Sunday, July 4, 2010

Independence Day

What a day this is!  First of all thank you to all our service men and women who have fought to maintain our freedoms we have each and every day.  Your sacrifices are not unnoticed and are very much appreciated!  

I am thankful for so many, many things today.  I have been crying a lot this week.  To think of all the freedoms we have here in America and how we take them for granted so many times and to know of so many that are outside of America that do not have the freedoms or luxuries we have here.  My eyes have been opened up to a whole new world. 

I mean, I have always heard about how other countries are less fortunate and we should be grateful and have always just had a picture in my mind of what that would be.  I never really saw what that was and that it was still pevalent in modern day cultures.  I have seen pictures this week of a camp that some of the orphans from Sergiy's orphanage are at.. Now, when I went to camp and when I think of camp I think of lots of fun thing to do and see, horses, lakes, boats, toys, hiking, games, ropes courses and all kinds of other things... then, I saw the pictures of what these kids have as camp.  No luggage thrown about the cabin.. no extra clothes lying all over the place, no towels hanging over the bunks to dry, no shoes strown about.. beds not made with lots of snacks and souveniers all over them.. these kids have a bed, a blanket and a pillow.  Did you read that??  That's all I saw in the pictures.  These kids have their clothes and shoes on their person and that is it. 

They don't have all the extras.  They have what they have and are very grateful for it.  They take care of it and treasure it.  I have not been to the orphanage yet but I can't wait to get there and love on these kids.  To hear of how they have never had certain things that we take for granted here like playdough.. color wonder markers..barbies.. stuffed animals... things we just expect kids to know about and have and enjoy.. they don't have.  They are truly the forgotten ones.  My heart aches for these children.  Not just because of the material things they do not have b/c that is not what life is about but because they have no one.  They have no family, no freedom, nothing.  They live their days and weeks with no hope. 

The orphanage we are adopting from to my knowledge has only had 2 adoptions in recent years.. how sad.  These kids don't even believe that it is possible that someone cares about them and wants to come save them and give them a life outside of the orphanage.  How sad.  I have learned a lot already in this process and am so thankful God has us on this journey.  Our hearts and eyes have been opened and we are so blessed to have the opportunity to be able to help.. even one child at a time. 

We have been given the opportunity of a lifetime.. to give hope to a child.. to give life to a child.. to love a child.  My heart swells with love and hope and dreams for these kids.  Will you join me today in remembering the forgotten?  Will you think of how fortunate you are to have the freedoms we have to be with our families and those that love us and celebrate things like freedom?  To be able to worship the one true God and to do so freely? 

Please pray for these orphans.  Please pray for the families that will step up to the plate and help give hope to a child in need.  We CAN save them all.. one child at a time.. we CAN make a difference.  Happy Independence Day.  Thank you Lord for the abundance of grace, mercy and forgiveness you have bestowed upon us all.   Please be with these kids and prepare the hearts and homes of the many you have called to save these kids.  Help them to answer the call.  Amen.

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