Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What a night!! THANK YOU!

WOW - THANK YOU GUYS for coming out tonight to support our adoption at Van's!!

We had a GREAT turn out!! Just in Tips alone we made $122.06
We'll know on the proceeds tomorrow!! :)

Thank you so much for spreading the word and coming to eat! 
We had a good time and appreciate you all so much!!

We really had a great time - a HUGE Thank YOU to Mark and Nina for allowing us the opportunity to come and work and raise money for the kids' adoptions.

We were greeting ever so kindly and treated with such respect and kindness.

Al the Manager was such a sweet blessing.  He allowed the kids and I to come and work in the drive thru and share our story with the people coming to eat.

Bryan held down the lobby and we all worked to deliver food, get untensils, clean up and refill drinks.

We had a great time!! The kids want to go back tomorrow and do it all again! :)

They had such a blast and are learning what it is to be a servant to others.  They were amazed at how kind and generous everyone was. 

The kids took turns opening the doors for customers and welcoming in the guests.

Austin was seating people for a few minutes.. that was short lived -He liked the other jobs better! LOL

Lexi and Austin loved to spray and wipe down the tables and the trays. 

Ayden enjoyed giving out the thank you cards with our blog link on them.

Lexi was cracking us all up tonight with her charm in the drive thru - she was winking at people as she asked them if they'd like to donate towards our adoption and thanking them for eating at Van's tonight. 
So precious!

Our friends Andrew and Brooklyn also camed to help us out with refilling drinks and cleaning tables.  Andrew then decided to join us in the Drive thru!  I really wish I'd have taken my camera!!
They were having a blast!!

I was one proud Mama tonight!

We also had a minute to sit down and eat and it was superb!

Lots of food!!
It was so neat and encouraging to our spirits to see each of our friends there and to talk with those who came on a referral of a friend.  Thank you all so much! 
 I am in tears at how much love and support was shown tonight!

We are TRULY TRULY TRULY grateful for your support!

We are another $122 closer to saving our children!

We've had several of you make very generous donations and so here's the latest updates of expenses outstanding.

We are taking another chunk out of that facilitator charge.

It is now down to $12,132.94!!

Airfare - $5900

Visa for both Adrian and Ava $800

Medical exams for Adrian and Ava $200.00

Passports for Adrian and Ava $600.00

Immigration i600a papers for Ava - $670

On another note, we SHOULD know our travel date in 7 days!!! WOOT!!

What does that mean?

We will have our in country appointment set so that means we leave to get them a few days before that appt .. it's a 24 hour flight!!

When will that be??

We are not sure till we get it but it COULD be as early as 1 week after that!!

We will be praying for God's timing and provision for our travel date and expenses.

Can you go without the money?
We must have the funding to be able to go.

Can you Reschedule if you don't have it.
We get our date and that is it.  We go!

What if you don't have the money?

We WILL have it! God called us to it and brought us this far.  He sets the lonely in families and He WILL provide it for us one way or another!  We are FULLY TRUSTING GOD!

We have done as he asked and taken the leap and are free falling into his arms.

Please prayerfully consider what your part is to help us in the process.

We are so thankful for all of your prayers, kind words and encouragement as well as financial support. 

With love from the bottom of our hearts we THANK YOU!!!!!

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