Monday, August 30, 2010

Homestudy Overnight Adventures!

Here is the promised blog update from this last week. 
 Sorry for the delay! 
We have been busy busy busy trying to keep things moving :)

Over the last few weeks I have been dealing with the red tape of DHS.
This has not been a fun part of the process let me assure you!

Our child abuse checks were to be done 3 weeks ago.  They were done.. but sitting on a desk of a person that is the ONLY one who can sign off on them who was out of the office for the last 3 weeks!  argh!

So, after many.. MANY, MANY!! Calls to supervisor after supervisor and many more
follow up calls to said supervisors, the paperwork was FINALLY signed off on and sent to our social worker for our homestudy.

Rachel (our social worker) has been amazing!  She had a very busy day but knew how important it was for us to get our finalized homestudy complete with our child abuse checks and she worked so hard to get it done and even let me meet her at her son's football practice to get it. 

I drove from our home in Moore to Bethany to the football field.. brought back memories, I used to dance on the pom squad at that stadium! 

Anyway, I got there, got the packet, gave her a gift and off we zoomed to make it back to FBC Moore to our dear friend Dianna who is notarizing all of our paperwork.

Got it notarized....

ZOOMED back home to get the address for the packet to be overnighted since in all the rush to get out the door I left that file on my desk.  whoops!

Got it!

Now, rush rush rush to the post office..
The inside where the staff is located is closed...
Alas!  They have an automated machine and you CAN get overnight labels on it!  WHEW!

Only, the cut off time for pick up is 5pm.. which we found out at about 5:10pm when we prayed over the packet and dropped it in the collection box. 

My heart sank.

What will we do now? 
We paid for it to be overnighted it says guaranteed delivery by noon on Friday BUT...they've already picked up that location!!

Meaning it wouldn't go out till Monday - arriving on Tues which of course then it has to go through processing and then get to our officer and it takes 3 to 4 days making it likely the next Monday before she gets it.  Meaning we are another week behind.. all because of 10 minutes...

I get to the car and am devastated.. what can I do now?? 

I decide to look up the number for the post office since I heard someone working in there and see if just maybe someone is still there that can get our package and get it on the final pick up.

I call..

They answer!

The man tells me it is too late.

I am bummed.

He asks if I want it back?? What ?? Why?  Is there somewhere else I can take it to get it out in time??

He tells me to hurry and take it to the airport and they can get it out on time to get there Friday!!

I go in and grab it back from him and hustle back to the highway.. call Bryan who has picked up our dinner and is now meeting me at the church so I can pick him up, we can eat dinner on the way and get this packet on the plane!

We get to the airport drop off location at 5:57pm.

The cut off is 6pm.

I run inside... and .. wait. in. line...

Hurry, hurry HURRY!  I am thinking and praying God will make this woman move faster and they'll stop their chatting and please let this kid in front of me let me go ahead of him..

nope. doesn't happen.

Lady #1 leaves, kid in front of me pays his bill and leaves and finally it is my turn!!!  I hurry to the counter and say, it's all done, I just need it on the plane!  She says it's too late.
What time was the cut off?  This is where I'm informed it was at 6pm.  I look for a clock..
she informs me it is now 6:01pm and I am past the cut off.

My heart sinks.

I shoot up a quick pleading prayer to God for favor and beg the lady to please help it is for our adoption. 

Thank the Lord she says she'll turn back the computer time and get it out! 


I thank her and tell her she is a blessing and she is helping to save an orphan and thank you soooo much! 

To which she replies, you need to get here earlier.


Ahhhhhh...I can breathe now.

I go out to the car and tell everyone we made it!

Just after that we are pulling out of the parking lot and off goes a plane and the kids start yelling

YAY there it goes!! Bye Bye Paperwork!!!

:)  All smiles here!!

I was emotionally exhausted!  I pulled over and handed the wheel to Bryan as I calmed myself in the front seat.

What ... a... day...

So, fast forward to Friday and I have received an update on my phone that says..


What!??!? Notice left?!?! Are they closed!?!?  I paid for it to be delivered not notice left!!!!


I immediately called USCIS and asked why that happened?

They said they pick up their own mail and they WILL get it that day!


I got another notice at about 4 pm and it was picked up.

Thank you JESUS!

Now we are praying it will make it thru processing in the mail room VERY QUICKLY and will get to our officer tomorrow or Wednesday so she can schedule our fingerprint appointments.

I will be calling to follow up on them!  :)

Pray for the paperwork to get to our officer and the fingerprint appointments to be scheduled VERY SOON and that we will be able to then get our 171 (approval) from the USCIS (immigration) so we can go get our son this year!

This all has to happen VERY quickly for us to get to him this year.

We also have a large amount of funds still needed.
We were incredibly blessed by 2 families this week that together donated $3000!!! 

Thank you Jesus! You gave exactly what we needed!

Remember a few weeks ago I posted that we would need to raise $3000 a week from then until our expected travel date of Oct 1??

Our dinner week we raised $3000. 

This week we were gifted another $3000.

We have 5 weeks left and our need is $15,000.00!!!!


Please join us in prayer for the remaining funds to come in and for God to continue to work on our behalf with our paperwork processing.

Thank you all so much! 

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