Thursday, December 9, 2010

Camaraderie and other such things...

I cannot believe I forgot to tell you about this yesterday!

As you recall, we went out to eat at TGI Friday's after our SDA appointment.

The driving and parking situation here unnerves me.

I like boundarys. 

I like rules that protect me.

I like parking lots.

I like red lights now.


I have learned just how much I do since being here.

Let me give you the whole story....

Sit back and relax...

(That's my motto for here)

So, we finish our SDA appointment and head over to a copy shop to make copies of the documents that had to be returned to the SDA.  Sasha squeezes the little black car into the tiny tiny spot and says you want to come in? 
I'm thinking.. hmm we could get out and walk around inside for a bit, stretch our legs..

I ask the kids you wanna go in? 
Remembering we haven't had much sleep and they are tired; I think it might not be the best idea.

We decide to stay and wait in the car, partly because of the above remarks, but due mostly to the fact that we can't get out! HA 
We are SO close to the other car, there is NO way we can all get out on the passenger side!

Bryan says to Sasha, I don't know that this guy is going to be able to get in his car...
Sasha's response?

Sucks to be him!

So we patiently wait outside in the car.. secretly praying and hoping that every person coming out is not that driver!  We locked the doors and tried to be still as possible to avoid further detection and possible confrontation resulting in us having to figure out how in the world to move this car!

So, we finish our duties with the SDA paperwork and head over to the restraunt...

We wiggle in and out of traffic...

a few horns heard here and there..

a few people nearly touching the car as they try to swerve in and out around the cars to get to their destination...

And finally, there it is!


It is in a bit of a strip mall as I'd call it back home.

Although it only has 2 rows of parking one facing the building up against it and the other opposite that one facing the street with just enough room to drive thru the middle.

You must really know how to manuever cars here!

Anyway, Sasha makes his way in and I'm thinking how on earth are we going to get in a spot?

Much less get out of it!

He gets in and we are off to enjoy our lunch.

We come back out, bellies full and bodies tired.

We climb into the car only to realize that the little area that I mentioned above that you could drive through was FULL. 

Completely and utterly BLOCKED.

There is not 1 foot of room.

2 Cars parked right there.

Tens of cars parked on either side...


What are we going to do?

Now, mind you, they have parking attendants everywhere!

There are two such attendants right there.

We sit and wait and wonder how on earth we are going to get out.

I have sleepy kids! 

We need a nap!

Please let us out!

Sasha's response?

Welcome to the free world.

We do what we want here!

Oh my! 

Uh, so, do they know where the people who own the cars are?


Why did they let them park there?

They didn't.  What are you gonna do?
Guy pulls up says I'll be right back.. we trust him.

So, what do we do here?


Not only do we honk but the other 5 or so cars that are also blocked in honk.

The guy in the white car across from us starts it ...

We join in

So do the others..


They lay on the horns and we are sitting in the car laughing so hard that we are nearly to tears!

I'm thinking that back home this would not be so funny..


Them's fightin words where I come from!


Well, this brotherly love continues for about 20 minutes when finally the man who said he was just running inside for a second comes back out to move his big black SUV and we all go on about our business.

Bryan says, aren't there police here?

Do they help handle this sort of thing?

Sure enough, we pull out and guess who is right there?

Standing in the road?


Directing traffic.

Not bothered by the horns.

It was a great experience.  Something I'll never forget!

(Especially since I finally remembered to write it)

Again, sorry no pics.. Camera was in the trunk!


  1. That is hilarious! I bet it was an EXPERIENCE! ROFL

  2. That is hilarious. You'll be able to write a book once you are ho

  3. That is to funny!! This will definitely be an experience none of you will forget! Just imagine years from now when you think back.....They had a TGIFriday's but no ice for tea????? That's hilarious and will be a wonderful memory! Love you guys and can't wait to meet our newest family members.