Friday, December 24, 2010

Court day!!! He's ours!!! We're his!! We had Christmas too :) :) December 23, 2010

What a day!
Full of surprises and excitement!
Here's Bryan and I ready for court :) 

We got to the courthouse and waited...
and waited...
and waited....
and then.. waited some more! lol
I had to take these when the judge was gone but I'll give them to you now before the story so you can imagine you are there! LOL 
The Judge sat in the middle seat (they have crowns on them) (the chairs)
Then the two jurors a male and a female on either side.

This is a jail cell they have in the court room!
We actually saw someone in it before our case!
That was kind of creepy!
They took him from here with lots of guards with big guns and then they took him to another room that was a full cell in the room and locked him in there and closed the door!  

This area on the left is where the prosecutor and the inspector and the court reporter sat.
The stand to the right was in the middle of the room and it was where we were all called up to answer questions from the judge and or anyone else in the room.
Adrian had I need to use that mic - like how am I supposed to talk that low! LOL 

This is Adrian and the lawyer from the Orphanage.
When we got in there, he sat down and asked me to sit beside him and we were informed we couldn't do so.
He had to sit next to his representative. :(
So, they switched spots so he could be on the end which was right next to Bryan and then when Bryan got up to speak, he asked me to move over there and he held my hand the whole time! :) 

These pictures were after the Judge and Jury went to deliberate and so we were all in the room.
Those seats on the left are where we were. 

Here's Oleg pretending to be the Judge!
He was threatening Ayden to whack him b/c he wasn't being quiet! LOL
Yes, he was joking! 

We were trying to get a pic that looked like Bryan was in the cell but didn't want him to get in it and get caught by the Judge and Jury coming back! LOL

Mehhh, they've been gone long enough, we can do it real quick! LOL

And then, the door opened! YIKES!
whew... Oleg again! LOL LOL

So, court went a little something like this...

Oleg and Yana came and picked us up and we got to the courthouse and were dropped off for him to go and pick up the orphanage attorney and Adrian.

We waited for them to arrive and were just hanging out wondering why there were all these men in fatigues with big guns sitting outside the room we were supposed to go in??
We figured that out when they opened the room and out came several more officers and this man in cuffs!

I guess the Judges here rule over it all!
No criminal judge then family judge etc...

Adrian walked in and was so happy and handsome!
He came straight to us with a big smile on his face!

We all sat together and played games on the DS's...
We had given Austin, Alexis and Ayden theirs before we left so they'd be entertained on the plane.
We had kept them a secret until now... whoops!
Didn't think about that one!
Oh well!
He liked it and played and said he wanted one for himself too.
Of course we had one for him at the apartment but were waiting till Christmas...

Shortly, we were sent into the courtroom and then it began.
We left Austin, Alexis and Ayden in the hallway with Oleg so they wouldn't be too much of a distraction in the courtroom.
Thankfully they all did good out there :)
Oleg is great and has been a big help!

They started the proceedings by introducing everyone in the room and then reading all of our petitions and personal identification information on all of us.

Then they called Bryan up and asked him a few questions about why we are here?
Why are we adopting?
What does he do for a living?
How big is our house?
How do the kids live as in who shares rooms?
Then they asked if we understood that Adrian was sick?
I was thinking what??
They continued on to say, he is mentally retarted.
WOAH!! I about came unglued!!!!
Because these kids are not given proper education, they are behind where they should be educationally and they refer to that as mental retardation!
Bryan just responded, I am aware and we are perfectly ok with him just as he is.
The judge didn't seem to know how to respond to that...
They were done with Bryan now.

Then they called me up and asked me some of the same questions and then asked me about food costs!
I was like, uh what??
They wanted to know how much meat costs and to make sure we could afford meat!
I was confused by this and just answered the questions and went on.
Then they asked do you know what you are accepting on your shoulders as far as 4 children?
I said yes and we are prepared for that.
I explained that we live on a budget and do not live beyond our means.
I told him our vehicles are paid for and we only owe on our house.
He was happy with that answer and moved on.
He was asking about the kids and said do they know you are here?
Do they know you are going to be gone for so long?
What do they think about adopting?
Yana told him they were here and he said really??
Bring them in!
So we brought the little guys in and everyone was smiling!
The judge said he wasn't brave enough to ask all of them questions and figure out what they said! LOL
So, we all sat down and he called Adrian up to the stand.

Adrian was so happy to be there and excited for what was about to happen.
He was also very nervous!
We had been holding hands this entire time and then he had to go up and speak for himself.

He got up there and they asked him who are these people?
He whispered Mama and Papa smiling as he was turning back around to face the judge with his head low.
The judge said what??
He then jokingly said...
I said who are those people???
Adrian responded much louder MAMA AND PAPA!
He now had a huge smile on his face!
So did the judge!
And then the judge asked him and what about those kids?
Who are they??
He said, my brothers and sister!
The judge said.. and just who is Adrian Allen Horner?
Adrian said me.
Then he asked again.. WHAT?
ME! he responded.
Then they asked him, do you know why you are here?
He said, they want to adopt me.
He asked if he knew what that meant and Adrian said yes, to be a part of their family.
Then he asked, do you want to be a part of their family?
Adrian said YES!
The judge responded with his sense of humor now,
Really, are you sure, with all these kids in here chewing gum and laughing?
Adrian laughed and said yes!
Everyone was smiling and they continued with their questions.
He was asked if he knew any English, where he was going to live..etc.

After all of this they repeated that everyone in the room along with the SDA had all given their approval as well as our State and Federal government for our adoption.
They then announced they would leave the room for deliberation.

We snuck out the camera then and had some fun.
Then we got ancy and bored and waited and waited!

I'm thinking what on earth is taking so long?!

We figured out today it must have been that they were reviewing all the previous stuff regarding child abuse reports that came back on me because of my ex that was abusive to me. 
There is a blog post about that a few months back you are more than welcome to read it if you are new to our story. Neither Bryan nor I have ever or will ever abuse ours or any other kids!

Ok, back to our story..
had to clear that up for any inquiring minds!

The Judge finally came back in and announced the court approval and announced us as Adrian's parents!
What a GREAT Christmas gift!
Second only to one...

We were all so excited and immediately started hugging and brought him over with us!
He's ours now and he can be with us!

After court was over I went with Yana to the Judge's chambers to thank him.
We talked for a long time!
I'm sure Bryan and the kids were wondering what on earth was taking so long!
We were having a great time with him sharing pictures and stories.
He was telling me about his wife and grand daughters.
He showed me lots of pictures from his family vacation.
He asked about how much it costs to fly to America and told me his grand daughter wants to come to America and asked would she be safe and would she like it.
His assistant came in the room and she is about my age probably or a couple of years younger and he asked if I would adopt her.. I was like uhhh I'm not old enough to! LOL
Then Yana said he means, can she come to America to visit?
I said yes, of course, she should come to Amercia!
She was really excited about that!
We talked about all our pictures and he wanted to see who our families were.
We talked about farming and all kinds of stuff!
He really liked us after all!
He was telling me that my mom looked Ukrainian.
I told him we actually have heritage from here and he said yes, but you..
you need more meat!
Your husband doesn't feed you enough!
I said.. OH, I see!!!  That's why you asked if we could afford meat!
You think I'm too skinny! LOL LOL LOL
He laughed and laughed and said yes!
We had a great time in there!
Great news is he should be our judge with Anastasia too!

Here is our first OFFICIAL picture as a family of 6.
The NEW Horner Family... 

I thought you might enjoy this picture..
all of us crammed in the back of the cab! 
and another one... 

We stopped by the orphanage and were told we could keep him!
So we told him as we left the orphanage to wave bye!
He was like why?
We said, you NEVER have to come back here to stay again!
He was like REALLY???
We said YES!
We can rip up our countdown calendar!
We are on day zero!
He was thrilled!!!!
We all were!

We went out to celebrate at a cafe and I had a bunch of blurry pictures..
I wondered who had got a hold of the camera....
I couldn't remember...

Here's our son!
Adrian Allen Horner 
He is so happy!

Oh, we had the "VIP" room! 

Right outside our VIP room was a tree..
Merry Christmas to us! 
They do things very different here at restraunts...
It took over 3 hours to eat!
Just 8 of us and we were like the only ones in the restraunt!
They cook certain things first and bring them out and then cook other things last.
It doesn't matter how you order it, they cook it and bring it as it is done.
For example, we waited probably an hour for our drinks, another 30 minutes for our appetizer plates, then every 20 min or so they'd bring out another dish.
Adrian had egg and cheese salad, pork chop, mashed potatoes, meats and cheeses and bread, fruit salad, ham sandwich and french fries!
He was HUNGRY!

We decided to go ahead and Celebrate Christmas tonight too!
Here the kids are waiting for their Christmas Eve present..

Look at Adrian's face!
Are these MINE??
He kept asking..
he was so excited to finally have something of his own!

And everyone else got some too??

He also got to call and surprise his best friend Erik in Oklahoma!
These boys were in the orphanage together!
Erik was adopted by our friends, the Redman's this summer!

Time for our annual family PJ pictures
Mama and the kids.. Silly faces!

Adrian wanted another picture of Mama..on the phone of course! ;)

Oh yeah!! Our camera has a self timer!
Silly faces!!!!

All smiles!!

We went ahead and did Adrian's Christmas present too...
A Nintendo DS! 
He has figured out "thumbs up"

He again was flabbergasted that this was HIS!

Bryan showed him..

I turned it on and showed him it even has your name!
He said ADRIAN'S!
Yes, ADRIAN'S!!!!

Merry Early Christmas!


  1. I have goosebumps reading this. Precious, precious. Merry Christmas everyone.

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  3. Congratulations! Ive got goosebumps. This is just a miracle for this little boy. Im so happy for your family. Congratulations & good luck with your next adoption. God is amazing & he has definately brought this child into an amazing family. God bless u all. Love u so much!!! U r so special. Cant wait to meet your new children. Bev Wood

  4. My favorite update thus far! What an amazing Christmas gift for everyone! I can't wait until summer for your daughter-to-be:) Good Luck and God Bless you all!

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  6. Congratulations!!! I do read and keep up with your blogs, but realized that my thoughts and happiness has been inside and I had not commented. I am SO happy for you guys and I know that is has been such a rollercoaster, BUT the fun NOW begins and just in time for CHRISTMAS!! : o ) Congrats and can't meet Adrian!!