Friday, October 1, 2010

Time keeps ticking.....

Since our last update several things have happened.

We did our fingerprint appointment last week and it was so easy.. if only everything in this process were as easy as getting our fingerprints done! lol

I know it will all be worth it in the end! 
Just looking at his picture and seeing his friend Erik here and seeing that it can happen carries me through.

God is so good!

As most of you know now, we have been struggling with DHS on getting the requested documentation to support the fact that I was the victim of the abuse in my previous marriage and that I did complete the suggested counseling classes and leave the situation.

Well, after MANY calls to DHS and finally to our Congressman who got on their case, we finally got to who we needed to talk with to get the court order to release the records. 

Our social worker / homestudy lady Rachel had to get in touch with their attorney (DHS) and have them prepare a petition for the court to sign off on to get the records.  This happened last Tuesday. 
We had our fingerprint appt on last Thursday. 
Typically you would get your 171 (immigration approval) to finalize your adoption a week later ( Yesterday)
We did not get this document of course b/c of the hold up with the docs from DHS..
I talked with Rachel this morning and she has received the documents and is now preparing her response to send to the USCIS (immigration). 

Please pray for her as she is working to prepare her response to explain the situations and to provide the proof necessary to back us up.  This letter is very important and is now the only document needed to finalize our paperwork to send off to his country to get our travel date (dossier).

We are still a ways away from our financial need at this point we need a little over $13,000 to get to him.

Now, here's some news you may not be aware of and I feel like I should share our hearts with you and the new need financially.

We have prayed about and agreed that we want to adopt a second child.  A daughter.  It is in our best interest financially and otherwise to do this adoption at the same time.  The cost to go again would be another $25,000 and that is no small feat.  If we are to go ahead and adopt a second child on the same trip it cuts the costs dramatically b/c you are already there in country and have the paperwork already processed. 
This will cost us approximately $7,000 is the latest estimate we have.  

We have not chosen another child at this point but are wanting to raise the funds so that when we get there and God says, that is her...that is your daughter that we can say YES, that is her and YES we will bring her home with us too! 

Now, in addition to this request and addition of financial burden, we also have another financial need.  It looks as though we will need to take our 3 children we currently have with us.  We have not been able to find anyone to keep them for the time we will need to be gone.. approximately 6 weeks. 
Also, as it appears now, we will be gone for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.  We do not want to be away from our family that long period but especially not during the holidays!  

We are currently checking the numbers to find out how much more this will raise our expenses but it looks like it won't be that much!  Flights for them of course will be an added expense of atleast $3000 and that is IF they stay where they are at right now.  We will also have to have more to cover the larger apartment we'll have to rent and of course food and transportation costs while there.

So, please pray about this and see what God has for you to do to help us. 

We KNOW beyond a Shadow of a doubt that God will provide! 

Thank you for being willing to support our family in prayer and in financial support!

God Bless you!


  1. I can't help with money, but I could doggie sit for 6 weeks. I'd be happy to help.

  2. Thanks girl!! :) You rock!! What a great friend and Neighbor I have in you! :) :) HUGS!!!