Monday, November 8, 2010

Great News!!

 We had another $1100 in donations this weekend towards the adoption!! 
THANK YOU!!  God is good!! 
That takes our total need down to .... $20,425.00 
 and just a couple of weeks left before we could be on our way to get our kids!! 

We are taking another chunk out of that facilitator charge.
It is now down to $12,255.00!!

Other remaining needs are:

Airfare - $5900

Visa for both Adrian and Ava $800

Medical exams for Adrian and Ava $200.00

Passports for Adrian and Ava $600.00

Immigration i600a papers for Ava - $670

Orphans are all around us. Please pray about what YOUR part is. We are all called to care for the orphans. Whether it's to adopt, sponsor someone who is, give your time or resources, we can all PRAY. We all must DO something. Do what God has called YOU to Do.

Thank YOU for reading this and for YOUR prayers and support!! 

We are so thankful for you all!

Need to know what to pray for?

Pray for our Facilitator as he works to get our daughter "paper ready".

Pray for our SDA appointment to be set for late November or Early December.

Pray for Traveling Mercies.

Pray for the remaining financial need to be met.

Pray for our children's hearts to be prepared and open to meeting us and joining our family.

Pray for our children and us as we travel literally acrosss the world.  Time adjustments are going to be tough.

Pray for peace of mind and health for our family as we prepare to leave.

Pray for our neighbors who will be caring for our dogs and watching our house while we are gone.

Pray for our puppies and our fishy while we are gone.. they are very important to our family! 
We'll be mising them!

Pray for our family that will be here missing us during the holidays.

Pray for the airfare to remain low for us to purchase at the discount rates for our trip.

Pray for all of the orphanage caretakers and director as they prepare for us to come and complete our adoptions.

Pray for the other children in the orphanage that will not be coming home with us as I can only imagine how heartbreaking that must be to see your friends join their new family and you being left behind.  Brings tears to my eyes just writing about it.  Please pray for those kids!

Pray that others will be touched by our story and that God will open the hearts and minds of those he has called to come after us and adopt their own children.

Pray for our friends the Malones, the Dickinsons, the Hatmakers, the Peepers and others that are in the process of adopting or helping to work to save the orphans of this world.

Pray for those that are in the foster care system that there will be loving homes that can and will take these children in and literally save their lives. 

Pray for the foster parents and families all over our state and across this nation including several friends of ours such as the Barbers, the Walls, the Binghams, the Carpenters and the Fashimpaurs.

Pray for the children that are entering these homes that they will see Jesus in their temporary homes and learn to turn to him as he will save them!

Pray for those that have already adopted and are home such as the Carpenters, the Malones, The Redmans, the Dickinsons, the Edwards, the Gowers and many more across this great nation!


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