Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My adventurous day!!

Today was a busy, busy day!   We have a huge list of papers we have to either obtain, get copies of, have certified, have notorized, have apostilled .. all kinds of things.  Well, this list was starting to overwhelm me.  I needed to go to several offices to get each of these items and was not looking forward to taking all three little kids with me.  I knew it had to be done though so we could move forward... well, I prayed and thank God for answered prayers and great friends!  I was able to take the kids to a friends house to play for the afternoon while I ran around town getting all the documents I needed to get today.

Here is my afternoon in a nutshell..  12:45 pm drop kids off at Wendy's. (no, not the restraunt!)  ha  Head to the Health Department off Lincoln to get another certified copy of Bryan's birth certificate (bc) .. we had one but it is off with his passport and we don't know how long till they get it back and it is holding us up.. so we just got another..  1pm in line to turn in the application.. I filled it out online to save myself time.. bah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.. Wait in line to turn in application and prove identity for the next hour and a half.. 2:30 pm  finally get through the application line and go to the cashier to pay for said bc.. 2:35pm sit in almost EMPTY waiting area to take the application and receipt to the clerk to have it "searched" for.  2:40 pm called back to the desk to have it pulled up and printed in less than 2 minutes.  Out the door by 2:45 pm.  Note the humerous part is that they say it is a 30 minute process when coming in person... bah... ha... ha... ha..  :)

Really fun part was that as soon as I got in line there is a lady sitting on a block of some sort in the office and is chomping her gum in the most obnoxious way possible.. ummm.. picture a cow.. chewing.. and chewing and chewing.. and she was in her mid drift and booty shorts.. did I mention she is a grandma and had way too much legs for those shorts!?  She was also "taking care of" her grandson, Marcus.  By taking care of I mean yelling across the room at him .. Marcus!  Marcus!  No, don't do that Marcus.. Marcus come to grandma.. no Marcus, come back over here.. Marcus!  Well, after about 5 min of her incessant chomping and yelling and Marcus still just running around I was done hearing it over and over.. She said Marcus!  again and I said under my breath "really"  well.. as luck would have it guess who is right in front of me?  Yep, you got it.. Marcus' mom!  LOL  She then says Marcus.. go to grandma.. I think whoops! Oh well, maybe she'll realize it is annoying and get grandma to take Marcus for a walk or something.  ha.. well, Grandma finally did take Marcus for a walk and then came back.. with cookies.  Of course we have moved about 2 feet since she left about 20 minutes earlier and so Marcus comes in and runs straight to Mommy and Grandma is at it again.. Marcus, Marcus, Marcus, come to grandma.. leave mommy alone.. come to grandma and Mommy is holding Marcus' hand .. hmm.. how is this supposed to work? LOL funny thing is Marcus was so sweet and quiet and was just walking around the group not really bothering anyone or getting into anything.  After a while I found it pretty funny .. you either laugh or cry right?  I also had an elderly gentleman behind me in line that kept trying to crack little funnies.  Then after being in line next to me for probably 30 min or more he realized everyone in line had applications.. where do you get the applications he asks.. I told directed him to the table and saved his spot.  He went over and filled one out came back in line and is upset that there was only one on the table and it was halfway filled out.. so he just scribbled out their info and put his. LOL  A little while later someone finally came to refill the table with apps and I suggested he go get another since we obviously had plenty of time for him to do so and he did.. he came back in line and realized he forgot some info and had to go back.. then came back again and realized he didn't sign it.. He borrowed my pen and stack of files this time. LOL  It was pretty entertaining between the old man saying he'd have to change his birthday by the time he got to the front of the line (think he meant his age) and Marcus' Grandma.  I couldn't help but smile. 

After FINALLY getting the birth certificate I headed over to the court clerks office to get my 2 copies of our Marriage License (ml)  I was sent from one office to another and then from one end of that office to the other to pay for it then back to the other side to pick it up.  The lady that made the copies said to pay first then come get them after I had my receipt.. well, I came back to get them and she was gone.. the copies were RIGHT THERE... what to do what to do?? Another gentleman there said I think those are yours.. I said they are but can I just take them.. hmmm I dunno??  We try to get several people's attention and no one responds.. a few minutes later the clerk returns and says.. they are right there you could just take them.  nice. lol.  I am headed out the door and all of a sudden numerous people are yelling at me MA'AM!  I turn around and get nevermind.. and then people saying look what you made her do she came back in here.. don't know what that was about.. maybe they thought I was someone else.. so after that laugh off I go to the next stop. 

3:30 pm Social Security office.  I never updated the older kid's SS cards after their adoption was final and needed to get that done so I took their adoption paperwork, their birth certificates and their ss cards in.. I get my number, fill out my forms.. whoops forgot to save myself time to do those online before this stop.. oh well.. then am called up to the desk.  I give the clerk all my paperwork and my DL and she says.. hmmm this is too old.. we need proof of their id.. What?!  I have certified copies of all the docs and you need more!?  Ok what do you need?  BTW, I haven't done this over the last 3 yrs b/c I usually have the kiddos with me when I am able to go and don't want them with me .. they don't know they are adopted by Bryan. :) PS  What a great guy I have!! :)   Thank you Lord!   So anyway, I say really?? You need more docs ok what she says school records or shot records or medical records.. suggests I go to the Health department to get them and come right back.. mind you they close at 4pm.  I jump in the car and high tail it to the health department thankfully they are not too far away since it is cleveland county.. I go in .. get my  number and no one is moving.. then.. I see a familiar face!  A friend who works there sees me comes right up takes my number trashes it and says what do you need?  I got copies of all the shot records lickety split and was on my way back to the SS office.  Made it back to the SS office at 3:50pm - whew 10 min to spare!  Thank you Lord or it might be another 3 years! lol  I get back in get another number and am called up.. this poor lady must have a really rough life or just had a bad day.. she didn't even make eye contact with me when speaking and never I mean never even cracked a smile. I kept trying to get her to make eye contact with me and smiled with everything I said and nothing.  That really bugged me.  I finally told her she should smile more and asked her if she was having a bad day to which she straight faced replied NO.  I bid her a good day and smiled as big as I could and thanked her for her help.  I am gonna pray for her!  She needs some JOY!  I'm sure that is not the greatest job in the world but surely you can learn to make the best of it! 

So from there I run to Office Depot to pick up our fantabulous flyers for our Night for Sergiy that our friend Chuck made and they are AWWWWESOME!!!!  I then run back to get gas and asked if they'd post a sign and was given a roll of tape and hung it right by the door!~  YAY!!  Got some gas and headed to pick up the kiddos.  Whew! Got it all done.. for today anyway! 

We then took some flyers to the church and handed some out to friends there and some of them are local biz owners and they agreed to put them in their shops!! PTL!!  Broadway Florist and Master's House Art Gallery both are putting them up in their shops.  :)  We handed lots out tonight and are hoping to get permission from the Church and many other businesses to post them around town.  If YOU or anyone you know has  store front or a breakroom that you could post one in we'd appreciate it!  We need everyone's help to get the word out!  We have 8 to 10 weeks to raise $25,000 to get our son! 

Btw, I don't know that I've ever gone into much detail on what all that covers and I think that is a good piece of info to share.  It covers many things including passports, visas, airfair, travel expenses, a facilitator to handle the adoption, a translator, a bunch of docs combined that is called the Dossier, background checks, child abuse checks, fingerprints, immigration paperwork and much more I'm probably forgetting but that is the basics for sure.  So, when you see $25 K and think that is a lot, yes it is but GOD will provide and he has a plan and will work it all out!  I am not looking at the big number, I am taking it day by day, step by step and trusting God for that next step.  :)

I hope you all have enjoyed reading about my adventurous day and have a wonderful night's rest! 

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