Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve - Day #2 with Adrian - Time for new clothes!

We decided to get out and walk the town today b/c it was finally "warm" enough to do so!
It was in the 50's so it was WARM for here LOL
Here's me and Austin excited for the day ahead!

I have NEVER seen so many pigeons!
The kids had sunflower seeds so they fed them.. 

Beer anyone?
WOWZA! These things are on every street corner! 
They also have all the liquor and alcoholic beverages out on a main isle in the grocery store!
Like a liquor store in the grocery store!

See more pigeons! 

I tried to run ahead of everyone to take a picture and they were all like little chicks running after me!

Here's my kind of store!

Here is a HUGE Christmas tree they put up in the square down from our apartment. 

Here's the kiddos in front of it 

They found something else to take a picture at :) 
We went into a few stores to try to find some clothes or shoes with not much luck but we did find him a pair of slippers.
When we went into the store he found some with the Italian flag on them.
He has been hosted in Italy a few times so he liked it.
They were trying to match the shoe size he had on and we were motioning no, too big!
They figured it out after giving him several large sizes and of course probably thought we were crazy for having him wear such big shoes to begin with.
Not our choice - trust me!
They had to go to the back to find a small enough size and he told them he wanted them and had them at the register ready to check out lol.. good for us b/c we had no clue how to tell them that other than charades!

From here we went back to the apartment to meet Yana and Oleg to do some shopping.
Adrian's clothes he had on were WAY too small and honestly, I don't know how on earth he even got those pants on!
He had to pull them up to his chest to be able to button them and even then it was so stinking tight!

The store we went to didn't have much selection or many sizes either.
He was picking out things that were WAY too small - like size 5 or 6 in American sizes!
It made me so sad!
He really thinks this is what he is SUPPOSED to wear!
Can you imagine your child going into a store and picking up something that small and being happy with it?

We picked up a few things that we thought would fit and he went to try them on.
He said everything was too big.
Even when it fit perfectly.

We only found one pair of jeans that worked and 2 sweaters, some socks and underwear and a pair of shoes.
The underwear was too small but he can fit Austin's pretty well for now so we are having them share until we can find more in his size or make it home so we know what size it is and if it will shrink etc.
They had it so stretched out on the hanger it was much smaller than it looked.
You can't buy packs of things here.
It is one pair of underwear, one pair of socks etc.
The socks he picked out were also too small.
I didn't think about that for some reason.
He liked them so much though after we got home and realized they were too small he stretched and stretched them out.. they fit now.

He was not happy about the shoes.
They actually fit.
He was so used to walking around in HUGE boots that literally would fall off his feet that he was uncomfortable and didn't know how shoes really are supposed to fit.
He kept saying too small and trying to get adult men's shoes.
He's a little boy!
No way those are gonna fit!
It was so hard to see him like this.
We just had to say, they fit, this is what we are getting and you'll get used to it.
He was still very happy to have his own clothes!
He keeps saying that the orphanage wants their clothes, shoes and coat back.
So, we are still on the hunt for a coat.

Here's a picture of him in is favorite sweater.
It is too big but it was that or WAY TOO SMALL!
He is so handsome!!! 

He looks just like his Daddy!
Two of a kind! 

We had a great day and really enjoyed walking around together and ....
Packing up the orphanage clothes.
Although, the shirt he was in is the same shirt that we first saw him in on the Eli Project website, same shirt we met him in and same shirt we got him in.
Kinda hoping they let us keep it.
Just because, it is special to me.
If not, oh well!

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  1. Look at that little handsome. So glad you we're able to get him new clothes. He'll soon feel comfortable in them. Hugs (Carol)