Wednesday, December 29, 2010

News, shoplifting and dancing...December 29, 2010

It was FREEZING cold here!
It was -1 Celcius one time I looked and -5 Celcius later.

We were BORED today and tired of being inside!
We decided to bundle up and go for a walk to the mall that is down the street.
It is pretty close so not a long walk.

Here's my boys pretending to get Mama with Spiderman Web before we left...

I don't wanna wear my hat Momma! 
Ayden it looks so funny!
Let me take your picture!

That was NOT a smile....

Oh, I see, you don't want to play your DS??
(Don't judge me whatever works! LOL)
Look at that smile!
See it worked!
Oh and the point of the pics was that his hat was funky looking and it was funny. lol

He wasn't chancing losing the DS for the day!
ha ha

Her either!
Lexi modeling as always!
My princess!
She had her leg popped and all! 


Shortly after we began our walk, we saw a news crew in our path.
Apparently they saw us too... 
They are shocked to see "big families" here I suppose.
So they stopped us and corraled us quicker than we could dart away to avoid them.
They rattled of some questions in Russian and we were all looking like deer in the headlights I'm sure and I said... English!
The reporter said, Oh ENGLISH! OK..
So, we smiled and tried to go on our merry way and she continued..
Where are you from?
WOAH She speaks English!
We told her America and she asked where?
We said Oklahoma.
She asked, so you are tourists?
YES we are!
She asked what we thought of the town..
we said it is cold!
We were freezing our butts off what do you expect!
She said what else?
We said the people are nice here.
So then she asked us to say a greeting to the citizens to wish them a Happy New Year.
We did and then she asked us to pretty much say it all over again saying We are from America and Happy New Year!
It was pretty cool!
The kids were all excited and apparently so was the reporter...
They were walking away from us here and she was jumping up and down and grabbing her camera man saying something and looking back at us.
Hope it was good! LOL 

This is a picture of a building with different flags.
Adrian saw it and said Americo!
We said yes, America!
America's flag!
Then he recognized some other flags and named them off.
It was neat to see that he knew the American flag and was excited!
That flag means so much to us and we know it will to him soon. 

In the mall there was a book store that had some puzzles and games..
Check out Scrabble! 

This is for my friend Layla...
Some of you will get this.. others will not..
They bought A LOT of those 24 piece sets! 

Hot pants anyone?
P.S. They are completely covered in Black Sequence..
Lexi thought all the sparkly clothes were beautiful! 

We LOVE the furniture here!
Cool furniture store in the mall. 

Ayden's hat hair! 
It may be freezing outside but it is HOT inside!
You are burning up in minutes and have to take off all the layers you had to put on to get there!

After we got done touring the Mall we went to the grocery store.
I just can't get over how big these are!
My Momma makes the best butternut squash and I'm wishing I had one of these bad boys to eat right now! 

I think I told you about the bins before, here's a picture of some of them that they have for pasta.
So cool!
Next to these were bins of flour and sugar. 
I don't think I've mentioned this before but, we get followed by security EVERY time we go into a store.
It is ridiculous!
I mean seriously, do we look like theives???
Today was no different other than they actually confronted us as we were checking out!
They tried to say we were stealing a stuffed animal.
The kids all have little stuffed animals that they love to carry around.
Austin and Ayden have their little dogs with them here and so they fit in their pockets and are small enough to carry around.  They like to pretend they are real and that they are seeing all these things and tasting things we eat. Just being kids.. using their imagination!
Well, after being followed the entire time, it was getting OLD!
I was frustrated with them and I was joking about them following us.
Well, as we were leaving a security guard met us at the end of the register.  
He was staring us down and really eyeballing the kids.
I was really tired of this by now and decided to look right back at him.
I didn't like the way he was acting.
I looked him straight in the eye and kept it there and then realized they were talking about Austin.
He and the clerk both rattled off something and were pointing at Austin.
I looked to see he was cuddling his dog "Buddy" and figured out they were asking if we paid for him.
I said that is his.
We brought that.
They of course didn't understand us.
The guard snatched it from Austin and was looking for a price tag.
Of course, there was none b/c it was HIS!
We kept saying it was his and finally I was fed up.
Austin is getting upset, all the kids are wondering why they are accusing them of stealing and taking the dog.
I shook my head no and said it is his and grabbed it back and gave it to Austin.
I mean seriously??
You just watched us walk through the entire store.. literally you followed us on EVERY isle.
We came up here and unloaded all of our items and just paid for them.
REALLY!?!? You think we are going to steal something?
It wasn't just this one time either.
Bryan goes in there almost DAILY if not several times a day.
I  have been numerous times!
We got our groceries and left!

All that being said, I do have to tell on our lil Princess...
One of the first days we were in this country, we were at a shop and she knew we were going to meet her bubba the next day.  We stopped to look at some pretty rocks at a kiosk and apparently she picked one up and got it for her brother.. (remember he thought it was gum and tried to eat it.)
We realized she did this when we went back to that store later and it clicked, that looks just like the rock Sissy gave to Bubba....
She got in BIG trouble for that!
We also realized she picked up some sort of light switch at some point somewhere in country too.
She was playing with it and thought it was cool how it clicked and was carrying it around in the store and left with it.
Again big trouble!
We had to explain what stealing was and believe me if we were home we'd have marched her butt right back to those stores and made her appologize and made a lasting impression!
However, in a foriegn country, not so much!
Mommy and Daddy disappointed and punishment will have to do for now!

So, I suppose their incessant following MIGHT be justified.

After we got home me and the boys were dancing around the living room :)  

Love dancing with my kiddos!

Lexi loves to go to the Daddy Daughter Dance with Bryan and can't wait for it every year.
That will be in February and I'm excited for her!
It will be even neater next year (2012) when Anastasia is home and can go too!
I wish there was one for Moms and their boys.
We do have Mommy and boys dates while they go on their Daddy Daughter Date.
We usually all get dressed up and go eat somewhere nice and then they go to the dance and me and the boys usually end up at Braum's after dinner or something like that.
It is so fun!

I can't wait for us to be home and back in the swing of things having our Mommy and me time and Daddy and me time.  The kids really treasure it and we do too!
Great memories are made and bonds are stregnthened.
We sure love our kiddos!


  1. It's been so much fun reading your posts everyday and seeing all you've been up to. I love the picture of you and Adrian dancing. Look at the smile on his face. Can't wait to hear what he says when he lands in the States. Oh btw - it's -12C here right now and suppose to get to -17C tonight. We often have -25C to -35C during the winter months. Hugs and prayers

  2. WOW! Ok I won't complain then! My face was literally NUMB today -like I couldn't smile! I took a picture but it was ridulous so it was deleted! LOL