Monday, October 25, 2010

Updates on the blog!

Hey Hey!!

We have had several of you ask for an updated breakdown of our costs - where we are at, what we still need, what we have covered.  I have sat down and crunched all the numbers and have updates for you!!

We've even made it simpler for you to click on a button on the right of the blog to donate towards each item you'd like to help cover.. for example: airfare, medical exams, ect..

We have already covered the costs for housing, transportation, food while there as well as our home study, immigration paperwork USCIS for Adrian, background checks, apostilling, overnighting fees, passports for us and our kids here, as well as our medical exams and application fees.

We still have to pay the following:

Airfare budget $6000

Facilitator for BOTH adoptions $17,000 - have $3000 towards this cost - NEED $14,000
               **Why is that so much?? What does the Facilitator do?
The facilitator is the person that walks you thru the adoption process. He takes care of a translator for us, transportation arrangements, housing arrangements, court papers, copies, meetings and visitations for us.. they schedule and handle all of our affairs while in country as well as make sure we get the right children and get everything completed!

Visa for both Adrian and Ava $800

Medical exams for Adrian and Ava $200.00

Passports for Adrian and Ava $600.00

Immigration i600a papers for Ava - $670

Can you help us?  We can't do this alone!  We need YOUR help!  Please pray and see what you can do to help bring these kiddos home to a future and a hope with a family that LOVES them dearly!

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