Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Early Christmas present for some friends missing their son... Paul and Lisa.. Enjoy! :)

This post is not our normal daily update.
I will get to that in a bit.

I remember being on the other side of the world and LONGING for our kids!
We still long for Anastasia even though we are right here!
We can't see her yet and that hurts.

I remember what a great joy it was to get new pictures of Adrian.

It is almost Christmas time back home and what better gift for Christmas than the gift of a Family right?

Well, Paul and Lisa, this is your son, in living color for you!


Sergey is an orphan that came to Oklahoma for a visit through a host program this summer.
He left Oklahoma with a family that loved him and is working very hard to bring him home.
He is such a sweet boy and can't wait to come home!

Our son Adrian with the Peepers' Sergey!
Two lives forever changed!

He loved taking pictures, especially knowing they were going to his Mama and Papa!
He wanted to pose with everyone :)

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