Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Laundry fun...

So, as you would know with a family of 5 we have a lot of laundry.. daily!

If you read the previous post you saw that our little princess had a mishap on the way to our apartment last night.. all over her daddy's coat that was in the back with us. 

So, needless to say, I had to wash that quick! 

No problem back home..
Different story.

We went to the store to get laundry soap and food for the next few days and of course everything is in Russian.  I of course cannot read a lick of Russian! ha

 I saw Tide and picked it up .. headed to the register and Sasha stopped me to check out the soap.  I'm thinking, I know TIDE.. I can read that!  lol

He flips it over and says it is for hand washing.. not good for machines. 

So, he takes us to get the right one for machines and off we go.

I come home to wash the coat and the other yucky clothes and ONLY the coat fits.. BARELY at that.  I had to push and push it in to be able to shut the door!

Here's a pic to give you an idea of the close quarters~
  And here's our shower.. you have to climb into it! 

Fun times!
Anyway, I washed the coat and when it finished I went to get it out and hang it up to dry. 

No dryers here.

I couldn't hardly lift it up out of the washer.  It was super heavy and wet!

I called Bryan in to help get it out of there and GUSH~ 


Luckily it was in the bathroom on the tile.

The washer is did not spin the coat so it was soaking wet!!

I immediately burst into laughter!

Bryan tossed the coat in the shower and threw down a towel to sop it up!

I looked back in the washer to find it was FULL OF WATER!

I put it on a spin cycle and it drained the water... whew!

I started another load this aftn when we woke up and it was the majority of the pukey clothes...

Lexi's OU outfit, my jeans, some socks and undergarmets..

Umm.. apparently you can't just hodge podge your laundry here..

It MUST be sorted and washed.

Unless of course you want BLUE socks!


I would post a picture of them but we are washing them again now.

So, I have piles of laundry in the hallway sorted by colors!

It has been a nice relaxing day and we are now headed to bed.

We have our SDA appt in the morning.

Please be praying for us as we go there tomorrow for well behaved children especially at the appointment and for us to have favor and be able to get both the kids processed tomorrow or that they will set another appointment for our daughter SOON like this week or next!

I hope you all are enjoying reading this!

We did get to talk to our parents today and our friend Denise and enjoyed hearing familiar voices and language we could understand for sure!!

I'm off to watch a movie with my honey..on the lap top since the dvd is blown!

Night Y'all~


  1. I'm thoroughly enjoying reading this. heh is that brown tp or no tp on the roll?

  2. Oh the joys of Ukraine.... the heaters make great dryers if you have them!!! Praying for your appt. tomorrow.
    God is Faithful!

  3. just no tp! LOL we have tissues! Yes we have clothes all over the house!! Lovin it!! :)