Friday, August 6, 2010

Gearing up for a busy month!

Hello everyone!

It has been a few days since I've updated so I am sure as I get going there will be lots to put on here. 

First of all we have our S.O.S. ZUMBATHON tomorrow afternoon and I'm sooooo excited about it.  If you have never tried ZUMBA you should totally come!!  It is a great fun workout and it helps support our family in our adoption.  The doors will open at 2pm at FBC MOORE REC CENTER on the NORTH side of the building. We'll kick it off at 3 pm.  Come ready to work it out and shake it! 
Oh and sweat! LOL Wear good work out clothes and shoes.
We'll have water bottles on hand for $1
You can also get your "Adopt" T-shirts at the ZUMBATHON
If you purchased one you can pick it up tonight or just get it tomorrow.
If you would like to show your support and wear RED tomorrow that would be awesome!!
I picked them up this aftn and they look great!!  We've been wearing them this aftn :)

We have notarized all of our paperwork we have to this point for our Dossier (international paperwork) and should be going next week to get it appostilled (basically a really expensive notary of the notary that is required for international adoptions) We have our doc appt scheduled for our medical things we have to be tested for and all that jazz in a little over a week and that is good. 

We are waiting on our I-171 (approval from USCIS - aka- Immigration) and our fingerprint appointment.  Please pray that this process speeds up!  They have had our paperwork for almost 3 weeks and I have called to follow up to no avail.  They say you have to submit requests for updates on adoptions via email.  You are supposed to get a response within 2 biz days on your request for info / case updates but I have not received any response. :(  I'll try again next week. 

We are also waiting on our completed homestudy paperwork.  Our social worker has everything in hand with the exception of the required DHS paperwork so please pray for that to hurry along too.  She hoped to have it to us by today and we haven't heard anything. 

This is the hard part... the waiting.

If only I could do something to further it along.  I know it takes time but we long so badly to hold our son and hug him and bring him home to his new life.  This is so hard.

We have changed up our dinner a little bit for our "A Night for Sergiy". 
We were going to make everything homemade but with just 2 people and all that food we were given a deal we couldn't refuse!  Thanks to the Hames Family and Olive Garden we'll be having our dinner from Olive Garden.  Same menu and great food!! :) My Mom also has a friend who loves to bake that is going to make a fabulous dessert for you all! 

The dinner is a 2 weeks away and we are very excited for it!  PLEASE purchase your tickets ASAP so we can purchase the food and be prepared for everyone.  I will be very honest with you, right now we've only had 4 people buy tickets and while we are very grateful for those we need more of you to come support us and have a great evening all in one!!  Tickets are $15 a person and childcare is available if you need it for the little ones at $5 per family!  Great deal!  We are sure to have a wonderful time with the line up we have!!  We have a comedian, music and even a sports guy for you guys!! :)  (Berry Trammel) 
We understand life is busy and that is the first week of school for most in Oklahoma but what better reason for a night out and a break??  Come join  us and show your support and help bring Sergiy home! 
We cannot do it without everyone's help~

We do have lots of great auction items including Scentsy Packages, Pampered Chef Packages, Tax preperation, antiques and much more! 

Our puzzle fundraiser is going great!  We are up to 39 pieces sold now and have 961 to go~  I know we can do this!!  What a neat way to show your support and help bring home our boy!  It is a puzzle that we write the names of all the donors on the back of their piece and then when it is put together and we give it to Sergiy when he gets home he can see the names of everyone who donated towards the puzzle to help bring him home as well as the other side which is a beautiful picture of our American Flag.

We have added a few events to the calendar too such as a pancake breakfast at Applebee's on the 4th of Sept and we are car hopping at Sonic in Noble on the 4th right after the breakfast - pray for all the volunteers it is going to be a long day!! If you want to car hop or serve let me know!! :)
We also have a bake sale set up on the 15th of August at Walmart Supercenter in Moore and a car wash set up on August 28th from 10-2pm at the Walmart Neighborhood Market on 4th and Eastern. 

I have been able to almost catch up on aprons. I only have one left to do and that is great news! 
Answered prayer!!  Looks like I may have more to do soon.

This week pray for a great turnout at the ZUMBATHON and for paperwork and appts to be done quickly.  Pray that God will continue to provide and continue to show his mercy and grace over our family.

Bryan has quit dipping after 15 years!!!  YAY!!! 
Please lift him up as he is still having withdrawls from the habit of having something in his lip at all times.
Pray for the cravings to cease and the gum to work for him and that he'll be able to step down off the gum and be nicotine free!! 

Please continue to pray for our kids while we are gone.  We will need someone who is loving and repsonsible and available to stay with them while we are gone for 6 weeks.  We are planning on the first of October but that all depends on God's Timing and the paperwork and the process of fundraising.  If we have all our paperwork done and ready to go and the funding is in place then we can travel to get our son in about 8 short weeks!  We do not have anyone at this point that can stay with them.  We would even be open to having someone stay with them during the week then going somewhere on the weekends or someone else coming on the weekends.  We need to have someone that can be available on a stand by type basis.. meaning we don't know our exact dates yet and it wouldn't be for sure until we got our "O.K." to travel and that could be weeks ahead of time or days ahead of time.  So please be in prayer for that situation. If you or someone you know would like to help our family in this arena let us know. 

We are striving to do the best we can to do everything we can to get our son home and we appreciate all the kind words, donations and support from you all. 


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