Sunday, August 22, 2010

Been a while.. lots to tell!

First off to those of you who look for updates on the blog frequently and have been dissappointed over the last couple of weeks- I appologize for the delay.  The last two weeks have been super busy and filled with blessings!

Where to start??

Well, we had a bake sale 8 days ago at Walmart on 19th street.  We got out there about 7 am and set up at both doors and got right to work.  We had a canopy set up on the food side and just tables on the other.  As I'm sure you can imagine, it got HOT in the sun on the side without the canopy and things were melting!  Not good for a bake sale right?  So, we moved all the goodies over to the food side under the canopy and were safe! 

Funny thing is we had to keep moving our tables back throughout the day as the sun was setting to avoid being in the sun.  We actually ended up OUTSIDE the tent at the end of the day! LOL

God gave us a bit of a cool front so that made for a better day.  My dad and brothers (thanks to them) came to help me with the sale in the morning while Bryan went to church to teach our Sunday School classes.  After church a few great girls from the youth group came to help - A big thanks to Shelby, Kat and McKenzie - We had a great time playing around and cheering to get people to see the bake sale and come shop.  Of course after the girls got there they knew practically everyone coming into Walmart and were stopping them left and right! 

Kathryn actually managed to get kicked out of Walmart - Yes, I had to put that in here b/c it was just too funny! I had a bright yellow sign taped to the doors of walmart of which Kathryn decided it would be a great idea to take that sign.. tape it to her back and then run through Walmart yelling we should go to the bake sale!  ROFL - needless to say some people didn't like that and she was asked to leave the store. One employee did come out and say that she understood and thought it was cute but that most people have forgotten what it is like to be a teenager and have fun.  I hope I'm never one of those people. 

We stayed at the sale until about 8:30 pm and then tore down and went home.  We had a bit left but sold the majority of the items and we were so blessed by the many many people that gave of their hearts.  We had one lady that bought a pack of cookies (3) and a muffin and gave us $20.  We had others that would walk around and browse only to drop some money in the piggy bank and say I don't need anything but God bless you!   One man bought a bottle of water for $5 -we were only selling them for $4.  It was so neat to see this and then there were the ones who had a few coins to give and donated those and then one man who went home and came back 3 times after finding more change to donate each time. This warms my heart!  There is still so much good in the world today.  We were so blessed - we were able to raise $744 during the bake sale!  That is truly a blessing from above!  Thank you to everyone who baked and helped and prayed and bought and referred and and and!  Thank you!
The next week was full of planning and advertising and reminding people about our "A Night for Sergiy" event that was this past Friday Night.  There was lots of stress around the evening simply because of timeframes - we had to order food, order tables, order decor all of that had to be pre ordered and the ticket sales just were not coming in.  We began to worry that we wouldn't have enough people to have the evening at all.  We considered rescheduling and even asked who could come if we did. All along we felt as though God was saying "I've got this, stay focused and I'll take care of the rest"  We prayed a lot over the last week for God to provide and to come thru with dinner tickets and donations for the auction and as you can see - He did just that!  Look at all the donations for the auction - this is not all of it by the way!

We had over 70 or 80 auction items!  WOW!  Thank you to everyone who donated towards the auction!

Ticket sales began to pick up about 3 days before the dinner and even until the last hours before the dinner we had tickets being sold.  This was great but PLEASE don't do this to us for the next prepurchase event please!! :)  (pancake breakfast on Sept 4th - have to prepurchase ) Thank God everyone we were working with was very flexible and helped us in our last minute ordering.  Thank you to Dianna Royland and FBC Moore for the use of the facility and tables etc.  Thank you to Mike and Julie Hames of Olive Garden for their generous help with our dinner - they even helped serve it y'all!!  Great friends I tell you!  Great friends!~

The dinner went off amazingly well!  The time seemed to fly for me - I hope everyone else enjoyed the evening too.  We had a family friend step up to play the piano when everyone was entering and then a comedian and then our friend Wayne Dickinson came and played some beautiful songs and sang for us.  Next up was Berry Tramel, who I think did an amazing job!  He shared the word of God and poured out his heart and that blessed us so.  We then took the stage to share some more details about us and our adoption journey as well as to make an announcement - we have decided on a new name for Sergiy for when he comes home.  Before you flip out and think "WHAT!?!?  They are changing a 13 yr old kid's  name just like that?!" (yes, I have had those thoughts before so I know you're thinking them! LOL)  Please understand that this name will be his name only if he is ok with changing his name.  We have been informed that the kids like to get a new name to go with their new family and their new life.  It is a new start for them and they want it all to be brand new!  So, we will talk with him about it while we are there and it will be his decision. 

That being said, here it is - Sergiy's new American name will be Adrian Allen Horner.  Allen is my daddy's middle name and we wanted to honor him by naming Adrian after him.  We love that name and think he will too.  So, when you see things that say Help bring Adrian home you know that is who we are talking about.. same boy -new name! :)   We can't wait to see Adrian and his best buddy Erik home together!  What a day of rejoicing that will be!

We did amazingly well at the dinner and silent auction - we raised a little over $2800!  We thoroughly enjoyed the evening with everyone and thank you to all who came!  Austin had a great time getting up on stage during our intermission to tell some jokes - he was so cute and funny!  Love my boy! Quite the comedian he was! 

Today was yet another day of unexpected blessings.  We were actually blessed to be prayed for by our church family 3 times this week!  Wednesday night Chris Malone - founder of Eli Project and our music minister asked the congregation to pray over our family and our adoption and that was so neat. 

Then this morning as we were sitting in church we were learning about My3:16 - basically learning how to tell your testimony and John 3:16 to share the gospel with others.  Bryan had been feeling the Lord talking to him about that over this last week and felt as though we needed to go to the front and pray as a couple for God to help us to share his gospel more and more and to move outside of our comfort zone and share with others.  As we were praying two friends came and prayed over us regarding the adoption.  We weren't even thinking about the adoption but God knew it was on our hearts and that we needed those prayers.  Then as we are wrapping up our prayers I heard Pastor Kevin from the pulpit telling our story on stage and asking the entire congregation to pray for our family and our adoption journey!!  WOW  - for those of you that know me well... Yes, I balled!  I was so touched that anyone noticed us and then cared enough to come and pray with us and then for the entire church to pray for our little family was such a blessing!  I was so touched.

We spent the day with my parents for family day and wanted to make it back to church tonight to see and hear Brother Paul Box share his testimony of what God had done through him this last year in Singapore.  We got to know Bro Paul last year when he helped us get a new car when our "new" one we bought killed over! Anyway, right after he helped us get the car he was headed out to be a interim pastor in Singapore and we have been anxiously awaiting his return and to hear of the wonderful things God has done!

This evening was just that - wonderful!  We heard of so many many amazing things that God did this last year in Singapore and it made our hearts ache for the time that God will call us up into the mission field.  We know for now that we are to be missionaries in our own back yard but are eager for the time that he uses us in that way.  I see this adoption as a glimpse of the things to come for us.  We will get to spend 6 weeks in a foriegn country with our son and the other orphans and caretakers in the orphanage. I can't wait to see what God has in store for us there! 6 short weeks and we should be there!

We were blessed yet again to be called to the front and prayed over along with another couple the Peepers who are also adopting from the same country and the same orphanage and the same age child and... get this his name is Sergey!  Cool right?  So, that is another reason we chose to go ahead and start calling our son by his new American name to avoid any confusion.  How exciting is that though??  We will soon have 3 children, all from the same country, the same orphanage and all friends here at home in Oklahoma and at FBC Moore together!  Makes me want to jump for joy! So, they called the Peepers and us to the front and again had the entire congregation pray over both families.  So touching to see how much love and support there really is for our families.  I'm so excited for the Peepers and for Sergey - he is such a sweet  boy!  We got to meet him this month as he came and stayed with the Malones for a holiday. 

So, as you can see, my heart is filled with joy and I am feeling so blessed.  The need is great but my God is GREATER! 

Please continue to keep our family in your prayers and spread the word about our family.

God will provide!

Please also continue to pray for a quickness and efficiency with the paperwork.  We are still waiting on DHS to get the one form we need to get the other balls rolling and it really needs to be done this week to stay on our time frame.  Please pray for a miracle in this arena.  Thank you!!



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  1. Alecia, Wow you all are amazing and have done a lot!! So excited for you all and the turn out of everything so far. That is awesome! God definitely does provide! Good luck and prayers for all your upcoming events! Melissa Gower