Sunday, December 26, 2010

Day 4 with Adrian.. Family time at the apartment December 26, 2010

Today's post will probably be a short one.
We didn't leave the house today!
We had enough walking yesterday! LOL

We got up and ate breakfast then everyone played games.
Here's Lexi playing with the math cubes...
Adrian, Ayden and I had been practicing numbers with them and then started building things.
Lexi and Austin joined us to play.

We were all pretty tired today too.

I actually fell asleep listening to the kids play their DS games.
I woke up after a bit and we had lunch and played some more.

Bryan and Ayden laid down for a nap and then I decided that was a good idea for all of us.
So me and the other 3 cuddled up and went to sleep too!

We haven't been feeling the greatest lately.
We've been fighting a cold for a few days now.
It was good for us to stay in and rest today.

Adrian was cracking me up!
We practiced some English today with our picture dictionary and he was doing great!
He is really learning a lot of new words and phrases.
He understands more and more everyday.
So proud of him!

When we went to lay down he was cuddled up next to me and started rattling off a whole paragraph in Russian and I was like WHAT??
I said speak English jokingly to him and about a minute later he said..
Mama! Speak English!
He kept saying it of course b/c me and the kids were cracking up!
He's so funny! 

After our nap Adrian brought me our countdown calendar.
He has been keeping up with the days and marking them off.
I had no idea he was still doing it.
He brought it to me and was showing me but then was pointing at Zero and I said yes, we don't need it anymore, we are at zero!
You can rip it up!
So he did!!!
He was so fast ripping those things up I couldn't get a picture till the last shred! 

All done!

Oh and we do lots of signing here...
Adrian will come and pretend to eat when he is hungry and we'll remind him to say "I'm hungry".
Ayden has picked this up too... 

Here's Austin with a bed he made for "Buddy" his dog.
Love that face!   

Daddy and Adrian wrestling and playing around 

Lexi and I were playing Uno this afternoon and when she got her hand she said
"oooh Momma, I'm gonna kick your butt"
She sure did too!
Draw 4 Queen right there!
She is so funny when she talks trash!
She said, I'm gonna kick your butt in your face!
ROFL- silly girl!

We were having such a good time Ayden wanted to play too.
Here he is talking trash too..
wonder where they get that from????

We had a great day just hanging out together enjoying family time.
Please pray for all of us to get better as we are struggling with health and are running low on the preventative meds we brought.
They don't carry a lot of things in their pharmacy that we use back home and it is hard to figure it all out here.
Adrian will have his doc appt tomorrow for him to be able to come home.
We are praying things continue to move quickly so we can be home soon!

That's all for now!

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  1. Praying you're all feeling better quickly. I love seeing pictures of you guys. Hugs