummy.
Note, bacon here is canadian bacon.
I had to take this picture of the highchair they brought for Ayden since he was too short for the stool.

Oh, and I've heard so much about how different things are here..
This is the bathroom.
I had to take Ayden and he was very confused...
Uh, Mommy, how I gonna go on that?
Ummm...stand right here and aim for the hole buddy.
There ya go..
ooop wait, scoot some.. ok there ya go.. made it that time!
The step you see is not like a platform, it is literally in the floor.
I decided to wait till we got back home to go. :) 

So there you have it, our adventures for today.

Oh and we also went to a HUGE mall that is underground!
I wish we'd have known about this earlier today we so would have walked around it and expelled some energy!  We did go and walk around it looking for a toy store to find some sort of games to play but they didn't have one that we found anyway.
It is neat how everything is different here. 
We would leisurely walk the mall and stop in and look at stores back home.
Here, it seems, everyone is on a mission to get what they came for and leave.
No window shopping, no leisurely walking.
I think it had 3 or maybe even 4 levels.
I think when we come back for sister's appointment we'll have to make it a goal to walk through it!
We were able to find a converter to be able to charge our electronic devices.
Ok well, that's all folks!

Can't wait to tell you all about tomorrow~
Can't wait for tomorrow!!!


  1. i love it! Ayden is sooooo cute on his highchair! they are beautiful kids! can't wait for pics of your new family additions! my prayers are with you!

  2. That bathroom is unreal!!! Can't wait for more updates.

  3. Praying for you Guys!! Can't wait to read about your first visit with Adrian.
    I always called those toilets, squatty potties, and I would do everything I could do avoid them...:)
    When in Ukraine it is always good to remember, what goes in must come out. ;)

  4. hahahahha ROFL I just cried so hard I brought tears to my eyes when I saw Ayden in that chair hahahaha. It looks like an awesome chair. Oh and LOVE the bathroom!!!