Monday, December 27, 2010

Day 5 with Adrian - Blood tests, Shaky land and more..

So proud of our boy today!
He is working hard on his English!
It's amazing how smart kids are and how quickly they pick things up!
We worked with our sight word flash cards today...
By the end of practicing 10 cards for a few times he knew 3 of them!
He could tell you .. YES, YOU and WHO.
He recognized WHAT and knew the gesture to make but had to work on the word.
His wh's sound like v's and he is working to figure out the "th" sound.
Fun times!
He is doing GREAT!
So, we rewarded him with his favorite...
Chocolate :) 

We came in to show Daddy how well he was doing with his English and then they started wrestling :) 

Silly picture of course!
We were getting ready to go to the "AIDS Dr."
He had to do all his bloodwork today for Hep, AIDS and TB. 

He did so good!
Yana, he and I went in to the Doctor while the other kids stayed in the car with Oleg and Bryan playing their games.
Adrian was SO BRAVE!
He was excited to go in there b/c he knew this was one step closer to going home!
These tests all have to be done on us before we come to get him and then on him before going home.
I wasn't sure how he'd do, I wondered if he'd pass out or puke or what??
NONE of the above!
He got in there and was happy as a lark!
We had to see the doctor first to give permission for them to draw the blood and it was the first time I got to sign something legally as his Mama!
It was neat!
I was so happy to sign that!
Even though I had no clue what it said or how to read any of it, they took my name and age and then had me sign as his Mama giving them permission to do the tests.
Everyone was asking him, are you leaving?
Where are you going?
To which he responded with a big smile.. America!
So happy!

We then waited to go to the room where they draw the blood.
While we were waiting Adrian was flipping through any magazine or pamplet he could get his hands on!
I looked up and saw Yana with a very sad look on her face.
I asked what was wrong and she told me, he is so smart..
it makes me sad to hear them say he is mentally retarded.
These words they use to describe these kids and it's not their fault they are behind.
They are not taught to the levels they should be so yes they are behind but not retarded.
I couldn't agree more!
I told her that made me so angry to hear them call him that and to act as though he had no feelings what so ever and didn't know what they were saying.
We didn't have much time to stew over this and they called us back.
We went in and Adrian sat down and plopped his arm on the table, sleeve up, smiling face.. ready to go!
He was excited about this!
I left the camera in the car so no pictures just yet.. Yana did get some on her phone so we can show you just how happy he was and how well he did!
I was telling him it's ok, you can look away etc..
He looked out the window and then she rubbed his arm and it was cold so he looked back and then he saw her coming with the needle.. it was a butterfly so not bad at all.. but still!...
he said OOOOH like yay not oooh like uh oh..
and then in it went and he watched it fill the tubes and he was so proud of himself.
I was over there cheering him on and giving him thumbs up.
As we were leaving he said he wanted more..
More what?
More blood taken.
that was neat!
I think he thought it was cool how it worked and liked that Mama was so proud of him. LOL

We tried to go bowling the other day and it was too busy so we promised the kids we'd try today.
Again, it was packed!

We found another place that is more like an arcade with a mini bowling alley.
It worked out well to go today to celebrate Adrian's bravery and English success at this place called Shaky Land.

Adrian has NEVER bowled.
He is 13 years old.
He loved it!
He was pretty good too! 

Time for fooseball....
Ohhhhh they scored!! 

Our fam playing together :) 

Austin on a cool ride 

Ayden cheesing it up on a horsey ride.. 

Momma had to help him..
Daddy came to help us..
Adyen's face was then planted into the handle bar.
He kept riding and smiling. 

Adrian on a Jet Ski game 

Lou Lou dancing away! :) 

Ha ha ha ha!
Austin getting after it on the jet ski game! 

Adrian trying out another horse ride.
Gotta get this boy on a real one soon! 

And finally, Ayden on the truck that went on a track.
He had a blast on this!
He never stopped spinning that wheel! 

Ok, now some pics that I just found interesting..
These shoes..
the high heeled boots with the rhinestones on the back..
belonged to the worker running the truck ride!

I have never felt so underdressed at a play place... 

And yes, they really do use European Man Bags! 

Here we all are worn out and ready to go home! 

We got home and had some struggles tonight.
I didn't really want to write about them as I've tried to leave most of the negative out, but what good does that do you? If you are wanting to adopt, you want the whole story, not just the roses..
you do know that amognst the roses there are thorns right?

Well, we have dealt with several during our journey and tonight was no different.
Adrian was having a rough time after coming home with obeying and listening.
He was telling us no and ignoring us.
He then would go to pout.
The pouting is ok to let him get past things and come back to work it out but we also had some anger rising up tonight.
I'm sure that from his behavior and his body language that he comes from abuse.
I'm no stranger to abuse as most of you know, I grew up in abuse and then married into abuse and finally, by God's grace was freed from it all and now am happily married to a wonderful man who is my protector.

I have also told you about the fight that took place the other day at the orphanage and the look he had in his eyes and how he was staring the boy down, giving him the I'm going to get you look...
Well, he gave that look to Ayden tonight.
He had also slapped Ayden.
We had to immediately nip that in the bud!
Ayden was trying to play with  him and get him to laugh and Adrian took it wrong and thought he was being attacked.  Ayden was trying to tickle him.
Thankfully, we were able to see this and stop it immediately and calm him down.
We had to remind him, we are your family, we love you!
We are not here to hurt you!
We don't hurt eachother!
You have to be nice to your brothers and sisters and listen to your Mama and Papa.
He had several other pouting sessions tonight too and the last one he ended up crying.
I let him cry for a few minutes and then asked him to come and talk with me.
He and I sat down and I told him "I love you"
We all do!
We have to get along.
We don't fight.
I was showing him gestures to explain what I was saying.
I know you are having a hard time and you don't know how to behave in some situations, it's ok!
We will get through this!
We are not mad at you,
We love you!
He continued to cry and he hugged me and just layed into my chest.
Yes, he hugged back today!
We did celebrate it just before this happened and he hugged Papa too. :)
As I was holding him, I said a prayer and asked God to help us as we adjust and learn eachother.
To please help Adrian know and feel that we love him no matter what and to help us communicate.
Help him and his siblings get along and not hurt eachother.
I told him that I know he probably doesn't understand much of what I'm saying but to know that we love him!  I wiped his tears and said it over and over, we love you, I love you! Mama and Papa love you! Brothers and Sister love you!
We all love you!
Bryan came in and told him the same things and assured him we love him.
We ended up in eachothers arms crying and hugging and saying "I love you"
Bryan then came and hugged us both and Adrian just melted in our arms.

He went and blew his nose and crawled into bed.
I crouched down beside his bed and rubbed his head for a while.
He loved it.
I was singing to him and rubbing his head and his face as my eyes welled up with tears.
He's probably NEVER had anyone love him enough to sit with him and love on him and rub his head until he was asleep.  He's never felt that love.
He's never known how good that touch can feel.
He is 13 and has never experienced love from a mom, a dad, a brother or a sister.
It breaks my heart.

I continued to rub his head and when I thought he was asleep, I paused..
only to see him pop his head up and say Mama and rub his head. 
I smiled and said you like it?
He nodded yes and gave me thumbs up! :)
So, I stayed a while longer and loved on my baby.

It was a great ending to a good day.
There are bumps in every road and I'm glad we are on this road...
no matter the bumps!
It is ALL worth it!

Mama is one of the best words I'll ever hear!
I love my kids and thank God for allowing me to be their Mama!
All 5 of them!


  1. Okay - so I laughed and I cried. It is so sad to know that he has never been loved but so joyful to know how MUCH he is loved by you guys. I am so happy to be a part of this journey. Thank you for sharing the good things and the difficult things and especially the funny things! Can hardly wait until you get home!

  2. I love when others are vulnerable and show integrity when it comes to adoption. It isn't all a bed of roses. At times it's very difficult, yet all the difficulties are so worth it. Adoption like anything else is hard work especially when adopting an older child. Our one son was 14 mos when we adopted him and even at that age we had some difficulties. Yet I wouldn't change one of those days for all the tea in China. The good far outweighs the bad. Your little man has done wonderfully with all the changes he has gone through in such a short time. Thanks for being so open and honest. Hugs

  3. You made me smile and then cry. I am seeing the same things here........God bless you for what you are doing for your new son. YOU WILL BE BLESSED TENFOLD in return!!!



  4. Adrian may grow up to be a doctor the way he was so excited about the doctor's visit today. I could just picture him in my mind, so proud to belong to a family! I love it and will pray for your communication barrier. It won't be long and he'll be fluent in English and will be teaching you all more Russian. Then it will be easier for you to communicate with Anastasia:)

  5. My favorite part is when you rubbed his head and he gave you a thumbs up LOL. That is sooo cute!