Thursday, November 11, 2010

Blessing in disguise...

So, tomorrow is Bryan and I's 5th Wedding Anniversary.
He's up to something...

I was debating even celbrating it this year b/c of our financial need for the adoptions, but we have come a long way and deserve to celebrate our love and our wedding vows. 

We had originally said we'd go on a cruise for our 5th year ....
God gave us a plane ride and 2 new kids instead! :)
I'm happy with that!!!

Anyway, tomorrow (Friday) is our anniversary and Saturday is Bryan's 35th Birthday.
Those are two big events I don't want to just pass by without any recognition so we are going to celebrate afterall.  Thankfully it is DATE NIGHT at our church tomorrow so childcare is a breeze - and only $5!!!! 

So, he comes home tonight, we eat dinner.. it was delicious by the way!!
Country style ribs with homemade sauce, corn and bread. 

So we eat and he says, me and the kids have somewhere to go after dinner.
I DID NOT want them to leave!  We're already gonna be gone from them tomorrow night and busy with family and friends all weekend.  We were last weekend too and I really enjoy it but was really looking forward to a family night tonight with just us. 

I was really sad when they left..even asked why they had to go! lol
I love my kids man!!

They left and I decided I would spend my time sewing or cleaning and neither of those sounded appealing...
watch tv?
bubble bath?
did that last night .. already had a shower today.. nah..
play on the computer?
what to do?
Well, I told someone last night that I like to curl up with a good book to relax and I sure could use some relaxation.  I have several books I am working on and decided I'd plop down with them in my comforter with a bag of peanut butter m&m's (don't you judge me)  ha

I sat down and began to read this book I got from Mardel's clearance section for $1!! SCORE! ha

It is a book about your prayer life.
I have been reading a LOT about prayer in the past months and how it changes things.

I finished one book on prayer last night and decided I'd start the other today.
I read through the introduction and the first page of the first chapter and was like wow, I need a highlighter!  So, off I went to get one and come back to my cozy spot. 

I flipped to see how many pages were in this chapter and though pfft..just a few, dude I'll read through this whole book in a day or two!  Short chapters like that .. easy read! 

Oh, but let me tell you, the information that is packed in those 3 little pages is enormous!!
So much so that I felt I needed to share it with you all on here.
So, get ready to be amazed and enjoy what I learned tonight from my alone time. 

This book is called "A Journey to Victorious Praying" by Bill Thrasher.
Probably the best buck I've ever spent and I've only read 1 chapter!!!

I am just going to share with you my highlighted parts and pray that God speaks to you through this like he did to me!

The chapter starts out with a quote from Jim Cymbala... this was eye opening to me...

"I discovered an astonishing truth: 
God is attracted to weaknesses. 
He can't resist those who humbly and honestly
 admit how desperately they need Him."

He goes on to talk about how he heard a Christian leader tell about applying the principle of first fruits to his time.  He give the first moments of a day, the first day of the week and the first few days of a new year to the Lord.  He decides to make a note to do this the following January for himself.  He DELIBERATELY entered a year TRUSTING GOD  that he would do specific things in his life during that year.

These were the 3 things he asked God for that year:

1.  He prayed for God to allow him to see the beauty of His character in a new way
2.  To be OVERWHELMED with His personal love for him
3.  To understand in a fresh way what it meant for Christ to BE HIS LIFE.
(note.. BE his life.. not be in his life)

What is prayer? 
It is an attitude of helplesness. 
This attitude of helplessness is not meant to drive you to anxiety but rather to drive you TO GOD.
In other words, prayer is helplessness PLUS faith.

Faith is simply coming to Christ with our helplessness.

I am going to write that again...



It's that easy!! 

He goes on to talk about using our "needy moments" to promote the attitude of helplessness that can give birth to true prayers. 

He says one year he asked God to give him clear insight into his own unhealthy fears. 

For example, he says to ask the Lord, "What are the things I say or do not say and the things I do or do not do that are motivated by a fear of rejection?"

The relevance of that question is that we are to seek God in prayer at every point of our fears... at EVERY POINT OF OUR FEARS!! 

Look at Psalm 34:4  "I sought the Lord, and He answered me, and delivered me from all my fears."

As we seek God at our point of fears, we need to LOOK for SPECIFIC promises that can transform our fear responses INTO FAITH RESPONSES.
(that's good) Can I get an AMEN?? :)
He goes on to tell of a story where he was asked to do a radio show and answer caller's questions about prayer to which he replied he'd pray about it.. He was afraid he might not be able to answer the questions.. he sought God and was assured by Psalm 67:7 that God blesses us, that all the ends of the earth may fear him.  He says he saw the principle that...

I can count on God's blessings as I seek to benefit others.

This spoke MOUNDS to me!  We can COUNT ON GOD's BLESSINGS as we are seeking to save these children!!!  HE blesses those that are working to benefit others!

In Philippians 4:6 God commands us to be anxoious for NOTHING
and he goes on to tell us how to process our anxiety. 
Every time you are tempted to be fearful or anxious, view it as a prompting of the Lord to pray!! 


God uses 3 words to explain the process..
1. Prayer
2. Supplication
3.  Thanksgiving

In Prayer we talk to God about our anxiety.  We may even need to ask him what it is that is bothering us. 

In Supplication we petition God and tell him what we would like him to do about it.
You will never have REAL peace until you do.

In Thanksgiving you turn your attention away from the problem and to God.
Thanksgiving links your heart to God as you praise him for his knowledge and concern of the situation as well as HIS DESIRE TO CARRY THE BURDEN!!!

This next part really hit me good!!

Casting our anxieties on the Lord

He talks about how in 1 Peter 5:7 we are tod to cast our cares upon Hom for he cares for us. 
He goes on to talkabout how Abraham offered up Isaac on the altar that his faith was "perfected"
 (James 2:22)
It was "perfected" in that God's goal for Abraham had been reached. 

His goal is to train his people to TRUST HIM with THE MOST PRECIOUS THING OF THEIR LIVES.

The most precious gift of God to Abraham was his beloved son Isaac.
He had had lapses in his faith previously and had taken matters into his own hands before when fear stuck him .  At this time he had come to the point that he could trust God with his most precious gift - even when he was asked to do something he did not fully understand. (Genesis 22; Hebrews 11:17-19)

This is when it hit me..

What is YOUR "Isaac"? 

Are you willing to surrender the matter to God and realize that He is able to guard what you entrust to him?

(2 Timothy 1:12 -That is why I am suffering as I am. Yet this is no cause for shame, because I know whom I have believed, and am convinced that he is able to guard what I have entrusted to him until that day.)

What YOU try to control is up to YOU to worry about and work out... Let this battle be used of God to raise up many times of precious prayer. 

I talked to God about my "Isaac" tonight.

I cried and prayed and was so honest with my heavenly father b/c I can be b/c he loves me and he knows what I am thinking and feeling but he wants me to tell it to him.  He wants me to open up and share with him my every thought and my every concern.  He wants me to praise him and acknowledge all that he has done and will continue to do.  He wants my whole hearted devotion.  I KNOW he loves me, he loves Adrian and Ava and HE LOVES YOU! 

Why not talk to Him right now about your "Isaac"?

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  1. Thanks for this. It was just what I needed to hear today. :)