Monday, August 30, 2010

Homestudy Overnight Adventures!

Here is the promised blog update from this last week. 
 Sorry for the delay! 
We have been busy busy busy trying to keep things moving :)

Over the last few weeks I have been dealing with the red tape of DHS.
This has not been a fun part of the process let me assure you!

Our child abuse checks were to be done 3 weeks ago.  They were done.. but sitting on a desk of a person that is the ONLY one who can sign off on them who was out of the office for the last 3 weeks!  argh!

So, after many.. MANY, MANY!! Calls to supervisor after supervisor and many more
follow up calls to said supervisors, the paperwork was FINALLY signed off on and sent to our social worker for our homestudy.

Rachel (our social worker) has been amazing!  She had a very busy day but knew how important it was for us to get our finalized homestudy complete with our child abuse checks and she worked so hard to get it done and even let me meet her at her son's football practice to get it. 

I drove from our home in Moore to Bethany to the football field.. brought back memories, I used to dance on the pom squad at that stadium! 

Anyway, I got there, got the packet, gave her a gift and off we zoomed to make it back to FBC Moore to our dear friend Dianna who is notarizing all of our paperwork.

Got it notarized....

ZOOMED back home to get the address for the packet to be overnighted since in all the rush to get out the door I left that file on my desk.  whoops!

Got it!

Now, rush rush rush to the post office..
The inside where the staff is located is closed...
Alas!  They have an automated machine and you CAN get overnight labels on it!  WHEW!

Only, the cut off time for pick up is 5pm.. which we found out at about 5:10pm when we prayed over the packet and dropped it in the collection box. 

My heart sank.

What will we do now? 
We paid for it to be overnighted it says guaranteed delivery by noon on Friday BUT...they've already picked up that location!!

Meaning it wouldn't go out till Monday - arriving on Tues which of course then it has to go through processing and then get to our officer and it takes 3 to 4 days making it likely the next Monday before she gets it.  Meaning we are another week behind.. all because of 10 minutes...

I get to the car and am devastated.. what can I do now?? 

I decide to look up the number for the post office since I heard someone working in there and see if just maybe someone is still there that can get our package and get it on the final pick up.

I call..

They answer!

The man tells me it is too late.

I am bummed.

He asks if I want it back?? What ?? Why?  Is there somewhere else I can take it to get it out in time??

He tells me to hurry and take it to the airport and they can get it out on time to get there Friday!!

I go in and grab it back from him and hustle back to the highway.. call Bryan who has picked up our dinner and is now meeting me at the church so I can pick him up, we can eat dinner on the way and get this packet on the plane!

We get to the airport drop off location at 5:57pm.

The cut off is 6pm.

I run inside... and .. wait. in. line...

Hurry, hurry HURRY!  I am thinking and praying God will make this woman move faster and they'll stop their chatting and please let this kid in front of me let me go ahead of him..

nope. doesn't happen.

Lady #1 leaves, kid in front of me pays his bill and leaves and finally it is my turn!!!  I hurry to the counter and say, it's all done, I just need it on the plane!  She says it's too late.
What time was the cut off?  This is where I'm informed it was at 6pm.  I look for a clock..
she informs me it is now 6:01pm and I am past the cut off.

My heart sinks.

I shoot up a quick pleading prayer to God for favor and beg the lady to please help it is for our adoption. 

Thank the Lord she says she'll turn back the computer time and get it out! 


I thank her and tell her she is a blessing and she is helping to save an orphan and thank you soooo much! 

To which she replies, you need to get here earlier.


Ahhhhhh...I can breathe now.

I go out to the car and tell everyone we made it!

Just after that we are pulling out of the parking lot and off goes a plane and the kids start yelling

YAY there it goes!! Bye Bye Paperwork!!!

:)  All smiles here!!

I was emotionally exhausted!  I pulled over and handed the wheel to Bryan as I calmed myself in the front seat.

What ... a... day...

So, fast forward to Friday and I have received an update on my phone that says..


What!??!? Notice left?!?! Are they closed!?!?  I paid for it to be delivered not notice left!!!!


I immediately called USCIS and asked why that happened?

They said they pick up their own mail and they WILL get it that day!


I got another notice at about 4 pm and it was picked up.

Thank you JESUS!

Now we are praying it will make it thru processing in the mail room VERY QUICKLY and will get to our officer tomorrow or Wednesday so she can schedule our fingerprint appointments.

I will be calling to follow up on them!  :)

Pray for the paperwork to get to our officer and the fingerprint appointments to be scheduled VERY SOON and that we will be able to then get our 171 (approval) from the USCIS (immigration) so we can go get our son this year!

This all has to happen VERY quickly for us to get to him this year.

We also have a large amount of funds still needed.
We were incredibly blessed by 2 families this week that together donated $3000!!! 

Thank you Jesus! You gave exactly what we needed!

Remember a few weeks ago I posted that we would need to raise $3000 a week from then until our expected travel date of Oct 1??

Our dinner week we raised $3000. 

This week we were gifted another $3000.

We have 5 weeks left and our need is $15,000.00!!!!


Please join us in prayer for the remaining funds to come in and for God to continue to work on our behalf with our paperwork processing.

Thank you all so much! 

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tea for Two and Two for Tea!! :) :) :) I'm excited about this one!

What:  Mommy and Me (boys and girls!!)  Tea Party!
When:  Sept 11, 2010 from 11am to 1pm
Where:  Moore Chamber of Commerce
              305 W Main St
             Moore, OK  73160

RSVP: by purchasing your tickets on this blog -- on the right :)
Cost:  $15 for Mommy and me
          +$5 per adittional child
          $25 limit per family

A spot of tea anyone?  

What fun! Come join us as we enjoy a Mommy and Me Tea party to help bring Adrian home!

We will have mini sandwiches, tea of course and cookies for dessert.


We'd love it if you could join us!

Come dressed in your favorite outfit or in your dress up clothes and enjoy this special time with your little ones! Yes, boys are welcome! We will have a boy area set up too! :)

Here's some cute tips I found about coming to our tea party -

Dress :

You may not know it, but your children like special things about you, maybe a necklace, shoes, dress, hat. just before the party is to start, take your daughter to your closet and let her pick out one of your dresses, a pair of high heeled shoes, earrings, necklace and bracelet, a hat, gloves, whatever you have to let her dress up just like you. Don't forget a little perfume and lipstick may make her feel very, very special and grown-up!


Pin any pretty flower with the stem wrapped in ribbon to your daughters dress and to yours.


This is a great time to ask talk about "her". A wonderful question is, "Tell me something you want me to know about you".

Hold Hands

After you've finished your "tea and cookies", hold each other's hands, smile, tell her you love her and you may find her sitting on your lap, no matter what her age is.
ps.. if anyone has any tea sets or tea cups or tea dishes at all and would be willing to let us borrow them for the day we'd be ever so grateful!
P.S.S... yes! Boys can come!  It won't be all girly!  We'll have a table for the boys with all boy stuff for them!  I promise they will enjoy it too!  
PLEASE Share this event with your contacts and let's have a little fun while helping to bring Adrian home!


What better reason to get family pictures!

Kelly Beane of Kelly Beane Photography has partnered with The Horner Family to shoot 15 minute mini sessions to help bring Adrian home!

Dates of the photo shoots are September 5th and 6th .. here are the available times:














































NOTE that this is LABOR DAY WEEKEND - so you should be off on Monday and be able to take advantage of that time if you'd like to

Sessions must be PRE PAID AT the time of RESERVATION to ensure your spot.

Sessions are $15 and include a FREE 8X10 of your choice - All proceeds of the photo shoot itself go to benefit the Horner Family adoption

All of your pictures will also be online in your own personal gallery where you can order additional prints if you'd like to.

All orders for additional pictures done online will recieve a 10% discount!

visit the blog at to get your session time reserved today! :)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Been a while.. lots to tell!

First off to those of you who look for updates on the blog frequently and have been dissappointed over the last couple of weeks- I appologize for the delay.  The last two weeks have been super busy and filled with blessings!

Where to start??

Well, we had a bake sale 8 days ago at Walmart on 19th street.  We got out there about 7 am and set up at both doors and got right to work.  We had a canopy set up on the food side and just tables on the other.  As I'm sure you can imagine, it got HOT in the sun on the side without the canopy and things were melting!  Not good for a bake sale right?  So, we moved all the goodies over to the food side under the canopy and were safe! 

Funny thing is we had to keep moving our tables back throughout the day as the sun was setting to avoid being in the sun.  We actually ended up OUTSIDE the tent at the end of the day! LOL

God gave us a bit of a cool front so that made for a better day.  My dad and brothers (thanks to them) came to help me with the sale in the morning while Bryan went to church to teach our Sunday School classes.  After church a few great girls from the youth group came to help - A big thanks to Shelby, Kat and McKenzie - We had a great time playing around and cheering to get people to see the bake sale and come shop.  Of course after the girls got there they knew practically everyone coming into Walmart and were stopping them left and right! 

Kathryn actually managed to get kicked out of Walmart - Yes, I had to put that in here b/c it was just too funny! I had a bright yellow sign taped to the doors of walmart of which Kathryn decided it would be a great idea to take that sign.. tape it to her back and then run through Walmart yelling we should go to the bake sale!  ROFL - needless to say some people didn't like that and she was asked to leave the store. One employee did come out and say that she understood and thought it was cute but that most people have forgotten what it is like to be a teenager and have fun.  I hope I'm never one of those people. 

We stayed at the sale until about 8:30 pm and then tore down and went home.  We had a bit left but sold the majority of the items and we were so blessed by the many many people that gave of their hearts.  We had one lady that bought a pack of cookies (3) and a muffin and gave us $20.  We had others that would walk around and browse only to drop some money in the piggy bank and say I don't need anything but God bless you!   One man bought a bottle of water for $5 -we were only selling them for $4.  It was so neat to see this and then there were the ones who had a few coins to give and donated those and then one man who went home and came back 3 times after finding more change to donate each time. This warms my heart!  There is still so much good in the world today.  We were so blessed - we were able to raise $744 during the bake sale!  That is truly a blessing from above!  Thank you to everyone who baked and helped and prayed and bought and referred and and and!  Thank you!
The next week was full of planning and advertising and reminding people about our "A Night for Sergiy" event that was this past Friday Night.  There was lots of stress around the evening simply because of timeframes - we had to order food, order tables, order decor all of that had to be pre ordered and the ticket sales just were not coming in.  We began to worry that we wouldn't have enough people to have the evening at all.  We considered rescheduling and even asked who could come if we did. All along we felt as though God was saying "I've got this, stay focused and I'll take care of the rest"  We prayed a lot over the last week for God to provide and to come thru with dinner tickets and donations for the auction and as you can see - He did just that!  Look at all the donations for the auction - this is not all of it by the way!

We had over 70 or 80 auction items!  WOW!  Thank you to everyone who donated towards the auction!

Ticket sales began to pick up about 3 days before the dinner and even until the last hours before the dinner we had tickets being sold.  This was great but PLEASE don't do this to us for the next prepurchase event please!! :)  (pancake breakfast on Sept 4th - have to prepurchase ) Thank God everyone we were working with was very flexible and helped us in our last minute ordering.  Thank you to Dianna Royland and FBC Moore for the use of the facility and tables etc.  Thank you to Mike and Julie Hames of Olive Garden for their generous help with our dinner - they even helped serve it y'all!!  Great friends I tell you!  Great friends!~

The dinner went off amazingly well!  The time seemed to fly for me - I hope everyone else enjoyed the evening too.  We had a family friend step up to play the piano when everyone was entering and then a comedian and then our friend Wayne Dickinson came and played some beautiful songs and sang for us.  Next up was Berry Tramel, who I think did an amazing job!  He shared the word of God and poured out his heart and that blessed us so.  We then took the stage to share some more details about us and our adoption journey as well as to make an announcement - we have decided on a new name for Sergiy for when he comes home.  Before you flip out and think "WHAT!?!?  They are changing a 13 yr old kid's  name just like that?!" (yes, I have had those thoughts before so I know you're thinking them! LOL)  Please understand that this name will be his name only if he is ok with changing his name.  We have been informed that the kids like to get a new name to go with their new family and their new life.  It is a new start for them and they want it all to be brand new!  So, we will talk with him about it while we are there and it will be his decision. 

That being said, here it is - Sergiy's new American name will be Adrian Allen Horner.  Allen is my daddy's middle name and we wanted to honor him by naming Adrian after him.  We love that name and think he will too.  So, when you see things that say Help bring Adrian home you know that is who we are talking about.. same boy -new name! :)   We can't wait to see Adrian and his best buddy Erik home together!  What a day of rejoicing that will be!

We did amazingly well at the dinner and silent auction - we raised a little over $2800!  We thoroughly enjoyed the evening with everyone and thank you to all who came!  Austin had a great time getting up on stage during our intermission to tell some jokes - he was so cute and funny!  Love my boy! Quite the comedian he was! 

Today was yet another day of unexpected blessings.  We were actually blessed to be prayed for by our church family 3 times this week!  Wednesday night Chris Malone - founder of Eli Project and our music minister asked the congregation to pray over our family and our adoption and that was so neat. 

Then this morning as we were sitting in church we were learning about My3:16 - basically learning how to tell your testimony and John 3:16 to share the gospel with others.  Bryan had been feeling the Lord talking to him about that over this last week and felt as though we needed to go to the front and pray as a couple for God to help us to share his gospel more and more and to move outside of our comfort zone and share with others.  As we were praying two friends came and prayed over us regarding the adoption.  We weren't even thinking about the adoption but God knew it was on our hearts and that we needed those prayers.  Then as we are wrapping up our prayers I heard Pastor Kevin from the pulpit telling our story on stage and asking the entire congregation to pray for our family and our adoption journey!!  WOW  - for those of you that know me well... Yes, I balled!  I was so touched that anyone noticed us and then cared enough to come and pray with us and then for the entire church to pray for our little family was such a blessing!  I was so touched.

We spent the day with my parents for family day and wanted to make it back to church tonight to see and hear Brother Paul Box share his testimony of what God had done through him this last year in Singapore.  We got to know Bro Paul last year when he helped us get a new car when our "new" one we bought killed over! Anyway, right after he helped us get the car he was headed out to be a interim pastor in Singapore and we have been anxiously awaiting his return and to hear of the wonderful things God has done!

This evening was just that - wonderful!  We heard of so many many amazing things that God did this last year in Singapore and it made our hearts ache for the time that God will call us up into the mission field.  We know for now that we are to be missionaries in our own back yard but are eager for the time that he uses us in that way.  I see this adoption as a glimpse of the things to come for us.  We will get to spend 6 weeks in a foriegn country with our son and the other orphans and caretakers in the orphanage. I can't wait to see what God has in store for us there! 6 short weeks and we should be there!

We were blessed yet again to be called to the front and prayed over along with another couple the Peepers who are also adopting from the same country and the same orphanage and the same age child and... get this his name is Sergey!  Cool right?  So, that is another reason we chose to go ahead and start calling our son by his new American name to avoid any confusion.  How exciting is that though??  We will soon have 3 children, all from the same country, the same orphanage and all friends here at home in Oklahoma and at FBC Moore together!  Makes me want to jump for joy! So, they called the Peepers and us to the front and again had the entire congregation pray over both families.  So touching to see how much love and support there really is for our families.  I'm so excited for the Peepers and for Sergey - he is such a sweet  boy!  We got to meet him this month as he came and stayed with the Malones for a holiday. 

So, as you can see, my heart is filled with joy and I am feeling so blessed.  The need is great but my God is GREATER! 

Please continue to keep our family in your prayers and spread the word about our family.

God will provide!

Please also continue to pray for a quickness and efficiency with the paperwork.  We are still waiting on DHS to get the one form we need to get the other balls rolling and it really needs to be done this week to stay on our time frame.  Please pray for a miracle in this arena.  Thank you!!



Tuesday, August 10, 2010

We need your help!

Ok everyone, I know this is the second post today but I have been on the phone the majority of this morning and we are at a critical time in our Adoption process.

This is where we have to ask for YOUR help! 

We cannot do this without the support of our friends and family.

I talked to the USCIS Officer today that is in charge of our case. She said we are ready to go to get our fingerprints as soon as she gets the completed homestudy. 

The social worker said the homestudy will be to us this week.

Once we get the homestudy to the USCIS Officer (Immigration) then she will set our fingerprint appointment which could be within about 2 weeks. 

From there we will then get our I-171 aprroval letter from USCIS and be able to send off our Dossier - (Eastern Europe Adoption paperwork) 

Then within a matter of a week or two we will have our SDA Appt which means we will be in country within about 2 weeks from then. 

I know that was a lot of 2 weeks from here and 2 weeks from there but what that adds up to is about 7 to 8 weeks or the first of October for us to travel to get our son.

We have worked hard and with the help of many we have raised about $4,000 to date and have completed all of our stateside paperwork. 

We now need YOUR help to get the final funding together. 

We need to raise another $21,000 to cover his visa, passport, court costs, travel expenses, birth certificate, translator, facilitator and so much more that I'm sure I'm forgetting within the next 7 to 8 weeks . 

Would you please pray and ask God what you can do to help us get there?

We know with out a doubt that God will provide!

Please pray over your donation and ask God to multiply it and to bring in the remaining funds needed.

We have lots of events available for you to attend as well as fundraiser items you can buy all listed on the sides of this blog. 

Just think if 21 people were able to donate $1000 we'd be there!
Or 42 people to donate $500 we'd be there!!

No amount is too small to make a difference every bit helps and we need your help to save our son! 

One great way you can help and have a special part in Sergiy's journey home is to purchase a puzzle piece for yourself and loved ones.  He will get hte puzzle when he comes home and it will have the names of everyone who purchased puzzle pieces to help bring him home on the back!  We have 955 puzzle pieces available right now.  $10 a piece adds up! 

Won't you be a part of saving the life of an orphan?

James 1:27 
Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world

Won't you help give Sergiy a family full of love, a future and a hope?

Jeremiah 29:11

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future"

Thank you all so very much for praying about how you can help Sergiy.

To make your donation either click on Sergiy's picture to the left of the blog for an outright donation that can be tax deductable or click on any of the add to cart buttons on the right for events or fundraiser items.

You can also mail your donations made payable to
Alecia Horner 
2008 Ridgewood Dr
Moore, OK  73160

Luke 6:38
"Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,

Bryan and Alecia Horner

Questions? We've got answers! :)

Good morning everyone.  

Many of you have asked questions, had concerns and voiced your opinions about our adoption and I wanted to give an answer on here for those of you that may be asking in your mind but have not asked us.

1.  You have 3 kids why are you adopting?
   We have always known we would adopt and that adoption was part of God's will for our family.  We have prayed about it for many years and have trusted that God would tell us all the details when it was time for us.  We feel that children are a blessing and that God is blessing us with another addition to our family and are open to anyone / anything else He has for our family.  God has been preparing our hearts for a long time and over the last 9 months it has been very strong in our hearts and we knew God was telling us to get ready for something BIG in our family and then he revealed what that was in June and we began the process of adopting Sergiy.

2.  Do you really want to bring a 13 year old boy into your home?  Are you ready for that?  What experience do you have with teens? Your oldest is 8. 
   Yes!  We are sure we want to bring Sergiy into our home.  Yes he is 13 and yes we are ready for that.  I have 2 younger brothers both teenagers that we spend a lot of time with.  One of them (age 15) is here quite frequently for a week or more at a time especially in the summer.  We are used to having a teen around and enjoy it! 

3.  Are you concerned about his mental state? 
  No.  God would not call us to anything more than we can handle.  We do not know of any abuse or mental issues that he may have.  We of course will be watchful and prayerful  over him and will deal with anything that may arise. 

4.  Why from Eastern Europe and not in the US?
    We never planned to adopt outside the US to be honest.   When God tells you to do something you do it!  Since Eli Project was founded we have watched several friends go ahead of us and adopt from there and started thinking and praying about it and that if it were God's will for us He would have to open our hearts to international adoption, give confirmation and provide for us to make it happen.  He did ALL of that!

5.  Why does it cost so much?
   The $25,000 is actually not out of the ordinary for an adoption and covers MANY things.  I will try to list them all but I will probably forget something.  It includes, passports, visa, USCIS(immigration paperwork), fingerprints, background checks, home study, facilitator, translator, court costs and various other expenses while living there for 6 wks to complete the adoption.

6.  Wouldn't it be cheaper to adopt in the US?
  Actually, No.  Agency and private adoptions can range from $5,000 to $40,000 or more depending on a variety of factors including services provided, travel expenses, birthmother expenses, requirements in the state, and other factors. International adoptions can range from $7,000 to $30,000. 
7.  Six weeks?!  You are going to be gone for 6 weeks?  What about your kids?
  Yes, we have to be in country for 6 weeks to complete the adoption process.   We are currently praying over our kids and their caregiver while we are gone.  We do not have anyone lined up at this point but are trusting God that he will provide a responsible, dependable,. trustworthy and  loving caregiver to be here in our place with our kiddos while we are gone.  Ideally we would like someone to come and stay at our home with the children and dogs while we are gone to keep it as easy on them as possible.  Both Austin and Alexis will be in all day school so it would just be Ayden during the day and we live right by the school within walking distance and the kids love to walk to school.  We would be open to someone else coming and relieving that person on the weekends as well.  If anyone feels that this is a way you could bless our family or you know someone that might be interested let us know :)

8.  Where are you going to put him?
    We have an office that is large enough to be a bedroom and will be converting it as such.  He may start out sleeping in the boys room since he is used to that.  We will see when he gets home what he is more comfortable with but yes, we have room.

9.  Why are you fundraising instead of taking out a loan or saving the money?
   We have been Debt free for almost 2 years and are not going back!  Proverbs 22:7 tells me that the borrower is slave to the lender and we don't want to be a slave to anyone but God!  We are working doubletime to raise the necessary funds.  Just like we did when we were in debt and wanted out we worked very hard and sacrificed to make it happen.  We are working very hard now planning events and raising funds to pay for the adoption costs.

10.  What if you don't raise the money?
  That is not even a question for us.  We have faith in God and his plan for us and trust in the fact aht he wil provide!  He would not call us to adopt and not provide, yes we will have to work hard and have been but God will reward our efforts and will provide very last dime in his time! 

11.  Do you know him?  How did you hear about him?
  We have not met him yet.  We found out about him thru Eli Project.  I actually saw his picture a while back and thought he was cute and prayed for him to get a family.  Little did I know we were that family!  We then had some friends that were there to adopt his friend and they wrote home about him to another friend that agreed to host him for the month of August (basically like a vacation for him)  I saw it on another friend's post and looked at it.  I saw his picture and my heart immediately swelled and I thought that is my son!  I prayed about it and asked God for confirmation, that was given the next day by still another friend.  I then approached Bryan and he looked at his picture and said Let's do it!

12.  Why the rush?  You say you want to leave in less than 8 weeks to get him and you just started about 4 weeks ago?
  We of course want to get our son home as soon as possible and will do everything we can to do so.  The rush is that the country shuts down in late November for the Christmas holiday and does not reopen until late January!  So, having to stay in country for 6 weeks and be out before they shut down puts us going in early October to get out in November.  IF for some reason we don't get there before they shut down then it will be Febuary or March before we go and we are really not wanting to wait that long ..his birthday is in March and we don't want him to have to spend another one in the orphanage.

13.  How do I help support your family if I can't donate financially? 
   We have lots of things that we could use help with!  There are times we need someone to take care of the kids so we can go do paperwork or medical appts.  We need volunteers to help serve at different events like our dinner on August 20th , the breakfast and sonic car hopping on the 4th of Sept.- just get in touch with me and we'll find something that you can help with!  Most importantly PRAY for Sergiy, our family, the paperwork and the process to be speedy and for the funds to come in and for every dollar to continue to be multiplied and to increase so that we can get our son asap!

14.  I want to donate to help how do I do that?
   You have several options to donate towards the adoption.  On the right of this blog there are several buttons that have diffferent events or items for sale and you can donate there thru paypal.  You do not have to have a paypal account just continue without logging in. 
  You can go to the and donate there thru paypal for any outright event tickets or fundraiser items there please.  You are able to get a tax deducatable receipt by donating there.
  You can meet us or you can mail donations to our home payable to Alecia Horner and memo Sergiy to 2008 Ridgewood Dr  Moore, OK  73160

Thank you all for your questions it shows you care.  Thank you for your prayers, love and support. 

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Another Great weekend!

We had a great turn out this weekend at the S.O.S.ZUMBATHON!

Here's a few pics from the fun!!

It was truly a great turn out and lots of fun! 
THANK YOU to all the instructors and everyone who came out to show your support! :)

We were able to raise over $1200 Saturday towards the adoption!

God is providing all our needs! 

This week will be busy busy busy following up on paperwork, completing more paperwork and
baking away for our Bake Sale next weekend at the Walmart Supercenter off I-35 and 19th st.  We would love your help with the bake sale - if you have items you'd like to bake and donate or you'd like to come sit with us at Walmart and help run the sale that would be great too!  Or you can just come see us and buy some goodies for your Sunday School Class or just for you!  We are planning on having lots of great things for sale like brownies, banana bread, muffins, homemade bread, rice krispie treats.  If anyone has a canopy type thing we can use to set up under as we'll be outside that would be awesome! 

Thank you all for all your help, prayers, support and giving.  We love and appreciate everything you are doing to help us bring home our son! 

We are off to enjoy a family night at church with illusionist Brock Gill and a cook out with our church family.

Have a blessed day and please when you think of us pray for us!


Friday, August 6, 2010

Gearing up for a busy month!

Hello everyone!

It has been a few days since I've updated so I am sure as I get going there will be lots to put on here. 

First of all we have our S.O.S. ZUMBATHON tomorrow afternoon and I'm sooooo excited about it.  If you have never tried ZUMBA you should totally come!!  It is a great fun workout and it helps support our family in our adoption.  The doors will open at 2pm at FBC MOORE REC CENTER on the NORTH side of the building. We'll kick it off at 3 pm.  Come ready to work it out and shake it! 
Oh and sweat! LOL Wear good work out clothes and shoes.
We'll have water bottles on hand for $1
You can also get your "Adopt" T-shirts at the ZUMBATHON
If you purchased one you can pick it up tonight or just get it tomorrow.
If you would like to show your support and wear RED tomorrow that would be awesome!!
I picked them up this aftn and they look great!!  We've been wearing them this aftn :)

We have notarized all of our paperwork we have to this point for our Dossier (international paperwork) and should be going next week to get it appostilled (basically a really expensive notary of the notary that is required for international adoptions) We have our doc appt scheduled for our medical things we have to be tested for and all that jazz in a little over a week and that is good. 

We are waiting on our I-171 (approval from USCIS - aka- Immigration) and our fingerprint appointment.  Please pray that this process speeds up!  They have had our paperwork for almost 3 weeks and I have called to follow up to no avail.  They say you have to submit requests for updates on adoptions via email.  You are supposed to get a response within 2 biz days on your request for info / case updates but I have not received any response. :(  I'll try again next week. 

We are also waiting on our completed homestudy paperwork.  Our social worker has everything in hand with the exception of the required DHS paperwork so please pray for that to hurry along too.  She hoped to have it to us by today and we haven't heard anything. 

This is the hard part... the waiting.

If only I could do something to further it along.  I know it takes time but we long so badly to hold our son and hug him and bring him home to his new life.  This is so hard.

We have changed up our dinner a little bit for our "A Night for Sergiy". 
We were going to make everything homemade but with just 2 people and all that food we were given a deal we couldn't refuse!  Thanks to the Hames Family and Olive Garden we'll be having our dinner from Olive Garden.  Same menu and great food!! :) My Mom also has a friend who loves to bake that is going to make a fabulous dessert for you all! 

The dinner is a 2 weeks away and we are very excited for it!  PLEASE purchase your tickets ASAP so we can purchase the food and be prepared for everyone.  I will be very honest with you, right now we've only had 4 people buy tickets and while we are very grateful for those we need more of you to come support us and have a great evening all in one!!  Tickets are $15 a person and childcare is available if you need it for the little ones at $5 per family!  Great deal!  We are sure to have a wonderful time with the line up we have!!  We have a comedian, music and even a sports guy for you guys!! :)  (Berry Trammel) 
We understand life is busy and that is the first week of school for most in Oklahoma but what better reason for a night out and a break??  Come join  us and show your support and help bring Sergiy home! 
We cannot do it without everyone's help~

We do have lots of great auction items including Scentsy Packages, Pampered Chef Packages, Tax preperation, antiques and much more! 

Our puzzle fundraiser is going great!  We are up to 39 pieces sold now and have 961 to go~  I know we can do this!!  What a neat way to show your support and help bring home our boy!  It is a puzzle that we write the names of all the donors on the back of their piece and then when it is put together and we give it to Sergiy when he gets home he can see the names of everyone who donated towards the puzzle to help bring him home as well as the other side which is a beautiful picture of our American Flag.

We have added a few events to the calendar too such as a pancake breakfast at Applebee's on the 4th of Sept and we are car hopping at Sonic in Noble on the 4th right after the breakfast - pray for all the volunteers it is going to be a long day!! If you want to car hop or serve let me know!! :)
We also have a bake sale set up on the 15th of August at Walmart Supercenter in Moore and a car wash set up on August 28th from 10-2pm at the Walmart Neighborhood Market on 4th and Eastern. 

I have been able to almost catch up on aprons. I only have one left to do and that is great news! 
Answered prayer!!  Looks like I may have more to do soon.

This week pray for a great turnout at the ZUMBATHON and for paperwork and appts to be done quickly.  Pray that God will continue to provide and continue to show his mercy and grace over our family.

Bryan has quit dipping after 15 years!!!  YAY!!! 
Please lift him up as he is still having withdrawls from the habit of having something in his lip at all times.
Pray for the cravings to cease and the gum to work for him and that he'll be able to step down off the gum and be nicotine free!! 

Please continue to pray for our kids while we are gone.  We will need someone who is loving and repsonsible and available to stay with them while we are gone for 6 weeks.  We are planning on the first of October but that all depends on God's Timing and the paperwork and the process of fundraising.  If we have all our paperwork done and ready to go and the funding is in place then we can travel to get our son in about 8 short weeks!  We do not have anyone at this point that can stay with them.  We would even be open to having someone stay with them during the week then going somewhere on the weekends or someone else coming on the weekends.  We need to have someone that can be available on a stand by type basis.. meaning we don't know our exact dates yet and it wouldn't be for sure until we got our "O.K." to travel and that could be weeks ahead of time or days ahead of time.  So please be in prayer for that situation. If you or someone you know would like to help our family in this arena let us know. 

We are striving to do the best we can to do everything we can to get our son home and we appreciate all the kind words, donations and support from you all.