Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Questions? We've got answers! :)

Good morning everyone.  

Many of you have asked questions, had concerns and voiced your opinions about our adoption and I wanted to give an answer on here for those of you that may be asking in your mind but have not asked us.

1.  You have 3 kids why are you adopting?
   We have always known we would adopt and that adoption was part of God's will for our family.  We have prayed about it for many years and have trusted that God would tell us all the details when it was time for us.  We feel that children are a blessing and that God is blessing us with another addition to our family and are open to anyone / anything else He has for our family.  God has been preparing our hearts for a long time and over the last 9 months it has been very strong in our hearts and we knew God was telling us to get ready for something BIG in our family and then he revealed what that was in June and we began the process of adopting Sergiy.

2.  Do you really want to bring a 13 year old boy into your home?  Are you ready for that?  What experience do you have with teens? Your oldest is 8. 
   Yes!  We are sure we want to bring Sergiy into our home.  Yes he is 13 and yes we are ready for that.  I have 2 younger brothers both teenagers that we spend a lot of time with.  One of them (age 15) is here quite frequently for a week or more at a time especially in the summer.  We are used to having a teen around and enjoy it! 

3.  Are you concerned about his mental state? 
  No.  God would not call us to anything more than we can handle.  We do not know of any abuse or mental issues that he may have.  We of course will be watchful and prayerful  over him and will deal with anything that may arise. 

4.  Why from Eastern Europe and not in the US?
    We never planned to adopt outside the US to be honest.   When God tells you to do something you do it!  Since Eli Project was founded we have watched several friends go ahead of us and adopt from there and started thinking and praying about it and that if it were God's will for us He would have to open our hearts to international adoption, give confirmation and provide for us to make it happen.  He did ALL of that!

5.  Why does it cost so much?
   The $25,000 is actually not out of the ordinary for an adoption and covers MANY things.  I will try to list them all but I will probably forget something.  It includes, passports, visa, USCIS(immigration paperwork), fingerprints, background checks, home study, facilitator, translator, court costs and various other expenses while living there for 6 wks to complete the adoption.

6.  Wouldn't it be cheaper to adopt in the US?
  Actually, No.  Agency and private adoptions can range from $5,000 to $40,000 or more depending on a variety of factors including services provided, travel expenses, birthmother expenses, requirements in the state, and other factors. International adoptions can range from $7,000 to $30,000. 
7.  Six weeks?!  You are going to be gone for 6 weeks?  What about your kids?
  Yes, we have to be in country for 6 weeks to complete the adoption process.   We are currently praying over our kids and their caregiver while we are gone.  We do not have anyone lined up at this point but are trusting God that he will provide a responsible, dependable,. trustworthy and  loving caregiver to be here in our place with our kiddos while we are gone.  Ideally we would like someone to come and stay at our home with the children and dogs while we are gone to keep it as easy on them as possible.  Both Austin and Alexis will be in all day school so it would just be Ayden during the day and we live right by the school within walking distance and the kids love to walk to school.  We would be open to someone else coming and relieving that person on the weekends as well.  If anyone feels that this is a way you could bless our family or you know someone that might be interested let us know :)

8.  Where are you going to put him?
    We have an office that is large enough to be a bedroom and will be converting it as such.  He may start out sleeping in the boys room since he is used to that.  We will see when he gets home what he is more comfortable with but yes, we have room.

9.  Why are you fundraising instead of taking out a loan or saving the money?
   We have been Debt free for almost 2 years and are not going back!  Proverbs 22:7 tells me that the borrower is slave to the lender and we don't want to be a slave to anyone but God!  We are working doubletime to raise the necessary funds.  Just like we did when we were in debt and wanted out we worked very hard and sacrificed to make it happen.  We are working very hard now planning events and raising funds to pay for the adoption costs.

10.  What if you don't raise the money?
  That is not even a question for us.  We have faith in God and his plan for us and trust in the fact aht he wil provide!  He would not call us to adopt and not provide, yes we will have to work hard and have been but God will reward our efforts and will provide very last dime in his time! 

11.  Do you know him?  How did you hear about him?
  We have not met him yet.  We found out about him thru Eli Project.  I actually saw his picture a while back and thought he was cute and prayed for him to get a family.  Little did I know we were that family!  We then had some friends that were there to adopt his friend and they wrote home about him to another friend that agreed to host him for the month of August (basically like a vacation for him)  I saw it on another friend's post and looked at it.  I saw his picture and my heart immediately swelled and I thought that is my son!  I prayed about it and asked God for confirmation, that was given the next day by still another friend.  I then approached Bryan and he looked at his picture and said Let's do it!

12.  Why the rush?  You say you want to leave in less than 8 weeks to get him and you just started about 4 weeks ago?
  We of course want to get our son home as soon as possible and will do everything we can to do so.  The rush is that the country shuts down in late November for the Christmas holiday and does not reopen until late January!  So, having to stay in country for 6 weeks and be out before they shut down puts us going in early October to get out in November.  IF for some reason we don't get there before they shut down then it will be Febuary or March before we go and we are really not wanting to wait that long ..his birthday is in March and we don't want him to have to spend another one in the orphanage.

13.  How do I help support your family if I can't donate financially? 
   We have lots of things that we could use help with!  There are times we need someone to take care of the kids so we can go do paperwork or medical appts.  We need volunteers to help serve at different events like our dinner on August 20th , the breakfast and sonic car hopping on the 4th of Sept.- just get in touch with me and we'll find something that you can help with!  Most importantly PRAY for Sergiy, our family, the paperwork and the process to be speedy and for the funds to come in and for every dollar to continue to be multiplied and to increase so that we can get our son asap!

14.  I want to donate to help how do I do that?
   You have several options to donate towards the adoption.  On the right of this blog there are several buttons that have diffferent events or items for sale and you can donate there thru paypal.  You do not have to have a paypal account just continue without logging in. 
  You can go to the http://www.eliproject.org/ and donate there thru paypal for any outright donation..no event tickets or fundraiser items there please.  You are able to get a tax deducatable receipt by donating there.
  You can meet us or you can mail donations to our home payable to Alecia Horner and memo Sergiy to 2008 Ridgewood Dr  Moore, OK  73160

Thank you all for your questions it shows you care.  Thank you for your prayers, love and support. 

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