Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day! New traditions for the Horner family Day #3 with Adrian

Here's Adrian Allen Horner on Christmas Morning!
He got up and went straight for his clothes from yesterday..
They wore the same thing for days on end.
So sad.
I went in and said, no Adrian, you get to wear your other shirt!
New day, new clothes!
Change everyday!
He was repeating my words and just shocked but smiling and saying it.
I had to give him new underwear and socks and shirt.
We still have only one pair of pants but that's ok for now.
Here he is with his hat on.
He loves it!
He wanted a hat like Mama and Papa.

This picture was taken just before I recieved the BEST Christmas gift I could have imagined today..
I told him he was so handsome and laid my hands on his cheeks, looked him in the eyes and said, I love you!
He looked back at me with a huge smile and eyes bright and said...
"ya tebya liubliu"
translated in English..
"I love you"

I pulled him in and gave him a great big hug with tears streaming down my face!
I love you son!
Merry Christmas!

All dressed up ready to go out walking on Christmas day. 
He's so happy!
Man that floor is messy!
Ha ha oh well!

Not long after we started our journey down the opposite way we went the other day, Lexi said Momma look!  I immediately responded, Lexi! Don't pick stuff up off the ground! That's gross- oh wait!
What is that?
It's money Momma!
Where'd you get it??
It was flying up off the ground and I picked it up!
200 greivna!
That's equivalent to a little over $25 USD! 

Here's the big kids on the bridge just past our apartment.. 

The view over the bridge w/o kids lol
Notice the green grass??
Remember it was all covered in snow the other day!
The judge said it was because it was a late Winter and long Fall and so they don't know what season it is right now and so everything is confused. LOL

Apartments on one side of the bridge..

Bryan and Ayden catching up

Villages with houses on the other side...

A neat statue that we pass by everyday.
The kids say it looks like he's going somewhere.. 

The wall behind the statue 

Kids next to the Statue.. it was really tall! 

I don't really know much about this statue at all but, there were bundles of flowers that had been laid all around it like it was a memorial of some sort? 

The kids with the medallions.
They thought they looked cool. 

This is a neat picture and I felt like God was showing me something in this when I turned around to take the pictures.
I actually took the second one first and then it was like God told me look closer...

In case you didn't see what I saw, I'll fill you in..

Robert Frost, The Road Not Taken (1915)
...Two roads diverged in a wood, and I...
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

God was telling me he was proud of us for trusting him and following him down this road.
We obeyed and took the less traveled road. 
SO glad we did!
It truly has made all the difference!!
YOU can make that difference for an orphan too!

Here's another pretty tree we found.
This tree had a hole in it just the size of our kids..
So we had them stand in front of it to take this lovely picture!

Here's a Christmas tree vendor on the side of the road.
Look how small they are!
Look at what the lady is actually purchasing.
Just branches!
We saw a lot of those! 

These were some pretty and different flowers we saw. 

Another statue.
I think this is a former president or something. 

Here is our "final" walking destination..
I believe 2 miles and 2 hours later..
We were headed for a pizza place that was "just ahead".....
Yeah, we stopped at a bowling alley b/c it started raining on us and everyone's legs were hurting.
We tried to eat there or bowl but they were too busy and had only a few lanes in the entire place..
So we called for Oleg to bail us out!
ha ha!
While waiting we saw these little kids walking in this big city all by themselves!
There were two more just ahead of them. 
We couldn't believe it!
So dangerous!!!

They have a lot of fountains here but in the winter they apparently cover them up and decorate them like Christmas Trees!

Here's the kids coming back now..
They can't be any older than Austin and Lexi!
They went to get a snack and a drink!

Oleg came and got us about 15 min later and we asked, where is the pizza place we really like?
He responded... ummm about 3 min drive from your apartment.. the other way!
I had been trying to tell Bryan it was the other way but we followed along and enjoyed the scenery! LOL
How far had we walked?
Oh a 10 min drive from your apartment Oleg said!
Excersize for Christmas!

Here we are at our final destination..
Oh and there was another one that was also super close on the other side of the street that we passed without knowing a few hours ago!!!

Pizza for Christmas lunch! 
Can you tell we are all exhausted!?!

We were glad we had Oleg after all b/c we needed to go to a store to find a tea set!
We decided to start a new family tradition to always remember our Christmas in the Ukraine.
I had a meltdown last night over all our Christmas traditions we do back home that we can't possibly do here and a friend suggested, make a new tradition to always remember our first Christmas with Adrian as well as it being our first Christmas in Ukraine.
So, after much deliberation, we decided on an annual Chi toast and telling what God blessed you with this year.. your favorite blessing!
So, we needed tea cups!
I had tried to find a set back home before we ever even came here for our Mommy and Me Tea Party.. we will be working to reschedule that for everyone to help bring Anastasia home :)
Now, it has even more meaning.
Before it was just a fun thing I wanted to do.
Now, it is a heritage for these kids here.
It means a lot to me now!

Anyway, we looked a couple of places and they were very expensive.. it was in a mall type setting though.
So we went to a couple of grocery stores and found some at a Walmart type store.
We had to look and piece them together to get all the cups that were not broken and then to find a tea kettle and sugar server that would work.
Found them all and love them!
I think this is going to be a great Horner Family Tradition! 

It is so fun to have tea together!
Great family time and lots of good memories to be had.
Warming to the heart, soul and body!

We all had to agree on our best blessing for this year..
Adrian Allen Horner!

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  1. Merry Christmas and God Bless! you have a beautiful family! can't wait for the mommy and me tea fundraiser:)